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Part 8: Halifax (Reprise)

So here we are, on the final leg of our Nova Scotian adventure. We drove down from Louisbourg and headed back to the place where it all began, Halifax. By this point there were a few more autumnal leaves on the trees so I took a lot of photos of the foliage from the car:







It may not have been the riot of colour that I'd hoped for, but it was still very pretty.

When we'd been in Halifax two weeks before I'd seen that the Keith's Brewery had a countdown clock, counting down the days until Alexander Keith's birthday two weeks later. Which means...


It's Birthday Time!

We decided to pop back in to see how they were celebrating the special day. Unfortunately we had to head off to the airport before the celebrations started, so we didn't get to enjoy whatever it was they had planned but we did get to see them setting up for it:



The sign says "Happy Birthday Mr Keith" and of course I had to go in and have a final Keith's beer in his honour.


"Happy Birthday, Mr Keith!"


The birthday boy must have his Birthday Boy ribbon.

Another place I had to go back to was the Cool as a Moose shop so I could say goodbye to the Cool as a Moose moose.


I love that moose.

And then it was time to head off. Our flight was the next morning, so we stayed the night at the airport hotel which came with a pretty nice view:


Farewell, Canada! I hope this isn't the last time I visit you.


And that's it. The last of my Nova Scotia posts, completed a mere four and a half months after I returned from the trip! =D
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