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TV Report

Ok, I keep saying I'm going to make a TV post and never seem to get round to it and I think the problem is that I'm overthinking things. so I'm just going to make a post now and hope it make sense.

Some spoilers ahead, which I've put behind LJ cuts...

Things I Have Been Watching This Year:

Anne With An E:

I started watching this a few months ago but only got about halfway through. I may try to finish it at some point but the trouble is that Anne is so incredibly irritating I'd have sent her back myself at the earliest opportunity. Canada is very pretty though.


Stranger Things:

I heard such good things about this series for ages before I finally binge watched the first season earlier this year. It was so good and I was very excited to watch season two as soon as it was released. And it didn't disappoint, although it did break my heart.


Once Upon a Time:

I still maintain that this show has finished. What is currently being aired is a different show that happens to have the same name (a bit like season 9 of Scrubs). I tried watching one episode and it was terrible. Absolutely terrible. I might give it another go cos it feels a bit unfair to give up so soon, but it's not at the top of my list.


The Handmaid's Tale:

This is another one that I've started but not finished. Not because I don't like it but because it's pretty hard going. I read the book a few years ago so I know the story, but it's still a difficult watch.


The Good Place:

I am LOVING this show. The first season was only released in the UK at the end of August so I'm a bit late to the party but I'm so glad I gave it a chance when I was flicking through Netflix wondering what to watch. And, fortunately, we're not being made to wait for season two. We get the episodes the day after they're shown in America, which is brilliant but does mean I'm always left wanting more!

I convinced my best friend to watch it too and it was so difficult to try and convince him of the importance of watching it now rather than later. I've noticed that it's gaining popularity and I was a bit worried that he'd see things about it and be spoilt for the big twist. The trouble was I couldn't really tell him there was a big twist, cos when you have a show set in heaven and you get told there's a big twist it's not really that hard to figure out what it's going to be! I sat down with him and made him start season one, which was also good for me cos it was so fun to rewatch those episodes knowing what I knew and trying to see if there were any flaws in the story.(There weren't. This show is genius.)

Shipping-wise I'm a big Eleanor/Chidi shipper. I don't object to Eleanor/Tahani, and I'm loving bisexual Eleanor and the fact that she doesn't make any attempt to hide her attraction to Tahani, but I think physical attraction is all it is. With Chidi she has something deeper, an emotional connection with someone who challenges her in ways that she's probably never been challenged before, and who, despite the horrible things she's done in the past, never gives up on her.


Star Trek Discovery:

I was wary going into this because I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and the last time I got excited about a new series it was the exceedingly disappointing Enterprise. But so far Discovery has really impressed me. It didn't really feel like Star Trek to me, at least not until 'Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad', which had that good old Trek staple of time travel. I love time travel episodes. And when I say that it didn't feel like Star Trek, I'm not saying that I didn't like it. It's different, but that doesn't mean bad.

I love Tilly. And not just because she shares her name with my dog. She's a wonderful ray of sunshine and I hope only good things happen to her. I also love Stamets and Culber and their relationship.

Shipping-wise, I do love Michael/Ash, but I'm worried. I've read the theories about Ash being Voq altered to look human and it's seeming more and more likely to be true. Those flashbacks to his torture at the hands of the Klingons could easily have been showing serious cosmetic surgery instead. And his visit to L'Rell with her cryptic proclamation that she would never let “them” hurt him seems to indicate that he's not who he appears to be. I'd be a bit disappointed cos I love Ash. And I also think that it would be a shame cos his storyline as a torture and rape victim is really powerful and it turning out to not be true would cheapen so much of what we've seen.

The fact that Ash seems to be genuinely suffering PTSD from his torture and that it was the thought of Michael that brought him out of his flashbacks does seem to indicate that he believes himself to be human though. So if he is really Voq then it looks like a sleeper agent situation. That muddies the waters a bit, cos it means that the Ash we've seen so far is genuine and his feelings are genuine. I like that a lot more than the thought of him lying to everyone this whole time, and it also means that the relationship between him and Michael is real. That could be really interesting if he does turn out to be Voq and finds himself torn between his two identities.

Of course it's possible that the theory is completely wrong and they're just making it look plausible to throw us off the scent of whatever the big twist actually is.

We also have the issue of where the Discovery has ended up after their last jump. I'm wondering, with all the talk of parallel universes, if they've ended up in the mirror-verse. And then I wondered if this show is going to turn out to be completely set in the mirror-verse. That would explain why what we've seen doesn't seem to quite fit with what we know about where the Federation ends up.
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