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RIP Tilly

I'd been preparing myself for something to be seriously wrong with Tilly and I knew it was a likely possibility that she was going to die soon. I just didn't realise how soon it was going to be. She seemed fine yesterday morning but lost energy as the day went on. I was worried when she ate her dinner without her usual enthusiasm, but the fact that she ate it at all felt like a good sign. Then a bit later she flopped on the floor and didn't want to move. As I was wondering whether to take her to the vet right then or wait and see if she perked up a bit tomorrow, she died.

I told her she was a very good dog and I loved her very much. I take comfort in the fact that we gave her a good life for nine years. Right from the start she was my dog, coming straight up to me at the rescue centre and happily going along with me despite the staff at the centre saying that we'll need help cos she doesn't like strangers. It was like she knew who I was and had been waiting for me to arrive.

I'm really going to miss her.

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