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Guess What I Have?

I have goldfish!!! Multi-coloured goldfish!

I went out to the pub with my friends, Paul gave me a late birthday present of goldfish, a keyring and bubbles. Paul's great! =D And I love the card, it's one of those Edward Monkton ones. This one is about The "Madness" Hamsters.

We had the fudge brownie sundaes again, those are so nice! We also spent quite a bit of money on the games machine playing Hangman, Winning Lines and the Pepsi Chart games.

It was fun, I had a good time. Jess also said that for her birthday meal I could stay at her house afterwards if I go clubbing with them. So I guess I'm going to do that, which makes me very nervous. I'm trying to get over my social anxiety and just enjoy myself though.

Paul talked about having 4 hour film marathons which, sad as I am, sounds really fun to me!

I no longer have goldfish. I ate them all. :)

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