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Not Long Now

Only one more episode of Prison Break to go and I've been so good. I haven't tried to find it online or read anything about it. I'm waiting to watch it properly on Tuesday. It's actually shown on Monday evenings here, but I record it and watch it after work the next day. Annoyingly I have a long shift on Tuesday, so I'm going to spend the whole day thinking about it and counting down the minutes until I get home!

For now, here is my recap of the penultimate episode....

Episode 5.08 Progeny

Location: Somewhere in the Mediterranean

 photo pb508-00001_zpsjnfjofdz.jpg

The ship that the guys were on has been blown to smithereens, so of course they're all dead now and that's the end of Prison Break.

 photo pb508-00004_zpsvosp7yob.jpg

Oh, of course not. They're floating around in their dinghy, looking remarkably healthy for four men who just jumped off a ship seconds before it exploded, when they notice a boat heading their way.

 photo pb508-00010_zpshobmuz3u.jpg

The boat picks them up and they all sit around looking moodily in different directions like they're a boyband doing a photo shoot.

Michael is doing a particularly good job of brooding. So good it sends him into flashback mode...

 photo pb508-00017_zpsnlg9pual.jpg

To six years ago. When he and Jacob were taking a stroll in broad daylight in upstate New York.

Jacob's being a total dick, telling Michael that he owns him. He says he knows everything about him, like the fact that he goes to the zoo a million times a month.

Michael says he goes there to think. And stare broodingly at an owl.

 photo pb508-00026_zpszlbibweu.jpg

Michael says he's been thinking about how to get Jacob's guy out of Barranquilla. And that the guy in question is a murderous sociopath.

Jacob says he should be proud cos they're changing the world. He says that the system is slow and stupid, which is why Michael had to break his brother out in the first place. I don't think that's the same thing, Jacob. Lincoln had been set up by an evil conspiracy that went all the way to the American president. You're just some weirdo who thinks you know better than everyone else.

 photo pb508-00032_zpsogvommir.jpg

He also points out Michael's new tats. Michael says there's nothing to them, he's just addicted to ink.

They head into the university as Jacob goes on a bit more about hiding in plain site and how the real power is to disappear and never let anyone see your face.

 photo pb508-00042_zpsqw3ghhsw.jpg

He says this as the facial recognition software lets him into his secret lair. So that's going to be significant later.

Michael says that he wants to bring someone on board the Myanmar mission...

 photo pb508-00062_zpsyd5cywmb.jpg

So that's Whip's real name. Still doesn't reveal much about who he actually is. Although Michael does tells us that he grew up without a family, which means he can be manipulated.

 photo pb508-00069_zpslkqwkhnp.jpg

Jacob warns Michael that he'll always be one step ahead of him, so don't try anything.

He says that he can see it in Michael's eyes, but Michael says it's what's behind the eyes that counts.


Location: Marseilles

 photo pb508-00077_zps45nacw61.jpg

Looks like a nice place for a holiday.

 photo pb508-00081_zpsvxbouuiy.jpg

The guys get off the boat and Whip and Sucre immediately head off to find food. Men after my own heart.

 photo pb508-00088_zpszv147xql.jpg

Michael gets a text from “Sara” saying that she's back in New York, so they have a chat about her leaving Jacob and them being reunited soon.

 photo pb508-00093_zps9a4pq3gk.jpg

But wait!

 photo pb508-00096_zpsxpozma2g.jpg

Something's wrong.

Yes, Michael and Sara do not approve of calling their son Mike Jr (and I apologise to them for doing so in all my recaps), which means that this isn't Sara.

 photo pb508-00102_zpskiy3jcgi.jpg

It's Jacob. (Thanks for that visual, show. I don't think I could have worked it out otherwise.)

 photo pb508-00104_zpspdxtd5js.jpg

Based on the banging coming from behind this door, I'd say that Sara is currently locked in the basement.

 photo pb508-00106_zpsirsqpxb1.jpg

Michael says he has to get back to the States cos Jacob's done something to Sara. Lincoln points out that he's on every no-fly list going, and Jacob's baiting him

Michael says it worked.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb508-00121_zpsyddcukoe.jpg

Mike's happily colouring away as though he wasn't abducted at gunpoint at the end of the last episode.

