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Weekly Round-up

It's FRIDAY! Possibly even CAPSLOCK FRIDAY if I decide I want to revive this tradition from eight years ago.

I may even start a NEW tradition of doing a weekly round-up. Or maybe not. I'm doing one now cos this week has actually been pretty good:

Sunday - Rob's birthday. He and Meg came down for the weekend, which was very nice. The three of us chatted about Game of Thrones, which I am still annoyingly behind on, but I did enjoy being able to talk about it with other people who actually watch the show. And we all watched the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the next Doctor. The general consensus was positive, although we all have different opinions on who the best Doctor so far has been (Me: Smith, Meg: Tennant, Mum: Eccleston, Rob: No opinion.)

Monday - Blood doning. I was worried they weren't going to take my blood cos the nurse did the haemoglobin test three times, but it was fine in the end. Actually I think it was fine the first time cos I really don't think it moved back up at all, but the nurse wasn't sure so she did it again. The second one got caught at the top, but the third one went down perfectly.

Tuesday - Mum's birthday. I gave her a bee hotel, which we have now hung up in the garden. It's south-facing and under a bit of shelter, so I hope the bees will approve.

Wednesday - Throwing Stuff Away Day. We'd stalled a bit on clearing the house so I was glad to get more done. We threw away two boxes full of old junk that Dad had kept because he thought it might be useful. Unfortunately a reluctance to throw anything away is a family trait that has been passed on to me, but I'm trying to do better. At least with this stuff there was no temptation to keep it cos it was totally useless to me.

Thursday - Not a huge amount happened, but I did show my age and had a nap when I got in from work.

Friday - Baked cakes for the bake sale at work tomorrow. I'm not working myself, but I am planning to head in fairly early and drop them off. I made 24 but have kept some back for Mum and me. Just to make sure they're of good enough quality to take in, of course. I wouldn't want to have my name associated with poor quality baked goods.

And now I am sitting here writing this while drinking Apothic Dark wine and listening to the rain outside. It feels wonderfully autumnal, which is perhaps not appropriate for July but then I did eat a perfectly ripe blackberry the other day, so who knows what's going on any more.
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