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Part 4: Prince Edward Island

For the next part of our adventure we crossed the water, leaving Nova Scotia for Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island.


This lighthouse greeted us as we approached on the ferry, so we drove up to get a closer look before heading on our way.

Our first stop was another winery, where I sampled a few things but didn't like anything enough to buy. The grounds were very pretty so we had a wander around and I had to go over and say hello to this guy,


I then felt very guilty cos he followed me all along the fence and kept staring at me long after I'd walked away. I tried telling him I didn't have any food but I'm not sure he believed me.

We then headed to Charlottetown and our inn


The Charlotte's Rose Inn. We stayed in the LM Montgomery room because I really wanted to stay in an Anne of Green Gables themed room while on PEI.

We then ventured out to explore. I'd heard a lot about Cows Creamery, which boasts the best ice cream in Canada, and being an ice cream-lover myself I knew I had to check it out.


The noble cow standing guard outside the Cows Creamery factory. The factory tour was a bit of a disappointment and not really a tour at all. And, to be honest, the ice cream wasn't that great. Sorry Cows.

Back in town we had a wander along the waterfront where a strange stone man tries to lure people into his boat...


"Take my hand and together we will sail away into the ground."


This is Victoria Row, a pretty little street that we came back to a few times.


The next day we headed north to the beach and Cavendish. Fortunately the weather was very much on our side this day.


This is Dalvay by the Sea, a Canadian National Historic site, and located very close to the beach.


And this is the beach.




And here's a picture of me on the beach.


Also, have a close up of some flowers cos I love taking close ups of flowers.


And here's another lighthouse. PEI has a lot of lighthouses!

The owner of the inn we stayed at recommended a local place that makes soap from goats milk. It was on our way so we popped in to have a look.


I mainly wanted to see the goats to be honest.

We also made a few more stops at various places around the coast to take in the views.


Blue skies, blue seas, PEI sure is a pretty place.

One of the main things that Prince Edward Island is known for is being the setting of LM Montgomery's famous novel Anne of Green Gables, so naturally a visit to her home of Cavendish and the nearby areas was a must for me.

First up, the Green Gables Heritage Place.


LM Montgomery didn't live in this house, but she did live nearby and people think this could have been the inspiration for Green Gables. I can kinda see it, and the slope down to the woods does fit in with the description in the book.

We then walked through the "Haunted Woods" which housed more cute animals...


And up a path, where this guy was clearly enjoying the sun...


That's one happy fat cat. Also a total attention seeker who would walk up to you and flop down right on the path in front of where you were walking so you'd make a fuss of him.

At the end of this walk is Lucy Maud Montgomery's Cavendish Home. Not much is left of the Home now.


Not much at all.

Also, while we were there about three guys in bright orange jackets were noisily mowing the grass. Kinda took you out of the magic of imagining LM Montgomery being inspired by her beautiful surroundings to write her famous books.

Obviously I wanted to do as much Anne-related stuff as possible, so we went on to our next stop:


Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthplace. I strongly suspect it didn't originally have green trimmings. The lady there gave us a short talk about LM Montgomery and it was lovely how much she clearly cared about her subject matter.

Following on from that we visited the Anne of Green Gables Museum which had a few artefacts from LM Montgomery's life including the blue chest that inspired The Story Girl.

It's also home to another inspiration...


The Lake of Shining Waters.

On the way back we went to another place our host recommended, the Prince Edward Island Preserve Co.


More autumnal decoration. I approve.

That evening found us in Charlottetown once again and the opportunity for me to take more pictures of a city at night:




And the next day saw us say goodbye to the island and goodbye to the lighthouse:


Goodbye, lighthouse!


Next up, Cape Breton.
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