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Go Climb a Tree

The student finance people are monkeys. Right now they're probably sitting in their offices with their typewriters writing random letters to people.

I got details of my student loan today. They've got the date right and the years of my course have been extended to include my retaking a second year however they have my course down as Classical and Archaeological Studies with Theology.

Um, no. That was my course in my first year. I changed it. It's now History with Theology. You got it right last year when I started my second year for the first time and I put it down on the forms you sent me this year in order to apply.

Speaking of which, remember that form? I had to email you in order to get it because you didn't send me one. You just sent me a letter saying you might not have sent me one so I had to call you if I hadn't got it.

Seriously. Monkeys!

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