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Final Finale?

Eight years and one day ago I posted my recaps for the final ever episode of Prison Break that turned out to not be the final ever episode after all. Today's recaps may very well be for the actual final ever episode, but I don't want to make any grand claims cos who knows what the future will bring.

Either way, season five has come to a close so while it may not be final, it's definitely the finale. And you won't be surprised to hear that the recap is a long one, so it's split into two parts.

Episode 5.09 Behind the Eyes (part 1)

Location: The Lake House

 photo pb509-00002_zpsofofoqwa.jpg

We start by jumping back six minutes before the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode and all is quiet at the lake house. Mike is happily colouring away...

 photo pb509-00003_zpsglvnqodz.jpg

Blonde Assassin is sitting in her chair, ominously fingering her gun...

 photo pb509-00010_zpsru93otdf.jpg

And Dr Sara is tied up downstairs.

Jacob's come down to have a little chat about how he's a super great guy and not at all a psychopath. He says he did what he did to advance the cause of his country.

Dr Sara wonders how freeing bloodthirsty terrorist Abu Ramal helps their country's cause.

Jacob admits that it doesn't. That one was actually about her...

 photo pb509-00020_zpsq0sfcyqq.jpg

We flash back a few years and see Jacob spying on Michael spying on Sara and Mike at the zoo.

 photo pb509-00033_zpsi2vp5njc.jpg

So, naturally, Jacob decided to send Michael away to die and have Sara for himself.

Jacob also insists that he loves Mike, but Sara doesn't think that using him as bait is very loving. Jacob says that Blonde Assassin knows not to hurt him. Oh, well, that's ok then.

 photo pb509-00036_zpsverwe9lf.jpg

Despite Jacob's protestations that he really loves Sara and this is all about her, Sara thinks it's actually more about her husband. Jacob just can't take the fact that with Michael around, he's no longer the smartest man in the room.

 photo pb509-00040_zpsrey6xxja.jpg

Brunet Assassin comes down to let Jacob know that everything's set, so Sara takes the opportunity to inform him that it was Jacob and not Michael who killed Harlan Gaines.

 photo pb509-00046_zpsr4l1v4no.jpg

Jacob doesn't appreciate her interference and punches her in the face.

 photo pb509-00047_zps8p7d6d3r.jpg

Brunet Assassin doesn't approve of wife-beating. Jacob tells him to tape her mouth shut, but he hesitates so Jacob does it himself.

 photo pb509-00058_zpsqhho8avf.jpg

The security cameras show the brothers arriving out front, so it's time for Jacob to head off. He tells Sara that the place is going to burn down in ten minutes and two bodies will be found, but at least their son won't be one of them.

Wait, is he planning to let Sara die there? I thought he loved her? Or does he think both Lincoln and Michael will go inside?

 photo pb509-00069_zpsetkinki9.jpg

Dr Sara tries to mentally communicate with Brunet Assassin by giving him a significant look.

 photo pb509-00070_zpsazbo5the.jpg

It seems to be working.

 photo pb509-00084_zpsmx3ebe5w.jpg

After Jacob drives off, we see the events from the end of the previous episode again as Michael enters the house. Although this time we keep cutting to Sara and Brunet Assassin downstairs, listening to the movements above them, waiting to hear if her husband is going to die.

 photo pb509-00095_zps86igktkg.jpg

Just as before, Blonde Assassin raises the gun....

 photo pb509-00098_zpsofqjicna.jpg

But this time we see Brunet Assassin stepping into the line of fire. He thinks that maybe they should think about this a bit more and suggests asking Michael some questions to make sure they're getting the right guy before they blow his brains out.

