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365 Photos

It's only January and I'm already starting to struggle with the 365 Project cos I'm running out of things to photograph! But I'm enjoying the challenge and am rather pleased with some of the pictures. Others aren't so great, but then that's to be expected. Hopefully I'll get more ideas and improve my technique as the year goes on...

02/01/19: Halifax Hello

Halifax Hello


03/01/19: Tinsel Light and Shadow

Tinsel Light and Shadow


04/01/19: Frensham Pond

Frensham Pond


05/01/19: Snowflake Decoration

Snowflake Decoration


06/01/19: Epiphany - Boxed Up for Another Year

Epiphany - Boxed Up for Another Year


07/01/19: Texture



08/01/19: Funko Family

Funko Family


09/01/19: Red Berries

Red Berries


10/01/19: Ent Tree

Old Man Tree


11/01/19: Sunset



12/01/19: Wine Puzzle

Wine Puzzle


13/01/19: Wildflower



14/01/19: Bear's Eye View

Bear's Eye View


15/01/19: Nova Scotia Moose

Nova Scotia Moose


16/01/19: Chilli Plants

Chilli Plants


17/01/19: Keyboard



18/01/19: Purple



19/01/19: Chocolate Coin Spiral

Chocolate Coin Spiral


20/01/19: New Phone Case

New Phone Case


21/01/19: Canadian Penny for the Moose

Canadian Penny for the Moose


22/01/19: Side Eye

Side Eye


23/01/19: Black and Blue

Black and Blue


24/01/19: White Flag

White Flag

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