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Doctor Who Day

Happy Doctor Who Day! 54 years ago today the very first episode aired. And four years ago today I was in London to watch the 50th Anniversary Special in Covent Garden cinema. Four years ago tomorrow I went to the Doctor Who 50th Celebration convention at the ExCel. That was a good weekend.

Talking about TV, I do keep meaning to make a post about what I'm watching at the moment but between entering the super-busy Christmas period at work and still trying to de-clutter the house and de-bramble the garden at home I never seem to find the time. I can say that it'll definitely include Star Trek Discovery and The Good Place, both of which I am loving at the moment.

And talking about Christmas, I'm doing pretty well with my plan to get my Christmas shopping done early. I'm doing most of it online and everyone's getting food and drink. It just makes so much more sense to get them tasty things I know they'll enjoy rather than risking getting something that'll just sit around gathering dust. (This decision may have been influenced by the sheer amount of stuff we already have in our house.) I have bought a few non-edible items too, but the majority has been food.

And talking about food, I'm hungry. Time for me to head off and make dinner. Bye!


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Nov. 23rd, 2017 08:18 pm (UTC)
I am enjoying Star Trek Discovery as well.
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