Blonde Assassin thinks questions are for losers. She's more of a shoot first, ask questions never kind of lady.

 photo pb509-00104_zpsqjkvkuaq.jpg

Michael has stepped into the role of parent very well and is all 'do whatever you want with me, but let my son go.'

 photo pb509-00115_zpsswrcxec0.jpg

Meanwhile, Dr Sara is doing her best to free herself and I am very impressed by the collection of wine behind her. As much as I hate Jacob, I do love his wine cellar.

 photo pb509-00116_zps1fs5lzsp.jpg

Brunet Assassin continues his attempts to appeal to Blonde Assassin's better nature. He tells her that they can just hand Michael over to the police and disappear somewhere Poseidon will never find them.

 photo pb509-00124_zpsiahmseif.jpg

But there's no leaving 21-Void and Brunet Assassin ends up being the tomato stain on the window.

 photo pb509-00131_zpsbstmou66.jpg

Michael takes advantage of the confusion to make a break for it with his son. He tells Mike to run to the end of the driveway where Linc is waiting for him.

 photo pb509-00134_zpspe9ucqdp.jpg

Blonde Assassin follows and raises her gun to shoot Michael

 photo pb509-00138_zpskcdjywo1.jpg

But his wife is here to save the day!

 photo pb509-00140_zps0qjew9sw.jpg

Mike heads out to find his uncle Lincoln.

 photo pb509-00145_zpsjpdrf43c.jpg

But damn dastardly Jacob gets to him first.

 photo pb509-00148_zpsimkswwld.jpg

Michael and Dr Sara run out just in time to see Jacob drive away with their son.

 photo pb509-00154_zpsx3ck8p0t.jpg

Dr Sara is very not happy with this situation.

Michael calms her down and calls her sweetheart and my heart melts. He says they have to find Linc.

 photo pb509-00163_zpsg6wzpqki.jpg

Which they do, but not in the condition they were hoping for.


Location: Hospital

 photo pb509-00165_zpsl69xm0xb.jpg

Lincoln is rushed to the hospital, where he keeps apologising for letting Michael down. Michael tells him hush, he did no such thing.

 photo pb509-00176_zpslikwxpnv.jpg

With Linc stabilised there's nothing else for Michael and Sara to do but skedaddle sharpish before the hospital staff recognise him.


Location: Car of Fatherly Feelings

 photo pb509-00178_zpshbndcr7t.jpg

Whip's wondering how he's supposed to deal with the fact that his father is T-Bag. Yeah, I can imagine that being difficult.

 photo pb509-00195_zpsfxeaaecx.jpg

They talk about the weird jar of blood. T-Bag says that Michael said it would deliver both of them, they just have to get it to him.

 photo pb509-00198_zpsn8x4vine.jpg

He also shows Whip the letter that Michael sent him with the cryptic “By your hand, you shall know the glories of your progeny and our world will be made right forevermore” message. He says at first the thought it was religious thing, but now he knows it's his own progeny.

 photo pb509-00209_zpsi7e3dc7r.jpg

And although he might not know how to deal with it, he seems pretty damn happy about being a papa.


Location: Picturesque Pier of Planning

 photo pb509-00231_zps6gbwaz0x.jpg

Michael tells Sara that he's been planning to bring Jacob down for years now, but he had to wait until he got out of Ogygia and everything aligned.

 photo pb509-00236_zpst7osojlq.jpg

Which it seems to be doing now, with the arrival of Whip and T-Bag.


Location: Dr Sara Jacob's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb509-00238_zps6gropift.jpg

Mike is watching Jacob and Andrew having a chat outside. He looks almost bored. What is wrong with this kid? What does it take to faze him?

 photo pb509-00243_zpsuqt1xmrj.jpg

Andrew is telling Jacob about the even bigger code encrypted in Michael's eye tattoo and he's putting all his processing power into finding out what it means.

 photo pb509-00247_zpszyu72te0.jpg

I'm no expert, but I don't think human skin would work as a medium for detail that fine. Also, how did Michael get that much detail in his tattoos in the first place?

 photo pb509-00263_zpsk8gwfbtf.jpg

Jacob heads back inside and puts on his best sad face to tell Mike that Andrew the Police Detective just told him that the bad news that Sara's dead.

He tells Mike that he's going to take him somewhere safe where the bad people can't hurt him.

 photo pb509-00268_zpszhjnfvdl.jpg

Mike wonders why the bad people would want to hurt him. Jacob says it's because he loves him, and there's things he hasn't told him about himself. Yeah, like the fact that you're a psychopath.


Location: Picturesque Pier of Planning

 photo pb509-00271_zpsxltpgsle.jpg

We get an answer to the question of why Michael would help T-Bag when he hates him. It's because he hates him.

