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It was my Mum's birthday a couple of weeks ago and knowing how much she likes puzzles I decided to give her a bit of a challenge in order to get to her presents:


She had to put together four jigsaws, solve the picture riddles that were on those jigsaws, and use the resulting code to open the lock on the bag containing her presents. I think she enjoyed it.


Last weekend I went to Emma's house for the next stage of our Marvel Movie Marathon. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron while gorging on obscene amounts of chocolate and pizza. And one of the best things about going to Emma's house is that I get to see her cats. Gizzy is a bit shy and didn't come to see us much, but Moose curled up in her chair and joined us for most of the evening, which was adorable. And so, naturally, I had to take loads of pictures:





So cute!


Earlier today Mum and I went for a walk around Frensham Pond for our first trip there without Tilly. It felt strange not having her with us but I think it's good to still go for walks, and I wanted to take my new camera on an outing. The LCD screen is really bad in bright sunshine so I had to rely on the viewfinder, and I do miss the long zoom my compact camera had, but overall I'm still really pleased with the A6000:







Normally that heather would be a beautiful purple colour, but the recent heatwave has clearly taken its toll.
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