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The Great European Adventure Concludes


Part Four: Lille

Despite the forebodingly grey skies in the above picture, it was actually lovely and sunny for most of our stay in Lille. Of course we were there for less than a day, which means I don't know as much about it as I do about the other places I visited.

So, rather than be a tour guide this time, I'm just going to share some pictures of pretty buildings:


Opéra de Lille


Lille Chamber of Commerce


Église Saint-Maurice


Part of the Old Stock Exchange on the right with the belfry of the Chamber of Commerce in the centre.


Lille Cathedral


And that's it for Continental Europe! Next up, it's back to Blighty:



Part Five: Chichester

We returned to the UK on the Friday, in time to head to Chichester for our friends' wedding the next day. As you can see, the weather was absolutely beautiful, which was good cos it was an outdoors wedding and the weather definitely helped make it a wonderful day.

Also, my friends are geniuses and had what I think more people should have at their weddings...


A proper ice cream van!

They also had a magician who was making balloon animals for the children. I kinda wanted him to make me a balloon dog, but was too shy to ask for one.


Fortunately this dog chose to adopt me. He blew our way and we held on to him in case a child followed looking for their balloon, but none did. I kept hold of him throughout the rest of the day and evening. I even brought him home with me, although he has almost entirely deflated by now...

Back to food:


This was the wedding cake. The toppers were a huge hit!


We stayed until pretty late and had fun roasting marshmallows over the bonfire. Someone else also tried roasting Pringles, which was... oddly successful.

The next day was Sunday and time for us to head home, but since Fishbourne Roman Palace was just around the corner we decided it would be worth a visit.


The famous Cupid on a Dolphin mosaic.


And some of the garden. It was lovely to end the holiday on another gloriously beautiful day.


And that's it! The conclusion of the Great European Adventure. I hope you enjoyed it!
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