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Autumn Canada Prep

Tomorrow I'm heading up to London after work and then on Saturday Paul and I fly to Canada! I'm so excited! We're planning to travel around Nova Scotia, with a trip up to Prince Edward Island to visit Anne of Green Gables country. From what I've read in the book I have very high hopes for how beautiful this place is going to be!

I'm also hopeful that travelling at this time of year means we're going to be treated to some lovely autumnal displays of foliage. I'm going to be ready with my camera hoping to take some pretty pictures.

I've been practising by taking some photos of the leaves in my garden:






You can tell the hot weather has taken its toll. Some of the leaves are nowhere near as vivid as they've been in previous years.

Also, I'm pleased to announce that we have guests in our bee hotel. I hope they enjoy their stay!


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