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Discovery Finale

I've been loving Star Trek Discovery so far but I must admit I felt a little let down by that finale...

Is The War Over?

I'm still not entirely clear on what happened with the war. Michael and co getting medals seem to indicate that it's over, but that feels very abrupt. I also find it hard to believe that all the Klingon houses would agree to follow L'Rell just cos she claims to have a bomb that could blow up their planet. What reason would they have to believe her? I mean, we know it's true, but they don't. All she has is a tablet that says there's a bomb, but that could easily be faked. And even if they did believe her I think they'd be more likely to try and kill her to gain control of the bomb themselves rather than just let her be their leader.

What About Ash?

Another thing I'm not overly clear on is why exactly Ash left. To help L'Rell unite the Klingon houses? Cos he thinks that will help the Federation in some way? He made it clear that his loyalty was with them now (or, more accurately, Michael) so he must think that this will be useful to them somehow.

What About Culber? And Lorca?

So, does this mean that Culber really is dead and gone? I'd held out hope that something would happen and he'd be back, possibly with Lorca, cos the last we saw of Culber he was in the mycelial network and Lorca did die by disintegrating into the network, but this episode felt like it was wrapping everything up and season two will be exploring new things, so that doesn't look likely now.

What Happened to the ISS Discovery?

Ok, so this isn't specifically an issue with the finale but I'm still disappointed that nothing seemed to happen with the ISS Discovery. The mirrorverse ship and its evil mirrorverse crew were in the Prime universe for months and there was so much potential for what they could have done while there, but actually they just got blown up and that's it? What a waste of storytelling opportunity.

The Enterprise

Ok, so that was a pretty cool visual. I just wish the rest of the episode didn't feel like such a rush to wrap up the season so we could start playing with Pike and co.
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