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Christmassy Goodness 2018

I still have a couple of posts to make about Canada but I'm going to have to pause them until after Christmas cos between work, buying presents, and other festive preparations I've not had much time to do anything for the last few weeks.

Work has been very hectic recently, which is to be expected at this time of year, but I did have last Friday off to do my now traditional trip to London for Christmassy Goodness with Paul.

On Friday morning we went to Hampton Court for their Festive Food Fayre. The selection of stalls on offer was really good and I managed to pick up a few presents, including some dog themed gin that makes a donation to a dog rescue charity for every bottle sold so that was a great find. It's just a shame the weather was so damp and chilly.

We also had a quick look around the Palace itself to see if they decorated for Christmas. There wasn't as much as I hoped there would be, but what there was was pretty:




Later that day we went to Clapham Common to check out Winterville, which is a place we haven't been to before.


The Christmas Labyrinth was cool, albeit not at all Christmassy, but the rest of the place wasn't what we'd hoped so we went into central London to check out the South Bank instead.


The next day Paul disappeared to play hockey, leaving me to make my own entertainment.

Now, I ask you, who would be foolish enough to go into central London and brave Winter Wonderland on a Saturday in December? What kind of mad person would do such a thing?


Turns out I would do such a thing.


It actually wasn't too bad, and I won three stuffed toys on shooting games. A small bear, a small reindeer, and a sparkly cuddly dog. They're all very cute.

I met up with Paul again that afternoon and we had a look around the Christmas market in Leicester Square before going to the Prince Charles Cinema for the Muppet Christmas Carol singalong. I love that film so much and singing along to it in a cinema full of people who also love it is such a brilliant experience.

Following that we wandered around London looking at all the pretty lights:

Regent Street:


Carnaby Street:


Still done up with Queen lyrics for the release of the Bohemian Rhapsody film, but pretty nonetheless.



Oxford Street:



Seven Dials:



Covent Garden:



Giant tree!


North Bank:


And we finished our evening once again on the South Bank, where I enjoyed a mulled wine with whisky near the London Eye. Very nice!


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