Michael says that Jacob was monitoring communication with all of Michael's friends and allies, but not with people he despised.

 photo pb509-00272_zpsulj8reba.jpg

“Give it to me straight. How you really feel about me?”


 photo pb509-00273_zpss0bhw7zb.jpg

Michael's plan was to do something nice for T-Bag, so that he might be more inclined to help when the time came.

And that time is now. Cos while Michael is hoping for a life of freedom and normality for all of them, Poseidon isn't going to let that happen. Not unless someone makes him.

 photo pb509-00290_zpscs0ijmiz.jpg

So, basically, you want me to kill him?


Location: Jacob's Super Secret Lair

 photo pb509-00309_zpssxwfkdnw.jpg

Jacob brings Mike to his secret hideout and tells him that people want to hurt him cos he's a secret agent.

 photo pb509-00320_zpspwhavkin.jpg

Blonde Assassin enters and Mike is understandably alarmed at seeing the woman who impersonated his mother and pulled a gun on him.

 photo pb509-00323_zpsuwfat5ed.jpg

But a look at her shiny badge is enough to convince him.

Jacob tells Mike that she was stationed in the house to protect him from the man who came and said he was his dad...

 photo pb509-00333_zpspyvedbhv.jpg

Wanted terrorist Kaniel Outis.

Jacob says that, despite what Mike may want to believe, his father died seven years ago and this man is just some nasty dude out to hurt Jacob.

 photo pb509-00338_zpsdo005v9u.jpg

Right on cue, Jacob's phone rings.

 photo pb509-00341_zpsrp44am2a.jpg

So he puts it on speakerphone, awfully confident in what Michael's going to say.

 photo pb509-00342_zpso3rkker9.jpg

And his confidence is rewarded, as Michael threateningly demands he “hand the boy over” and sounds for all the world like an evil terrorist who's planning to do something horrible to him.

Jacob says he'd never hand over his son. Michael tells him he's not his son and never was.

 photo pb509-00352_zpsiv4sqwjn.jpg

And Mike jumps in to shout at the scary voice, telling him to stay away from his dad.

 photo pb509-00356_zpsl6t6qhnl.jpg

Jacob is delighted.

 photo pb509-00365_zpsri1jmhsp.jpg

And Michael is heartbroken.

He tells Sara that Mike called Jacob 'Dad', but she points out that Jacob's brainwashing him.

 photo pb509-00371_zpswvs9mhmn.jpg

T-Bag decides that Michael's right and a man like Poseidon deserves to die.

 photo pb509-00375_zpsqgz3fxqu.jpg

Whip isn't on board though, cos he doesn't want his newfound father to get caught and go back to prison.

Michael says no one's going to get caught cos he has it all planned out.

 photo pb509-00384_zpswprccwrx.jpg

They head off to go their separate ways and complete their separate missions.

Sara's role is to check on Linc and make sure he's safe, while T-Bag and Whip are going to go collect a wild card that Jacob doesn't know about, and Michael's off to the nest, “where this all started, where secrets lay hidden and where blood will finally be spilled in its rightful place.” Getting a bit dramatic there, Michael.

Also, when I first watched this I thought he said Ness-t and that it was a clever nickname for Jacob's secret lair.


Location: Andrew's Lair

 photo pb509-00391_zpsll8i5c02.jpg

Andrew's still working on the screencap of Michael when Jacob calls for a trace on the phone that just called him.

 photo pb509-00394_zpsqffilmpe.jpg

Andrew sends him an image of how far he was able to track the phone before it was turned off. Heading north towards the zoo.

 photo pb509-00400_zps60tijqrw.jpg

So it's time for Jacob to take a trip to the zoo himself.

 photo pb509-00402_zpsdvcjvram.jpg

Hot on Michael's tail.

 photo pb509-00407_zpskl7nlng6.jpg

While Andrew is making progress decrypting the tattoos.

 photo pb509-00414_zpszpmck08c.jpg

And Blonde Assassin has decided to join the fun. What chance does Michael have now it's two against one?

 photo pb509-00421_zpswlql1tjr.jpg

It's all very dramatic as Michael emerges from the undergrowth...

 photo pb509-00422_zpsrd0xkymo.jpg

And, surprise! He's not at the zoo at all. He's at the university.

 photo pb509-00423_zpsapvolb4e.jpg

Jacob, on the other hand, is at the zoo, when he gets a call from Andrew. Seems he's successfully decrypted the code in the tattoos...

 photo pb509-00429_zpsjdshpypb.jpg

“Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake.” - Napoleon

 photo pb509-00433_zps7qzr7rnr.jpg

Jacob realises he's been had as he stares at the back of the owl's head.

 photo pb509-00434_zps8cjzpgng.jpg

And the owl spins his head round to stare at him with his piercing owl eyes. Nice.


