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TV Time

It's been a while since I've made a post about TV shows and with quite a few of them coming back this month this seems like a good time to talk about what I've been watching recently...

Potential spoilers ahead...

The Good Place

Well, that finale certainly ripped my heart out! Every time I think this show has done all it can with its storylines and has nothing left to surprise me with, it goes and pulls something like this. I can't wait to see what happens next and how Eleanor copes with having to be around the man she loves when he has no memory of her or their time together. I could do without the seemingly inevitable love triangle though.

Star Trek: Discovery

I've seen the first episode of the new season and must admit I found it underwhelming. It didn't hold my attention and I felt rather bored while watching it. Hopefully it'l pick up a bit as the series goes on. Also, I'm so disappointed that they've cancelled After Trek. I always loved watching that right after Discovery, it really completed the viewing experience for me.

The Orville

Fox is showing the episodes here two weeks after the US, so I've only seen the first three episodes of season two so far. The first episode crushed my little shipper heart, although I haven't completely given up hope on the Ed/Kelly front. The third episode, Home, was pretty disturbing. John Billingsley does quiet psychopath so well and was so terrifying I'm still a little freaked out. As for Alara staying with her family, I had heard rumours that Halston Sage was leaving, so I wasn't too surprised. And while I liked her character, I'm not really that upset about her going.

The Mentalist

Yes, I know this isn't a new show and actually finished four years ago, but I've just started it and am currently halfway through season one. And to no one's surprise I'm a total Lisbon/Jane shipper. I really love the little looks and smiles they give each other. They're so totally in love even if they won't admit it to themselves yet.


This show ended last year and I have finally caught up with the final season. I can't say that I'm happy with how it finished, ending on a stupid cliffhanger that will never be resolved cos the show got cancelled. It felt like yet another example of lazy writers who don't know how to write a couple in a happy relationship so they resort to breaking them up again. I do think that it was the right time for Scorpion to end, cos the plotlines had got even more ridiculous than they had been to start with (and that was a pretty high benchmark already) but I wish they'd known it was going to be cancelled and ended it properly with the characters getting a satisfying happy ending.
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