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Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I have finished work for the day, which means I am now free to enjoy the festive fun! Yay!

Of course that's not to say I haven't been enjoying festive fun already. I made eggnog on Saturday and it was delicious. I used a slightly different recipe than previous times to but it turned out really well. I was glad, cos eggnog was something that Dad and I used to do together and this was the first time I'd made it since he died.

I also made a Porg snowflake, which turned out better than I thought it would, and some brie & cranberry tartlets cos I love them but Sainsbury's have betrayed me by not stocking them any more.

Of course I took photos of all of this, and some of the tree when I thought it looked rather pretty. I was a couple of glasses into the eggnog by that point and also tried to take some arty photos, which were a bit hit and miss but I'll share a couple of the ones I liked:

First up are my fabulous brie & cranberry tartlets, served up here with some roast chestnuts on the side, which we ate while watching Only Connect:


Next is my eggnog, and an in-progress Porg snowflake:

IMG_2627 (Edited)

And the finished product:


Porg Snowflake Success!

Now we have the focal point of our Christmas celebrations:



As usual it's mostly decorated with things I've brought back from my various travels, along with a few bits I've made myself such as the cross-eyed robin on the left.


At the bottom we have the train going round. Dad always liked to have a train around the Christmas tree and it's fun to load up the carts with small presents.

And here are my attempts at being arty. I was just sitting under the tree and I noticed how pretty it looked when I looked up at it, so I tried to capture a bit of that here:



The lighthouse is from Sydney, Nova Scotia earlier this year and the orange elephant is from Chester two years ago.

That's it for now, although I'll probably be back tomorrow to post more pictures! I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas!
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