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Keeping Up With the Resolutions

It's a week into the new year so this seems like a good time to check in and see how I'm doing with my resolutions:

1. Take up Running. I'm using the Couch to 5k app and did my first run today which didn't go too badly. I started off pretty well but flagged towards the middle and had to walk for some of the time I was supposed to be running. In my defence I had had a pretty busy time at work beforehand and had already done 10,000 steps before I even started to run so it's not like I was lazing around all day!

I am going to have to invest in better headphones though. I went for a rather cheap wireless pair and as well as sounding horribly tinny they keep cutting out, which isn't ideal when you're relying on an app to tell you when to start and stop runs. Edit: I went back and checked and they weren't as cheap as I thought, so I tried listening to something else with them and they worked perfectly, so maybe it's the app that's at fault. That would be annoying. I'll have to see how it sounds next time.

2. Do a 365 Project. I have been taking a photo every day so far. I haven't put them all online yet, but I will. I've also had to upgrade my Flickr account cos they're limiting free accounts to 1000 photos instead of the 1TB that they originally offered. I could look around for another free service, but I like Flickr and its usability and I feel that £3.99 per month is a reasonable price to pay for it. (See Photobucket, if you'd asked for that instead of the absolutely ridiculous $400 a year that you wanted then you might have been the ones to get my money. But I'm glad you didn't cos Flickr is so much easier to use than Photobucket ever was.)

3. Finish Reading Books. I'm working on it. I'm limiting myself to only reading one book at the moment and hopefully should finish it soon, which will bring my Books On The Go list down to four.
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