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Guess who's workplace heating is broken? Yep! It's fricking freezing in there. I actually felt warmer when I went outside because at least the sun was shining on me. Apparently someone should be fixing it some time this week but we don't know exactly when so I'm just going to have to layer up and try not to lose feeling in my toes like I did this morning.

Speaking of work, I had assumed that my hours would go right down after Christmas but due to staff shortages I've actually been doing even more recently. The upside to this is that it means more money, especially since any hours I do beyond full time are paid at time and a half, so yay for that.

I have actually gone down a bit this week though, so I'm planning to try and use the free time to finally make my Ships of the 2010s list. I'm still hoping to get it done before the end of January, but the month is quickly getting away from me!

Also, does anyone else have a problem with their Friends Feed? When I try to go on mine it just has a spinning circle and the posts never come up. I thought it was my browser cos when I tried it in a different one it worked, but apparently only once cos I've just gone back and now that one is doing the same thing.
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