Jacob tells him that the mast of the boat is too far forward, but Mike says that it has to be there cos it's not just a picture, it's a map.

 photo pb508-00135_zpsxq0mbvd1.jpg

He shows Jacob how it shows whereabouts in the park he's hidden his Legos for Jimmy to find. You really are your father's son, Mike.

 photo pb508-00138_zpszejpdt6w.jpg

Jacob is already working out how he can use this to his advantage.


Location: Marseilles

 photo pb508-00141_zpsyqxpx2ed.jpg

Michael says he's exhausted all of his contacts in the States, so he needs to get back. He can't spend the next two weeks on a cargo ship while the Big Bad has his wife and kid.

 photo pb508-00154_zpsq95fqbtc.jpg

Lincoln thinks this would be a good time to give us the long-awaited explanation about what happened to him in the last seven years.

Apparently, after Sara was exonerated she left Panama while Linc and Sofia stayed behind to open up a dive shop. I thought they were in Costa Rica? Anyway, Linc and Sofia broke up and everything went to hell, and Linc ended up back in the old hood doing odd jobs for Luca Abruzzi.

Yep, Prison Break continues to be a family affair as John Abruzzi's son comes into play.

 photo pb508-00159_zpsbj3fqd2p.jpg

Seems that Linc had a crisis of conscience about transporting a shitload of drugs and dumped them all. So now he owes Luca a hundred grand and Luca wants to kill him.

But maybe that's their way back to the States.

 photo pb508-00180_zpszgqcduoj.jpg

Linc gives Luca a call to say he has the money, but he needs some seats on one of Luca's super secret drug flights back into the US.

Luca says he'll see what he can do.


Location: Marseilles

 photo pb508-00191_zpswbgzepkl.jpg

Whip is not enjoying the local cuisine.

 photo pb508-00196_zps2yeo4bes.jpg

Sucre says it's boudin noir, but he's not sure what's in it. It's blood sausage, guys, and I wouldn't eat it either.

 photo pb508-00203_zpslvkpauzt.jpg

But they have bigger things to worry about, as their faces are once again plastered all over the TV screens. In English, for some reason.

 photo pb508-00211_zpsqbjw2uyh.jpg

They run off to tell Michael and Lincoln the bad news.

 photo pb508-00219_zpsjn7itedh.jpg

And Luca calls back to say if they can get to Lyon by midnight, he can get them on a flight. He also says he's not sure whether or not he wants Linc to have the money cos he kinda likes the idea of killing him.

 photo pb508-00220_zps9nk58ivi.jpg

Not the best thing to hear.


Location: Jacob's Super Secret Lair

 photo pb508-00226_zpsgachrjyp.jpg

Jacob's having a meeting with the Assassins about Michael coming back to Ithaca soon.

 photo pb508-00228_zpsxfgrmsao.jpg

Brunet Assassin wonders why the wanted terrorist would come back to the place where he's more wanted than anywhere else in the world.

 photo pb508-00231_zps2atnksoc.jpg

Because of them. Jacob tells the Assassins that Michael had a life and family before he started working for him, and when he went away Jacob looked after them and fell in love. So now Michael wants to kill him cos he thinks he stole his life.

But he's willing to be the bait if he has to cos he's just so gosh-darn noble.

Jacob says that Michael's too clever to just stroll in, which is why they've got someone even cleverer...

 photo pb508-00248_zpslg0kymn7.jpg

This guy.

 photo pb508-00258_zpswtiriqqw.jpg

Thoreau shows us the screencap that Michael sent, saying that although it was routed to Blue Hawaii it could have been secretly subrouted to another recipient to use the information encoded in it.

That information being in the Arabic tattoos on Michael's wrists, which contains all sorts of stuff such as visiting hours for zoos and links to defunct message boards.

Message boards that contain this picture...

 photo pb508-00264_zpscih3ohar.jpg

The Harlan Gaines murder. Brunet Assassin wonders why he'd rub that in their faces. Presumably Brunet Assassin is unaware that the real murderer is sitting across from him right now.

