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Autumn in the City

Last weekend I went up to London for some autumnal fun, making the most of the best leaves, deer, and Halloween pop-ups that the city had to offer.

First off, a trip to the park to take some pretty pictures. I chose Richmond Park cos it's famous for its deer...

It wasn't long after we entered the park that we came across some of the fabled wildlife...


Ok, I know it's a squirrel and not a deer but this was too cute not to share. I am annoyed that the picture isn't quite in focus, but unfortunately the squirrel didn't want to pose long enough for a second attempt.

A bit further in and we found the main event...




Lots of deer.


Deer that perhaps think I have taken enough photographs of them and I should move along now.

(Seriously though, my camera has a 30x zoom so I wasn't actually that close to the deer. Just in case you were worried I was actually disturbing them.)

This time of year is rutting season so I was hoping to see some stags duelling for the hoof of a fair doe...


This was the only rutting I saw though, and it was a bit half-hearted. I think they were just putting on a show for the tourists.


"Was that good enough?"

A bit later on we came across another deer, this time just laying by the side of the path looking pointedly disinterested in the people walking behind him.


"Yeah, I know I'm fabulous."

The trees themselves were disappointingly green. There were some that were turning, but it wasn't the amazing display of autumn colours that I'd hoped for.


Still pretty though.

And the weather was good, despite Storm Brian promising to blow us all away. But it did rain a bit later on, which produced this lovely rainbow...


So annoyed I wasn't able to get it all in shot.

After that, it was time to head into central London and Carnaby Street...

The Newburgh Quarter of Carnaby Street is putting on a two week Halloween celebration, so of course I had to go visit. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to any of the workshops (Potion Cocktail Making would have been so cool!) but I still wanted to see what they had.


The decorations did not disappoint.




Spooky spiders.


And, of course, Choccywoccydoodah went all out with their decorations.

We had dinner at Kua 'Aina specifically because they promised a special Halloween menu, but they'd run out of everything on it so that was a bit of a disappointment.

But going to Brewdog and discovering Collabfest2017, which I didn't even know existed, was awesome.

All in all, a most excellent weekend. =D

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