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Final Final Finale?


Episode 5.09 Behind the Eyes (part 2)

Location: Junkyard? Agricultural Equipment Storage Tent? I don't even know anymore.

 photo pb509-00571_zpshzimgj8u.jpg

Michael and Sara are being loving and supportive and talking about how they're going to get their son back.

 photo pb509-00579_zpsb9t7xnib.jpg

They're joined by Whip and T-Bag, who have the wild card ready to go. Whip thanks Michael for giving him family.

 photo pb509-00587_zps8kmjubda.jpg

And speaking of family, Lincoln has arrived to join the party.


Location: University of Ithaca

 photo pb509-00593_zpsbl9f6kog.jpg

Seems that Mike has been left in the care of Andrew, who is not a fan of a child's natural propensity for touching things.

 photo pb509-00595_zpsp703qy05.jpg

Mike is also a bit concerned that Andrew the IT guy is packing. Although, if he still thinks Andrew is a police detective that wouldn't be too unusual. It's pretty obvious he's not a police detective though.


Location: Warehouse A

 photo pb509-00607_zpsnnzqvgnl.jpg

Michael and Jacob are meeting up for their inevitable stand-off.

Michael wants to know where his son is, and thinks he's holding the cards cos he has Jacob's server files.

Jacob says he's not going to answer that, and thinks he's holding the cards cos Michael's a wanted terrorist and Jacob's confident he'll be able to find and destroy the files..

 photo pb509-00613_zpscfwxdlox.jpg

So Michael breaks out the big guns. Or handgun, as the case may be. Jacob says he didn't expect that and, frankly, he thinks it's a bit beneath Michael.

 photo pb509-00619_zpsc5trnzqn.jpg

Blonde Assassin appears, which Michael says he did expect....

 photo pb509-00626_zpsvtblygxh.jpg

And Whip reveals himself too.

Jacob says they could do this all day...

 photo pb509-00635_zpsrdlctrah.jpg

So Blonde Assassin speeds things up by shooting the gun out of Whip's hand, which causes T-Bag to run out of his hiding place, thus exposing the last of Michael's contingencies.

 photo pb509-00641_zps3srvvo1l.jpg

Also, Jacob called the FBI to let them know that Kaniel Outis is hanging around in a warehouse.


Location: University of Ithaca

 photo pb509-00647_zps9rxgglwf.jpg

Mike's looking out the window.

 photo pb509-00649_zpsyomwedt8.jpg

Which is good, cos it means he's in the right place to see his not-dead mother signal him to be quiet and wait.


Location: Warehouse A

 photo pb509-00660_zpspmeijdhz.jpg

Shit is going down in the warehouse. There's guns and shouting and demands for people to hand over hard drives and boys.

 photo pb509-00675_zpsfmyjnstg.jpg

Whip once again falls back on his trademark story about that time he killed a guy in a bar fight cos he's just that quick.

Michael tells him not to do it, and this time he actually is talking to Whip.

 photo pb509-00680_zpsd0hkpsue.jpg

But Whip doesn't listen. He took down Abu Ramal, surely he can take down Blonde Assassin...

 photo pb509-00681_zpsj0bgounf.jpg

Apparently not. Blonde Assassin manages to get the gun back around enough to shoot Whip in the gut.

 photo pb509-00682_zpsdouyrgau.jpg

Much to the dismay of T-Bag.

 photo pb509-00689_zpsbjnjo9yp.jpg

Michael and T-Bag attend to Whip as Michael says this wasn't the plan. He's making such a big deal about it not being the plan that I feel like it has to be the plan.

 photo pb509-00704_zps4bkplbas.jpg

Michael leads Jacob off to where he's hidden the hard drives.

 photo pb509-00706_zps5bzlrj2q.jpg

While T-Bag stays with Whip. That's a lot of blood, I wonder if it's the blood from the jar in Lake Michigan?

