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Lockdown Life

It's so weird being in lockdown when the store I work in is still open. I go past quiet streets, empty car parks, and closed shops like I'm one of the last people on Earth, only to get to work where everything is pretty much normal and it feels like an average day. Just with new social distancing rules and a billion times more hand sanitiser!

I'm very glad it's Friday cos this week has worn me out. Deliveries have been big and apparently trampolines are essential items now, based on the sheer amount we've sold in just the last two days. Also, dealing with customers feels very much like wrangling small children. They don't bother to read, they can't follow simple instructions, and they look at you like you're speaking French when you ask them to please stay behind the marked line.

I do wonder how long all this is going to last and how long it will take to get back to normal afterwards. How long it will be before it doesn't feel weird and wrong to simply stand next to someone? I already find it so strange to watch TV and films where the characters are sitting close together or hugging or just interacting with each other at a distance of closer than two metres!
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