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Hello December

It's December! Which means it's Christmas time! We're allowed to wear Christmas jumpers at work now and you better believe I'm rocking mine every day. I've amassed quite a collection over the years so I'm trying to wear them strategically, starting with the more generic snowflakes and penguins at the beginning of the month and moving up to the really Christmassy ones as we get closer to the big day itself.

December also means Advent Calendars and once again we're not skimping on our selection. This year we have Cadbury's, Lindt, Lego Harry Potter, Playmobil, Dogs Trust, Gin, Wine, Tea, and the reusable one that I've filled up again for Mum. This time it contains pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which she'll have to assemble in order to make a picture which is a clue to the code needed to open the combination lock that I'm going to secure her main present with. Obviously. =D

Of course December also means work gets extremely busy and stressful. I hope I can keep my good cheer going all month but I think it's going to be difficult at times.

This weekend I'm going to London to do Christmassy things with Paul. One of which is the now traditional sing-along screening of Muppet Christmas Carol. We're also hoping to get the train to Canterbury to check out their Christmas market, as well as riding the Mail Rail at the Postal Museum and checking out the Museum of Architecture's Gingerbread City at Somerset House.

I know I still have a couple of Wales photo posts to make, but they're probably not going to get done until next year now. I've also paused in writing the fic I was working on, but I am hoping to keep going with that as well when I have more time. Also, as at least one person knows, I'm planning to do a Ships of the 2010s list as a follow up to my Ships of the Noughties list and my Ships of the Twentieth Century list. So I am rapidly filling up my time after Christmas as well!
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