The sound of people in the distance distracts Blonde Assassin briefly and T-Bag takes the opportunity...

 photo pb509-00715_zpssxfsmlel.jpg

To snap her neck. Ouch.

 photo pb509-00721_zpspr7ejwql.jpg

And it looks like Whip really is dead. Huh. I was so sure that had to be a fake-out for Jacob's benefit, but it looks like I was mistaken. Alas.

 photo pb509-00727_zpsrvmm5ydq.jpg

The FBI swarm in and T-Bag gives himself up easily and dramatically.


Location: University of Ithaca

 photo pb509-00731_zps4g0iadsn.jpg

Dr Sara has arrived to pick up her son.

 photo pb509-00734_zpsu7tlf5rg.jpg

Unfortunately Andrew gets the drop on her.

 photo pb509-00737_zpshlyynf3d.jpg

Fortunately Lincoln gets the drop on him.

 photo pb509-00745_zpsitcsv7hy.jpg

And mother and son are reunited once more.


Location: Warehouse A

 photo pb509-00747_zpsoac1kkkl.jpg

Michael's phone rings, but because he's a bit busy being held at gunpoint at the moment, Jacob helpfully answers it for him.

 photo pb509-00752_zps6eajzdm2.jpg

And they both hear Sara say that she's got Mike.

 photo pb509-00754_zps1g9oyugr.jpg


 photo pb509-00759_zps8jj0rqbb.jpg

Jacob points out that now Michael has no incentive to give him what he wants, which is bad news for him.

 photo pb509-00762_zpstn3mkcds.jpg

But the FBI guys demonstrate their good timing once again, and the sound of their arrival provides a nice distraction which Michael uses to make a break for it.

 photo pb509-00765_zpsmrs263w7.jpg

He's possibly late for a job interview, cos he changes his jacket as he goes...

 photo pb509-00767_zpsdstoyrdx.jpg

And Jacob proves he has no honour by shooting a fleeing man in the back.

 photo pb509-00768_zpsjyzfeown.jpg

Wait a minute. This looks familiar...

 photo pb509-00769_zpspiyjlfl5.jpg

The truth dawns on Jacob as he realises he's been set up.

 photo pb509-00779_zpsnakv1wke.jpg

And an unscathed Michael rises from the ground.

 photo pb509-00787_zpscfub7pux.jpg

So that was what Michael needed Blue Hawaii's expertise for. To recreate the cabin scene perfectly in order to get new pictures of Jacob murdering Harlan Gaines.

Jacob says it's clever of Michael to re-frame him for the murder he actually committed, and I really hope Michael has audio recording as well as the tree camera in place here.

But, Jacob points out, as soon as the FBI agents see this little set-up, they'll see it's all a set-up.

 photo pb509-00804_zpsuipifjl9.jpg

Except they won't. Cos in a few minutes none of it will be there any more.

 photo pb509-00813_zpsigfyqaek.jpg

Jacob pulls Michael back into the warehouse as the cabin scene drives away and they finally have the fight that's been brewing all season. Or, as Michael says, the last seven years.

 photo pb509-00820_zpsvbjbryh6.jpg

Although I have no idea what's going on here. They're either fighting, performing a gymnastics routine or engaging in interpretative dance.

 photo pb509-00833_zpshsbdsfrz.jpg

Michael gets the upper hand and the satisfaction of whaling on Jacob for a good few blows...

 photo pb509-00841_zpshkf9xk8t.jpg

But all too soon the FBI arrive on the scene.

Jacob cries about how thankful he is that they arrived in time to save him from noted terrorist Kaniel Outis, who is that guy right there.

 photo pb509-00845_zpscogjpxkb.jpg

So Michael is under arrest.

 photo pb509-00848_zpsh0ghiynd.jpg

And innocent victim Jacob just wants to go home and get some rest after the long day he's had.

 photo pb509-00852_zpsbokusikx.jpg

But wait!

Jacob Anton Ness is also under arrest. This time for the murder of Harlan Gaines.

