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I had hoped to keep up a regular schedule of recaps, but I fear the finale is going to take a bit longer. This is for various reasons:

1. I had longer shifts for most of last week. And while this does mean more money (yay), it also means less time to do fun things like write silly recaps of TV shows (boo).

2. Tilly had a bad reaction to a tick bite where it swelled up quite badly and was a rather angry red colour so we took her to the vet cos I was worried that it could be something serious like Lyme disease. He gave us some anti-inflammatory medicine and we took her back a few days later to make sure it was all ok. It's gone down very nicely now, but I was very worried for a while.

3. I went to Oxford to see some friends at the weekend. We played board games and went out for dinner and I stayed overnight. It was really good to see them again cos it's been far too long. But, being the poster girl for introversion that I am, it did leave me feeling completely wiped out. I wish I had a weekend to rest and get over my weekend!

4. Our shower has broken. It went bang and stopped working while I was in it yesterday. Fortunately I was nearly finished anyway! We've ordered a new one and a guy is coming to fit it on Wednesday. I'm glad it's not going to be too long, cos it's really not the right weather for baths. Plus, I always like to rinse off in the shower afterwards anyway cos I feel like baths are more for relaxing than actually getting clean.

5. My joints ache. They often do this, but it feels even worse than usual at the moment.

But I am still working on the recap and I'm hoping it will be up soon. I don't want to rush or half-arse it cos it could very well be the very last Prison Break recap. (Of course I thought the same thing seven years ago, so who knows!)
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