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The Crystal Maze

As someone who was around in the UK in the 90s I of course watched and loved The Crystal Maze and often wished that I could go on myself. Well, on Saturday that wish was granted as my pub quiz team and I went into London to go to The Crystal Maze Live Experience. I was so nervous going into it cos I feared I was going to do absolutely terribly and make a huge fool of myself and have an awful time. Fortunately that did not happen.

It was just like I imagined going on the TV show would be. The four zones were all there; Medieval, Futuristic, Industrial, and Aztec and we got to play four games in each one. As there were seven of us in the group most of us only got to play two games each. I took on a Mystery in the Medieval zone, which I was very happy about cos the Medieval zone was always my favourite and the game itself was one where you had to solve a series of clues which I loved doing, and I won the crystal. The second game I played was a Skill game in the Aztec zone. This involved playing shuffleboard against the Aztec God. If I had any idea about shuffleboard I might have done better, but as it was I lost 3-2 so did not get a second crystal.

Overall our team won seven crystals, but we had to hand two back over the course of the maze cos two of the guys got locked in. We immediately bought them out both times cos we're nice like that. (Interestingly enough it was the captain and the vice-captain who got locked in so I wonder what would have happened if we'd decided to leave them both. Anarchy I suppose.)

The dome itself was probably the only disappointing part. The fans weren't great so the tokens weren't really flying around, they were all concentrated in one small area. And the whole thing was almost like an afterthought. Probably because there weren't any actual prizes to be won, so it didn't matter how many tokens we got. (Which is a good thing cos we did pretty badly, getting something like 68 or so...)

Of course I had to buy a crystal from the gift shop and I plan to proudly display it cos even though I may have never been on the TV show, I still have a crystal that I got from being in The Crystal Maze and I think that's pretty cool.
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