Jacob asks if this is about the little display in the warehouse, but the FBI man says nope. It's about blood evidence found in Jacob's super secret lair that only he has access to.

 photo pb509-00856_zpsqsfoglax.jpg

Yep, that's what the weird jar of blood was about.

 photo pb509-00858_zpszwpqpcz6.jpg

“And blood will finally be spilled in its rightful place.”

 photo pb509-00859_zpsecfyufcu.jpg

Jacob's face when he realises he's lost is a thing of beauty.

 photo pb509-00860_zps9q1fb8fp.jpg

And who could have beaten him so thoroughly?

 photo pb509-00861_zpsx7w9zc7b.jpg


Haven't you learnt by now, Jacob? You never go up against Michael Scofield when his family is on the line.


Location: FBI Interrogation Room

 photo pb509-00865_zps0pqpoll1.jpg

Michael shows the FBI director the “missing frames” from the murder of Harlan Gaines. How exactly did he get access to them so quickly?

 photo pb509-00870_zpssz4zlv3t.jpg

Michael says that he was at the cabin cos Jacob forced him to be, and that's why his belongings were covered in blood.

 photo pb509-00873_zpsqfv6bx8f.jpg

FBI director thinks this is all a bit too neat. Especially with the new blood evidence that's appeared as if by magic.

He wonders if Michael might be manipulating him too.

 photo pb509-00883_zps79txqfqz.jpg

Michael does not appreciate their lack of appreciation for him showing them the man who killed their deputy director and has been a Big Bad in their organisation for years.

 photo pb509-00885_zpsttie1lko.jpg

But fortunately they don't just have Michael's word for it. They also have Andrew, who rolled over like a puppy and told them all about 21-Void's conspiracy to frame Michael for the murder and give him a new identity as Kaniel Outis.

Michael wonders what that means.

 photo pb509-00891_zpsfzexbnnx.jpg

“It means you're free to go, Mr Scofield.”

 photo pb509-00894_zps7zwabd6b.jpg

And he is so relieved to finally be called by his name again.

 photo pb509-00908_zpsaorl0mpv.jpg

Before Michael can leave, the FBI director offers him a job cos they could use someone with the levels of ingenuity Michael has displayed with all this. And it could be a good storyline for season six.

Michael says he's not interested, but he does have one favour to ask.


Location: Sunny Park of Families and Freedom

 photo pb509-00913_zpsvfekmbsu.jpg

Sheba, Mike and Sara are enjoying some family time in the sun while Michael and Lincoln sit a million miles behind them for some reason.

 photo pb509-00924_zpswqktvuvq.jpg

Michael and Lincoln talk about how strange it is to be alive again and not running.

We also find out that it was Michael who called Sheba to invite her cos he knew Linc wouldn't. Aww, that's Michael. Always looking out for his big brother's love life.

 photo pb509-00928_zpslvoopbtc.jpg

Linc/Sheba 4eva. Also, I love the owl garden thing.

After Sheba smiles at Lincoln winningly, the brothers exchange “I love you”s and Linc goes over to join the ladies and Mike.

 photo pb509-00947_zpsvumsmnnv.jpg

I love that Sara has an origami swan tattoo on her back covering the scar she got in the Miami-Dade prison.

This is such a lovely family shot. What a shame it's missing a member.

 photo pb509-00948_zpsoxg4bxot.jpg

Cos rather than joining his wife and son, Michael chooses to remain behind and stare at his family in what is, let's be honest, a rather creepy way.


Location: Fox River State Penitentiary

 photo pb509-00951_zpsadboscvt.jpg

It's season one all over again!

 photo pb509-00954_zpsn6gtsh2l.jpg

Jacob gets led to his cell. The guard wonders why he's smiling, but Jacob says he doesn't plan to stick around long.

 photo pb509-00958_zps0eipclie.jpg

Ooh, what's this?

 photo pb509-00961_zpsp6vpm1r4.jpg

Oh, Jacob. Who could your cellmate be?

 photo pb509-00966_zpswobb3fye.jpg

Ah, the man whose son you had killed. I don't see this going well for you.

 photo pb509-00969_zps7iwzjzgx.jpg

We pan away to the satisfying sounds of Jacob's screams.