Thoreau says that information can be hidden in the code that makes up digital pictures, so he's in the process of seeing what they can find hidden in the image.

 photo pb508-00276_zpstnu4v3mv.jpg

Jacob thinks that he's so good at throwing Michael off his game that he'll play his cards too early and reveal his intentions first...


Location: Drug Plane

 photo pb508-00279_zpsmen03pbp.jpg

The others are sleeping, so Michael takes the opportunity to write a letter.


Location: A Car, Somewhere

 photo pb508-00284_zpsktoycluw.jpg

And somewhere else, T-Bag receives a letter.

 photo pb508-00285_zps2dc9qr9x.jpg

A mysterious letter.

 photo pb508-00286_zpsxunl7xvl.jpg

A mysterious, and kinda disturbing, letter.


Location: Restaurant

 photo pb508-00293_zpshiico3zb.jpg

C-Note is out to dinner with someone that I assume (and hope) is Dee Dee, when Saeed rushes in to tell him to call a payphone in France.


Location: Lyon Airport, France

 photo pb508-00296_zpsisylkig0.jpg

Michael gives Whip a ticket to Chicago, saying that that's where he'll find out why he's his whip hand.

 photo pb508-00306_zpsc0svvg2j.jpg

He also looks at his phone as Jacob's voice over tells us that the phone Michael used to text him was located in Lyon, France last night and turned off 20 minutes before a direct fight to New York.

So it's time for the Assassins to head to the airport and wait for his plane to land.


Location: JFK Airport, New York

 photo pb508-00320_zpsmftyw8my.jpg

The Assassins have arrived and their tracker shows them that the phone has just been switched back on, so they're off to intercept.

 photo pb508-00323_zps1nimzfkt.jpg

They head onto a plane and I'm pretty certain this can't be an international flight if people are disembarking via the steps and if the Assassins can get on board that easily.

 photo pb508-00329_zpsnltt6fkp.jpg

They find the abandoned phone.

 photo pb508-00331_zpsjlezad5h.jpg

As a smirking Sucre heads out the door.


Location: Wilmott Municipal Airport, Upstate New York

 photo pb508-00341_zpsjjx9cufr.jpg

In a completely different part of the state, Michael and Lincoln are meeting Luca. They chit-chat for a bit about the ethics of drug smuggling, but Luca doesn't have time for it. He wants his money.

 photo pb508-00343_zps3wu3oqkr.jpg

Don't have it, dude.

Luca isn't happy and tells his guys to take the brothers out back and shoot them. Michael says he doesn't want to add murder to his arrest warrant, and points out the DEA informant outside.

 photo pb508-00357_zps9xjzwplb.jpg

The suspiciously C-Note-shaped DEA informant.

Michael says the guy owes them and he has three vans full of agents just waiting for the call to rain down on Luca and his drugs. Unless Luca forgives Lincoln's debt.

 photo pb508-00368_zpskxyyp8te.jpg

Luca thinks they're bluffing.

 photo pb508-00375_zpsupnbysrq.jpg

But the incoming cars are enough to convince him otherwise and he and his guys make a break for it.

 photo pb508-00385_zpshhoi0fhy.jpg

How does Sheba make that ridiculous hat look good?


Location: Somewhere

 photo pb508-00387_zpsmxucaoec.jpg

Michael explains that the sight of DEA hats and black SUVs were enough to scare the gangsters off. Thanks for that, Captain Obvious.

 photo pb508-00388_zpsxvsahyq8.jpg

Sheba is very excited to finally meet the famous Michael Scofield. Her injuries appear to have healed very well.

 photo pb508-00396_zpslgb32mhe.jpg

C-Note is also happy to see Michael back home.

He asks what the plan is now, but Michael says C-Note's part is over cos Posiedon knows his face and he can't put him and his family in danger.

 photo pb508-00410_zpst6vizk76.jpg

Sheba says that he doesn't know her face, and it's the punch you don't see coming that knocks you out.

C-Note tells Linc to take care of her, which Sheba quite rightly corrects to her taking care of him.

 photo pb508-00424_zps1o8jmlki.jpg

There are hugs and goodbyes and I really hope all these people get happy endings.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb508-00432_zpsxt4jxtde.jpg

Jacob is meeting with the Assassins again and says they'll transport her at 1600 hours.

 photo pb508-00437_zpsjksooh6l.jpg

Brunet Assassin thinks it's super weird that Jacob is keeping his wife locked in a basement.

