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Bullet Point Kinda Thing

Ok, I was trying to write an entry and my brain is seriously fried. For some reason I am having huge trouble with sentences and saying what I mean. So I've decided just to do a quick roundup:

* Been packing for uni.
* Dad still complaining at me about packing for uni.
* Dad's complaining makes me feel less guilty about drinking all his whiskey.
* At least, I assume it's his.
* Worried about uni.
* Worried about the fact that it feels like something's ending rather than beginning, which is what the start of the uni year actually is.
* Since I'm doing a C level course this year I'm going to need to do another I or H level course next year in order to get enough credits. Crap. Stupid Latin, what was I thinking?

Ok, one step at a time. Need to finish packing first then email Gill to ask her to help me register my return once I go back.

I have the feeling there's more that I can't think about at the moment. Because my brain is fried.
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