And, hey there, John Abruzzi. I thought you were dead. Seems the whole 'no one on Prison Break stays dead' thing is true.

 photo pb509-00971_zps16rt9amy.jpg

And we come full circle as we end on the same shot as the pilot. Very appropriate, if this is to be the very last Prison Break.


My Thoughts

Ok, I'm happy that Michael's alive, obviously, but I'm just so... disappointed. I wanted so much more.

I wanted a Michael/Sara/Mike family reunion. I wanted Sara to introduce Mike to Michael, for Mike to realise that Michael really was his father and for him to call Michael “Dad”. Especially after Jacob manipulated him earlier in the episode.

I wanted a proper Michael/Sara reunion. I wanted to see them working together to save Mike, not spend most of the episode apart.

I really, really wanted them all to be together at the end. I could probably have lived with the reunions happening off screen if we saw the final shot of them as a happy family. But we didn't. Why was Michael apart from them the whole time? That was really weird.

I also wish that we saw more of C-Note and Sucre. Particularly Sucre, cos last we saw he'd lost his job and all the high quality inflatables that he'd invested all his money in, so what's he going to do now? And is he still with Maricruz? How's Leila doing? I hope they're all still together as a happy family cos they were always the most important thing to him, but based on this season they don't seem to exist any more.

The whole thing felt very rushed. Am I right in thinking that they had to cut down from ten episodes to nine? Cos that might explain it.

And I think that, overall, the storyline didn't really hold up at the end. Sometimes I can overlook that if the characters are interesting and it's fun to watch, but I don't think we saw enough of the characters in this case.

I like that I had the right idea about Michael using his tattoos to get into Jacob's lair, but the wrong idea about which tattoos. I must say it was really clever, they've spent the whole season focusing on the eye tats and I assumed they must be really important but they turned out to be nothing but a misdirection. Because it's what's behind the eyes that counts.

I'm still shocked that Whip actually died. The way that Michael kept shouting that it wasn't the plan felt so staged. And I'm sad that he did die. It made the show feel very much like the heartless manipulator that Michael is accused of being. They bring in Whip, use him, and then kill him.

Also, the audio issues really made the episode hard to watch. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it online, so I assume the problem must have been with the Sky broadcast, but the audio was so out of sync. Not just a slight issue where the mouths don't quite line up, but I'd see a character move their mouth and have to wait a full two seconds before hearing what they said. It made the whole thing very jarring.


( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Jun. 17th, 2017 04:25 am (UTC)
Ugh. I love this show, but this episode was horrible it was like it was written by someone unfamiliar with the characters. Everyone acted so ooc, I couldn't stand it!
Why was Mike suddenly so stupid acting when he had been portrayed as being smart like Michael earlier?
T-bag suddenly cares so much about someone else he can't control his actions and ruins the plan?
Why would Whip so willingly trust T-bag? He was barely able to trust Michael after 7 years and now he's suddenly bonded with a rapist and murderer?
Michael looks like a terrible person for using Whip and then getting him killed. Why would Michael encourage Whip to hang out with T-bag? Michael always cared about people in the past, but he had no problem throwing Whip into danger? Michael barely batted an eye when Whip died!
I was so mad at this episode I dreamt up a whole new one in my sleep!
I'm rewatching this season, but I think I'll stop after episode 8 and pretend this one never happened. You're right the whole season felt rushed. It could've used about 4 more episodes and a completely different finale. I like your idea better about using the blood in the jar to fake Jacob out instead of actually killing Whip.
My poor Whip! *sobbing*
Jun. 18th, 2017 06:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was all a bit weird. I still don't quite understand what happened in the warehouse, cos Michael kept saying that it wasn't the plan, but it obviously was the plan to let Jacob take his gun and think he'd got the upper hand. So how was that supposed to happen without Whip getting shot? And why would T-Bag run out and reveal himself just cos Blonde Assassin shot the gun out of Whip's hand? I get that he cares about his newfound son, but Whip wasn't in immediate danger at that point and T-Bag is smart enough to know that running out like that wouldn't have helped anything, so the only reason I can think for him to do it is if it was part of the plan.

