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Christmassy Goodness

I went to London at the weekend for my Epic Christmas Bonanza and it was awesome. Paul and I went to see Hamilton, which was absolutely amazing and just as good as everyone says it is. We went to Winter Wonderland and I won a little reindeer on a shooting game. He's very cute and currently sitting beside me as I type this. After that we went to Kensington Palace, which was supposed to be decorated for Christmas like it would have been in Victorian times, but the Victoria section turned out to be closed, which was a disappointment.

We also went to a Muppet Christmas Carol singalong, which was absolutely brilliant! I've made no secret of the fact the The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favourite Christmas film and it was so much fun to be in a cinema full of people singing along with all the songs. I want to do it all again already!

We also went for a walk around the city to see all the Christmas lights, so I had to take some pictures:










That last one was just outside the window of 5th View, the cocktail bar at the top of Waterstones!
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