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Oscars Dress Report 2020

Time for my traditional round up of the dresses this year:

Ones I Liked

Beanie Feldstein

I absolutely love this dress, both the style and the embroidery. It's gorgeous.


Greta Gerwig

I really like the style. I wasn't sure about the colour at first but it's grown on me.


Jane Fonda

It kinda looks like she's been slashed in a horror film but once you get past that I really like it.


Janelle Monae

Vulcan chic. I love it so much.


Julia Butters

I love the sparkly pink fabric. I'm not sure about the sleeves so I was a bit on the fence with this dress but then I found out she designed it herself and that's fantastic.


Kelly Marie Tran

This almost went in Not Sure, but she looks so good in it I had to put it here.


Laura Dern

The tassels did give me pause, but everything else about this dress looks so elegant and works so well.


Margot Robbie

She's like a beautiful bat.


Mindy Kaling

Classic and elegant. What's not to love?


Penelope Cruz

I do like a good high low skirt, plus it has a lovely shape. And pockets.


Rebel Wilson

Epitomising old Hollywood glam.


Regina King

I'm coming around to the narrow skirt + wings look and this is such a stunning dress. Absolutely gorgeous.


Sigourney Weaver

I wasn't sure about this cos I feel like it's very similar to one she's worn before. But why change when you look this good?


Ones I'm Not Sure About

America Ferrera

It's like she's going for the Greek goddess look but it doesn't quite work. Also I'm not a fan of the I'm-pregnant-not-fat pose.


Brie Larson

It's not bad, but I don't really like it.


Cynthia Erivo

I feel like I should hate this dress but, you know what? It's ok.


Florence Pugh

Attack of the peplum ruffles! But I don't hate it.


Gal Gadot

When I first caught a glimpse of this I thought I would hate it, but somehow she manages to make it look not awful.


Idina Menzel

Not a fan of the bow.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I mean, it's fine? There's nothing wrong with it. But it also looks like something you could pick up in New Look for a tenner.


Kaitlyn Dever

I like the sustainable clothing message, but this dress just feels a bit too old for her.


Natalie Portman

I love almost everything about this dress - the shape, the pattern, the way it reminds me of a wizard. But I really hate how sheer the skirt is. Otherwise this would be a clear winner for me.


Renee Zellweger

It's fine. A bit plain. And it does kinda look like her arm's in a cast.


Salma Hayek

Another Greek goddess look. The skirt just feels a bit off though.


Sandra Oh

I am so close to hating this dress but somehow she's pulling it off.


Zazie Beetz

It's not too bad but the skirt's a weird length and the bit in the middle rather unflatteringly makes it look like she's bursting out of it.


Ones I Didn't Like

Billy Porter

I loved his dress last year, but this time I just don't think it works. The two halves don't really work together and I'm not a fan of the bubble hem.


Caitriona Balfe

From the weird top to my old nemesis the fishtail skirt, everything about this screams wrong to me.


Charlize Theron

It feels like it's falling to pieces.


Kristen Wiig

Words cannot describe how ridiculous every single part of this is.


Maya Rudolph

Step one: Buy a sparkly sack. Step two: Cut some holes in the sparkly sack. Step three: Attend the Oscars wearing a sparkly sack.


Olivia Colman

I don't understand the look this dress is going for at all.


Saorise Ronan

Of course. Why wouldn't you wear an exploding peplum with wallpaper coming out the bottom of it?


Scarlett Johansson

Hmm, this could possibly have squeezed onto the Not Sure list, but I really don't like the top.


And finally my Not a Dress:

Diane Warren

The jacket is very shiny but I love the treble clef necklace.

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