Really, everything points to the warehouse scene going down exactly as Michael planned it, which means he planned for Whip to die. Either that or Whip's death was faked, but if this is the last season then we'll never know if that's the case or not. I might choose to believe it is the case though, cos the other option really doesn't fit with what we know of Michael. Yes, he's good at manipulating and using people, but he cares about his friends and family and he'd never treat Whip like that.

I think T-Bag was extremely OOC for most of the episode. I must admit that I didn't really object too much cos I liked his relationship with Whip, but he really wasn't T-Bag.

I still find Mike a bit of an oddball. He gets abducted at gunpoint and next episode is happily colouring away. A woman pretending to be his mother points a gun at him and shoots a man right in front of him and a few scenes later he's completely unbothered. His stepfather tells him his mother is dead and, after looking kinda sad for five seconds, is completely over it the next time we see him. I wondered if maybe he was pretending cos he knew Jacob was lying to him, but there was no follow up to indicate that.

It really is a shame that the finale was so weak. I was so excited for it too.
Jun. 19th, 2017 02:03 am (UTC)
They made the whole finale overly complicated just to add twists and turns no one would see coming. The result was it didn't make sense. I'd rather have the show be consistent and logical even if it means it's predictable over confusing nonsense. Couldn't Michael have planted the blood without doing the warehouse showdown?
I would've been fine with T-bag and Whip forming a bond if it hadn't simply been formed over one car ride.
Trying to be positive- I loved all the new characters introduced and the inclusion of so many past characters (I really only missed Mahone), and the basic plot for the new season was solid. Most of the problems I blame on the season being cut short so everything got rushed. I'm happy we got to see everyone again!
Someone on Facebook mentioned they think season 6 should focus on Michael and Whip during those 7 years working for 21 Void or personally I think in season 6 Whip isn't dead but thrown back in prison and Michael has to rescue him. I doubt any of that will happen, but I'm for anything where Whip is alive.
Jun. 20th, 2017 05:44 pm (UTC)
Prison Break is awfully fond of its twists and turns, isn't it? And they can be a lot of fun, but only if they make sense. I know a lot of people don't like season 4 cos they thought it was too ridiculous, but I really liked it.

I love that they brought so many beloved characters back in this season too. I wish we'd had more Sucre though. I know they said there wasn't room for him in the plot, but I'm sure they could have found something for him to do!

I'm still upset with them for killing off Sid. And the way they pretty much forgot about him afterwards. I was waiting for Mohammed to find out his son was dead, but Mohammed just disappeared and was never mentioned again.

I keep seeing conflicting things about whether there will be a season 6 or not. I'd like to think they'd bring Whip back if there is one, cos his death scene was so ridiculous and seemed so staged, but will they want to bring a character back from the dead yet again?

I do know I wouldn't want a season focused on the years Michael spent working for 21 Void cos that means no Michael/Sara. Whatever happens, I want happy Michael/Sara!
Jun. 20th, 2017 10:21 pm (UTC)
Was season 4 when Sara went to prison? Seasons 1 and 2 were great and of course season 5 because of the reunion (and Whip).

Definitely could of used more Sucre!

I loved Sid! You're right - he died and nobody mentioned him again. That's why they needed a longer season so there could be more Sucre and more follow up on Sid and Whip.

Hey! What's one more character returning from the dead! I heard there were talks for season 6. *Fingers crossed*

I'd miss Michael/Sara too plus I'd miss Lincoln. But I'd miss Whip more. :(
Jun. 21st, 2017 06:42 pm (UTC)
Season 4 was when they had to find Scylla and Don Self betrayed them and Michael had to have brain surgery and it turned out Michael and Lincoln's mother was still alive and totally evil. It really was bonkers, but still a lot of fun.

Sara went to prison in The Final Break, which was a kind of TV movie that followed season 4. And also pretty bonkers, tbh.

Yeah, I really do wish they'd had a few more episodes so everything wasn't so rushed and we were able to get closure with all the characters.

I think a lot of the people involved are willing to do a season 6, but they don't know when. Definitely not next year, but who knows what could happen?
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )

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