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I got my course material from the Open University for Start Writing Fiction. I'm doing the procrastination thing and ignoring it for the moment. Some time soon I need to install the CD, go to the website and do whatever else I'm supposed to do in preparation for this exercise in stupidity. I can't believe I'm opening myself up to criticism like this. I truly am a complete and total moron.

Fanfiction is one thing, the characters are already created and, unless you're placing the characters in a completely AU universe, so is much of the storyline. Plus there's the fact that almost all of my fanfiction is humour. It's supposed to be funny, it's supposed to make people laugh, it's not supposed to be a serious well written piece of drama or believable romance.

I'm trying to be positive, trying not to resign myself to failure before I even start but it's difficult. I've found that it's always best to expect the worst so you can only be pleasantly surprised rather than getting your hopes up and being disappointed.

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