Location: Jacob's Ness-t

 photo pb509-00437_zpshcqjaov0.jpg

Michael arrives at the facial recognition scanner.

 photo pb509-00439_zpsntkfpuai.jpg

And uses the back of his hands to become a tattoo-replica of Jacob. That's so much better than my idea! And makes much more sense with the “behind the eyes” reference.

 photo pb509-00444_zpshe1reiim.jpg

He calls Jacob to let him know that he's standing in front of his closed servers right now and is currently holding a hard drive full of enough data to send him away forever.

 photo pb509-00447_zpsdjx5surx.jpg

Jacob congratulates him, but says they both know the threat's hollow cos Jacob has something much more important to Michael.

They agree to skip all the underhandedness and just make a deal. Michael gives Jacob a place and time to meet.


Location: Hospital

 photo pb509-00458_zpsycu6dmcv.jpg

Dr Sara arrives at the hospital, but finds Lincoln's bed empty. She asks a nurse about his whereabouts, but the nurse tells her he checked himself out. Despite the severe blood loss.

 photo pb509-00468_zpsxsonli7o.jpg

The doctor who did the surgery arrives, but he doesn't have any idea where Lincoln might have gone. He asks Sara what happened up at Finger Lakes, cos another gunshot victim came in from the same area at the same time.

 photo pb509-00471_zpsqeivn8lg.jpg

Sara says she doesn't know anything about that and leaves, but overhears the doctor tell the nurse where the other victim is and that he's probably not going to make it till morning.


Location: Warehouse of Illicit Drugs

 photo pb509-00484_zpsgtpjm6nx.jpg

Rather than letting Luca think he was dead and leaving it be, Lincoln returns to the warehouse to demand that Luca say they're clear.

Luca refuses and says he's just going to get more guys.

 photo pb509-00492_zpsokuioijo.jpg

Some police cars come screeching up, but Luca isn't impressed that Lincoln's trying the same fake out as last time.

 photo pb509-00496_zpsg0vl3cli.jpg

Except, this time it's real and Luca finds himself under arrest while screaming Lincoln's name in anger.


Location: Hospital

 photo pb509-00503_zpsjw5fze1f.jpg

Dr Sara has found Brunet Assassin's room. She asks for his help in rescuing Mike from her evil husband.

 photo pb509-00508_zps9ht08dgh.jpg

Brunet Assassin motions for a pen and paper, which Dr Sara hands him, and he begins to write. We eagerly await the nuggets of important information that will be revealed at the end of his pen...

 photo pb509-00510_zpstgs9g6re.jpg

Not helpful.

Dr Sara asks again, saying he's got to know something.

He writes something else and, although we don't see it, Sara asks if he's sure that's where her son is. He nods and she thanks him.

 photo pb509-00530_zps2fj0yylj.jpg

And, it seems, holds his hand while he dies.


Location: Some Sort of Motel

 photo pb509-00538_zpsym7ijahf.jpg

Whip and T-Bag are bonding by having a philosophical discussion about whether or not killing is ever justified. Like when the person really, really deserves it such as Abu Ramal and Poseidon.

T-Bag doesn't want Whip to have the wrong idea about him and says this is about murdering the dark so the light can be born.

 photo pb509-00543_zpsfccklmes.jpg

Whip says he's out of his tree. T-Bag replies, “Now you know where you got it from.” T-Bag gets all the best lines.

 photo pb509-00545_zpswp8h48zt.jpg

They head in to see Blue Hawaii, who is currently building a scale model of JFK's assasination

 photo pb509-00546_zpskp1mi2s9.jpg

Turns out that Michael helped Blue Hawaii break out of Barranquilla Prison, and said that he might call on his talents one day.

 photo pb509-00559_zpszapxw63g.jpg

His making tiny replicas of historical events talents?


Part II

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