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Jane Austen's House

Mum and I went to the Jane Austen House museum in Chawton for my birthday today. I filled in their survey at the end and when I got to the question about age I had to hesitate cos this particular birthday puts me in a whole new age bracket and I've always been a stickler for recognising the exact time I was born, which we had not yet reached. I stuck to that and went for the younger bracket, although now I would be in the higher one.

It was a good trip, really interesting to see the house that Jane Austen lived in, and the garden was lovely. There was also a really cute cat roaming around, which is always a good thing!

I took lots of photos, naturally:











I took a lot more pictures of the garden, mainly close ups of flowers, which I'll put in another post cos I don't want to overload this one too much!

Of course as it is my birthday it's traditional for me to regale you all with my epic poem of birthday brilliance:

This morning I was 34
That's not the case any more
Now it's time to laugh and smile
Cos 35 is now in style.

(That was harder than usual, cos my brain just kept singing "35" to the tune of "Stayin' Alive"!)

And finally, I've noticed a bit of a theme with my presents this year:


Those are from three different people. Clearly my love of gin is well known!
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