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Since my last entry I have mostly been watching Bones, building jigsaws, playing Monkey Island, and rewatching Lois & Clark...


I mentioned back in January that I was doing a Bones rewatch. This month I finally caught up to the episodes I hadn't seen before (cos I drifted away from it in the middle of season 11) and yesterday I watched the very last episodes. I'm so glad that the writers were given the chance to wrap everything up and give the series a proper send-off. Although I'm very unhappy with them for killing off Max, which was just cruel and unnecessary, and also for killing Aldo, after completely changing his character and trying to justify it with a throwaway line about how concussions can have a traumatic effect many years later. It also revealed how shitty and self-involved Booth and Brennan really are. Aldo was supposed to be their close friend but after they'd used him to solve their own problems they apparently forgot about him and never bothered to see him again.

I'm also disappointed that Aubrey and Jessica broke up, but happy that Booth and Brennan, Angela and Hodgins, and Cam and Arastoo all got happy endings. When the episode started with Cam and Arastoo's wedding and they kept talking about how happy they were I was so worried that one or both of them were going to die, but fortunately it didn't happen.

Lois and Clark

I've also decided to do a Lois and Clark rewatch. It's going slower than Bones cos rather than watching a load of episodes a day I'm just doing one a night (as long as I'm not too tired) before I go to sleep. It's so much fun to see the early episodes again. It's been so long I find that I don't even remember a lot of what happens in them. When I've rewatched episodes in the past I've usually gone for seasons three and four (other than Tempus Fugitive, of course, cos Tempus is the best and I love every episode with him in!) so it's probably been about ten years since I've seen some of these. The picture quality in some of the shots is even worse than I remember! It's funny, too, how there doesn't appear to be any reason for it some of the time. Often the quality will be bad when there's a superpower being used and I assumed that they just weren't able to remaster the special effects shots for the DVDs, but then suddenly there'll be a bad quality shot of Perry's face and I have no idea why it's so different to the very next shot where they show him at a different angle.

Still, it's a wonderful warm blanket of nineties nostalgia. Both the dated technology in the show itself and my own memories of sitting in the living room watching the episodes for the first time with my family all those years ago.

And speaking of Lois and Clark, Teri Hatcher was on the Great Celebrity Bake Off the other week and I loved how enthusiastic she was about the whole thing! Although I did prefer the sound of Aisling Bea's Irish Stout muffins. They may not have turned out that great but they sound delicious and I'm so tempted to try and make them myself!
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