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Sydney (Not that One)


Part 6: Sydney

No, we didn't take a sudden and severe detour to Australia. This Sydney is Nova Scotia's second largest city and was actually named before its more famous counterpart but after the same man.

It rained a lot during our visit so we didn't spent a lot of time outside, but we did visit the two historic homes there:

First up was Jost House Museum


We started down in the kitchens where a tour guide told us all about life in ye olde days when the house was first built.


I appreciate and approve of this joke.

Jost House is fond of its themed rooms...


Such as the Apothecary Room.


And the Birds of Canada Room.



And the Frilly Old Lace Room.

Once we'd seen all that Jost had to offer we braved the downpour and headed across the road to...


The Cossit House Museum.

Where we tried this delightful concoction:


Spruce Beer. It's made from the needles of spruce tree and is apparently full of goodness so people used to drink a glass of it a day to make up for their otherwise terribly inadequate diets. It was not good. Paul reacted like it was the worst thing he'd ever tasted. I didn't think it was quite that bad, but I certainly wouldn't want to drink a whole glass of it.

After that we headed down to the waterfront and had lunch in the cruise port terminal where they had another lighthouse.


A lighthouse inside the terminal. Obviously.

And finally, no visit to Sydney Nova Scotia would be complete without visiting its number one tourist attraction,


The Big Fiddle!

Also known as FIDHEAL MHOR A'CEILIDH it is apparently the world's largest fiddle. I assume that means it's actually playable, although I didn't try. Too much rain, you see.


Next up, Louisbourg.
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