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Oscars 2019

I'm an old lady now so I didn't stay up until 5am to watch the Oscars live, but I have taken this week off work so I was able to record the ceremony and watch it as soon as I got up. I was careful to avoid any spoilers so it was almost like watching it live as far as not knowing who was going to win.

Emma, Paul and I did our usual predictions game and it was a close race cos after 19 awards Emma and I were tied on 10 points each, and out of the five categories left we'd only differed on one. (It was mathematically impossible for Paul to win at this point, so it was between the two of us.) It all came down to the winner of Best Actress to decide our victor...

Caroline vs Emma...

Glenn Close vs Olivia Colman...

Who's going to be the winner?

(Not Paul, we know that much)

And the final results are...

Emma: 14/24
Caroline: 13/24
Paul: 9/24
RNG: 2/24

Well done Emma and Olivia!

And Paul now owes us another cocktail. He still hasn't delivered the ones from the past two years though. At this rate he'll owe us an entire bar by the time he pays up.
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