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The snow has arrived and disrupted the best laid plans of mice and managers. My 52 hour work week is not to be as the buses are not running today so I wasn't able to get in at all. I also had to leave early yesterday cos the snow was getting worse and the buses stopped at 7. I spent a lot of yesterday checking travel updates and stressing about the possibility of being stranded if I missed the last bus so I'm actually pretty glad that I wasn't able to get in today cos it meant I didn't have that anxiety.

I'm also torn between feeling relieved about the fact that I don't have to work a dreaded 12 hour shift today and feeling disappointed that I'm not going to get all the money I was looking forward to. It would have been a good amount too cos after 38.75 hours I get paid overtime at time and a half, but alas tis not to be. Still, I've got a 45 hour week next week which, while not being quite as lucrative, will still get me some nice overtime. Assuming, of course, that this snow has gone by then and I'm actually able to go to work!

I've spent my day productively by making Lego sets and watching Bones. I'm now well into season six. I've just passed the Hannah chapter and am looking forward to what's on the horizon for Booth and Brennan. Not so much for what's coming up for Vincent though. *sniff*

And finally, enjoy these pictures of the white stuff that's keeping me at home instead of work right now...


A snowy garden.


Tilly in the snow.


These pots hold the tulip bulbs that I got in Amsterdam and planted last year. They say that tulips need cold weather to grow so they should be doing pretty well at the moment!
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