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Oscars 2020

Once again I recorded the Oscars and watched it as soon as I got up, making sure not to check my phone or look at anything that might spoil it for me so I went in having no idea who'd won. When I'd been making my predictions I had been tempted to go with Parasite for Best Picture but I decided to play it safe and stick with 1917. Turns out I should have been a bit braver!

I started off so well too, getting all of the first three awards correct, but then it went a bit downhill after that! Things soon picked up again though and I ended up on a pretty decent score.

Emma, Paul and I did our usual predictions game, I used Alexa as the random number generator this year, and Mum even made her own predictions last night to add to the fun. Who was going to win? Drum roll please...

Caroline: 16/24
Emma: 10/24
Paul: 9/24
Mum: 7/24
RNG: 7/24


I'm rather impressed with how well the RNG did this year too. But out of those of us playing for a cocktail, Paul once again came last and has to come up with a new recipe based on the Best Picture Winner. I'm not too sure how nice a Parasite cocktail is going to be though...
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