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Goodbye 2018!

Happy End of the Old Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

My Christmas was good. It was just me, Mum and Rob as usual. I did stockings for us all this year cos I thought that Father Christmas had been neglecting us too long and it's always fun to open stockings in the morning. I also made some crackers (from a kit, but still pretty impressive!) and once again made Mum work for her presents. I'd made her an Advent Calendar at the beginning of December and each day contained a hint or riddle to which the answer was a letter. And then I locked up her main present with a combination lock and a tag that indicated how to use the letters to work out the code needed to open it.


The stockings. They're spaced a bit awkwardly cos there wasn't anything heavy enough in the middle of the mantelpiece to hold one of them up with!


And Mum's locked up present. She was delighted at being made to work for her gifts! The only trouble is now that I've started this tradition I'm going to have to keep thinking up new puzzle ideas each birthday and Christmas...

I did hit a low point a couple of days after Christmas Day though. I felt so thoroughly miserable, which I think was probably due to a combination of Christmas Day being over (there's all this excitement in the build up to Christmas and I love it so much that when it's over there's a huge emotional crash) and having to go back to work (especially when I keep seeing all these people on Twitter talking about how the days between Christmas and New Year are this no-man's land where no work gets done and you just watch films on the TV while eating chocolate and leftovers all day, and meanwhile I'm back at work at 7:30am the day after Boxing Day.)

I was also at work at 7:30 this morning, and I have to be there at 8 tomorrow (half an hour lie in! Woo!), so I hope I'm not going to be too tired to see in the New Year tonight. I'm hoping to make it to midnight, watch the fireworks, and then crash. I saw the Sydney ones earlier on the TV in the break room at work and they looked pretty spectacular.
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