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Birthday Time!


Pretty good haul for my birthday this year!

I'm not doing much today beyond relaxing at home. Tomorrow Paul and I are heading off for our week in Wales, which should be a lot of fun. I'm hoping it's not going to rain too much, but that may be a vain hope where Wales is concerned!

Mum and I will be drinking champagne and watching the Strictly launch show later, followed by take away pizza for dinner. I feel a bit at a loss right now though, like I should be doing something to celebrate but I'm not sure exactly what.

Either way, I couldn't let this day pass without my epic poem of birthday brilliance:

Ten years ago I was in a fix
For what to rhyme with twenty six
I find I still have no idea
So I'll just say cheers, here's to another year
Tags: birthday, drinking, food, poetry, television, wales

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