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Part 3: Wolfville

After leaving Lunenburg we headed north and arrived in Wolfville where we went straight to our accommodation,


A cute little pink place called the Gingerbread House Inn. It had amazingly good breakfasts, but I was a bit disappointed that most of the house wasn't open to guests cos it looks like a fun place to explore.

The town of Wolfville isn't very big, but is home to this mural:


And has some lovely fields behind the main street:


Very pretty.

Of course our main reason for staying in Wolfville was the Magic Winery Bus Tour.


Here's our bus, ready and waiting to take us to five different wineries.

I would include a picture of us standing in front of the bus, but they were taken on Paul's camera and I asked him to send me a copy a month ago and he's a man so he hasn't yet.

And yes, that is a British double decker. A lot more old fashioned than the ones currently in use in London but still a nice little reminder of home.


This is the vineyard at Lightfoot & Wolfville, the first of the wineries that we visited. Apparently there were cows at the bottom of the field and if the weather had been nicer I would probably have gone to say hello to them, but it wasn't.


Winery number two was Grand Pre which had this lovely seasonal decoration around its doors. And a delicious full bodied red that I loved so much I had to buy a bottle to take home with me.

It was also a short walk from the Landscape of Grand Pre UNESCO World Heritage Site...


I'm sure that with better weather this would be a lovely view.

This was also the winery where we were waiting a long time, only to be told that our bus had broken down and would be a while. So we were given an extra glass of wine and sat around chatting until the bus arrived. That was fun.

When the bus did finally make it, it was onto winery number three:


Luckett Vineyards.

Luckett Vineyards has a little secret in its grape vines...


What could it be?


Yes, it's a British telephone box right in the middle of a Canadian vineyard. Obviously. Apparently you can make a free call to anywhere in North America from this phone box but I didn't test this out as I didn't have anyone to call.


Our fourth stop was L'Acadie. Some people on the bus chose to skip this one, which I did not understand at all. After the normal tasting I also did the sparkling wine tasting cos I do love a good sparkling wine.


Our final stop was Gaspereau Vineyards.


Lots of lovely barrels! One of the things I tried here was a maple wine in a chocolate cup. It was very good and I've brought a bottle of the maple wine back with me.

Once back in Wolfville we decided that five wineries just wasn't enough alcohol for the day, so we went here:


The Annapolis Cider Company.


We each had a cider tasting flight, which was very nice. I'm not always a big fan of cider but these were good.

The next day we said goodbye to Wolfville and hit the road again...


Off to PEI!


Next up: Price Edward Island
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