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Time for a Catch Up

Hey! Sorry, it's been a while since I've been here but then with lockdown still going on not much has been happening. I had a week off work near the end of June during which the original plan had been to go to Denmark, but obviously that didn't happen, so I just sat at home and melted in the heatwave. I also made pizzas from scratch which turned out pretty well, although the bases rose a bit more than I'd have liked (a combination of making them too early and the weather being so hot, I think.)

I've been doing a few online escape rooms with friends over Zoom and that's been fun. A lot of the puzzles are the type that I love doing anyway and have a lot of experience with, so I'm usually able to solve quite a few of them. I like that. It makes me feel like I'm actually of some use to the team!

Also, the LJDQ is back as the DWDQ so I've been playing that every week and basking in the quotage. I got a full house not long ago, which I was very proud of! It's a lot of fun so I would highly recommend people come along and join in. (And if you're European you can become a member of the DWDQEU. All are welcome. Even the English!)

I've started a rewatch of Once Upon a Time and am very much enjoying season one so far. I'm a bit worried about what's going to happen once I get to the seasons where things started going off the rails, but maybe knowing where it all ends up will allow me to enjoy it more. And if not, there's always fanfiction to turn to when it gets bad.

Something I had been particularly looking forward to was the Hamilton film coming to Disney+. Originally it wasn't supposed to be released until October next year, but I suppose that since no one can see it in the theatres now anyway there was no point holding it back. Part of me was worried that it wouldn't live up to my high hopes, but I shouldn't have doubted. It was brilliant. I loved seeing the original cast in the roles after hearing them on the soundtrack so often. And it was great to see close up shots and catch all the little details that I hadn't been able to see when I saw it live cos I was too far away or focusing on something else at the time. Also all the things I did see but forgot about!

And finally, I think we have bees living in the roof of the side passage. Looking online seems to indicate that they're just using the space that's already there and not doing any damage, so I'm inclined to just leave them bee. (Sorry, I'm no good at puns...)
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