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In England Again

I have returned from Wales! I had a lovely time and the weather wasn't too bad. Some days were lovely and sunny, some days were grey and rainy, and a couple of times we had proper downpours but it definitely could have been worse!

I do plan to make proper posts with pictures when I feel up to it. Which may be next week or next month. Who knows with me and my procrastination? Hopefully before next year though!

In other news, Photobucket reduced their monthly rates to a reasonable amount and while I didn't really want to give any money to such a terrible site, I am incredibly lazy and still haven't moved my screencaps over to another image host and this way I wouldn't have to, so I decided to bite the bullet and pay the subscription. But despite them taking my money Photobucket haven't actually upgraded my account and so far haven't replied to my emails so I'm really not happy with them at all.
Tags: image hosting, unhappy, wales, weather

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