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Mixed Emotions

Today was the last day our old store was open and my last day there. I feel quite sad. Ten years I worked in that place, I'm really going to miss it! And I may or may not have gone around saying a fond farewell to the building and contents before I left...

In brighter news, it's Oscars time. Normally I'd try to watch it live or, if I couldn't face staying up until 5am, as soon as I got up on Monday. I wasn't able to do that this year cos of my hours but I do have it recorded and plan to watch the ceremony at the weekend. I knew there was no chance of me avoiding spoilers until then so I didn't even try.

Paul, Emma and I still did our usual predictions game though. And this time Paul managed not to lose to a machine! The final results were...

Caroline: 19/24
Emma: 14/24
Paul: 10/24
Random Number Generator: 3/24

I'm feeling very proud of myself. I got all of the big awards right, including Best Picture, Best Director, all of the acting awards, and both screenplay awards. I only fell down on Original Song, Visual Effects, Documentary, Documentary Short, and Live Action Short. And, really, who cares about those last three?

I'm starting to wish I'd bet actual money on this!
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