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Running Fail

Ok, so running is not going as well as I hoped. I was prepared for a reasonable amount of aches and pains as my lazy body got used to doing actual exercise again, but it was far more painful than I expected and I ended up hobbling about cos my back, knees, and the tops of my feet were killing me. The first two are ok now, but my feet still hurt and I'm pretty sure I've managed to give myself extensor tendonitis. So I'm trying to rest but the trouble is that while I can avoid running I can't avoid walking as my work involves me being on my feet for hours at a time so it's not getting better as quickly as I hoped.

I know that part of the problem is I have flat feet. I should probably go to a running shop and get proper advice on what shoes I should wear, which is a shame cos my social anxiety was really, really hoping to avoid that.

I'm also thinking about taking up yoga. At home, of course, but there are plenty of online tutorials and I'm hoping that it'll help with my strength and flexibility and make me less injury-prone.

Part of me is wondering if I'm just not meant to be a runner and should just give up now. But I don't want to give up that easily. I still think it would be good for me, health-wise, and I'd rather not have to walk the whole 7k that I'm doing in May.
Tags: my stupid body, running, social anxiety, unhappy

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