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Jingle Jingle!

Happy December, everyone! The Christmas season is officially upon us and my journal has a shiny new festive theme to celebrate.

We don't have any decorations up yet (it's still a bit too early for that), but of course we have our Advent Calendars out and ready to go. And yes, that is calendars plural. We have two chocolate ones (Hotel Chocolat for me, Lindt for Mum), a dog treats one for Tilly, a wine one (I'm currently drinking the Prosecco that was behind the first door), a Lego City one, and the M&S beauty one. I've also refilled a couple of solid box-based ones from a couple of years ago with new sweets, so technically we have a total of eight between us. And, no, I don't think that's too many. =D

Also, we're allowed to wear Christmas jumpers at work all this month, so I went in rocking my red and white patterned one today. I did wonder if it was just going to be me on my lonesome, but two other people turned up in jumpers as well so I wasn't the only festive one there.

This weekend we're planning to do a proper clear out of the area where the tree is going to go. I'm not sure when we're going to actually go out and get it though. We don't want to put it up too early and have it lose all its needles before Christmas Day!
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