He says he only joined 21-Void to find Gaines's killer, but this is sick and twisted, so once that's done he wants out.

 photo pb508-00452_zpse4nlgc6v.jpg

Blonde Assassin says there's no out for them.

He says that if she thinks that way then she's a prisoner too.

Evil Paul would be so proud of the mighty trees that have sprouted from his seeds of discord.


Location: Luca's Warehouse

 photo pb508-00464_zpsg4i4kuwe.jpg

Luca and his guys have returned to their strangely untouched merchandise, after finding out that the vehicles left just five minutes after they arrived.

They realise it was staged, but they may have a way to track Lincoln down...

 photo pb508-00467_zps1r16dhmn.jpg

By finding out where the EZ Pass transponders on those cars have been.

Things are looking bad for Linc.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

 photo pb508-00482_zps1moihuax.jpg

Whip asks the cabbie if he can take him to some coordinates...

 photo pb508-00484_zpsnv3drnsr.jpg

Nope. Cos they're in the middle of Lake Michigan.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb508-00492_zpsy8pnhyuv.jpg

The lights are all off and no one's home. Or is that just what Jacob wants them to think?

Michael and Lincoln head out, leaving Sheba in the car ready to be their getaway driver if necessary.

 photo pb508-00513_zps3mo1ubax.jpg

Michael looks into the drain next to the mailbox.

 photo pb508-00516_zpsv9r70ytu.jpg

And realises that's why Sara never responded.

He tells Lincoln that he wasn't allowed to contact anyone, but she was his wife, so he reached out to her in a way he thought only she would know.

 photo pb508-00523_zpshiobbflu.jpg

But dastardly husband Jacob found them first and threw them all away. It's quite impressive that they've managed to just sit there for years. Does it never rain in upstate New York?

 photo pb508-00535_zpsyi15nwa8.jpg

The brothers break into the house to have a look around.

 photo pb508-00543_zpsrtzchb6i.jpg

Michael examines his son's art supplies as Lincoln heads upstairs.

 photo pb508-00549_zps7zjgl4os.jpg

Michael then heads into an office.

 photo pb508-00552_zpspdzozinm.jpg

And spends some time looking at a desk with maps and family photos of a life that should have been his and not Jacob's.

 photo pb508-00561_zps98ejogrm.jpg

He approaches the basement door...

 photo pb508-00563_zps6xoez7j1.jpg

But finds it empty.

 photo pb508-00567_zpsmlccbdxl.jpg

He pulls out his phone to send a text. Linc reminds him that it's not Sara, but Michael says that Jacob doesn't know he knows that. I assume this is for the benefit of the slow viewers.

 photo pb508-00575_zpsgume31tf.jpg

Michael is visibly relieved that his question gets the correct response, meaning that Sara must still be alive. And with Jacob right now.

Michael arranges to meet “Sara” at Morelli's Steak House in Syracuse at noon.

And, so, the endgame begins...


Location: Syracuse, New York

 photo pb508-00582_zpssotadzyc.jpg

Brunet Assassin is waiting outside the steakhouse. He tells Jacob that there's no sign of Michael. Jacob says he's waiting for them to move first.

 photo pb508-00587_zpsmq2yayrz.jpg

A car appears and the driver says he's there to pick up a lady and child.

Brunet Assassin tells him to move along. He suggests putting a tail on the car, but Jacob says it was just a ploy to make him show his face. He tells him to walk away and loudly repeat the words “They didn't show, I'm coming back to you now.”

 photo pb508-00597_zps3amyvfan.jpg

Brunet Assassin does so, right as he passes by Lincoln.

 photo pb508-00601_zpss7jwhcic.jpg

Lincoln follows, and Jacob's quietly smug that he's already made Michael reveal his biggest piece. He tells Blonde Assassin to take him down.

 photo pb508-00610_zps9f2xlmul.jpg

Lincoln walks up the street and a large lorry drives past obscuring our view of him. When we get a clear view again, Lincoln has vanished. And Blonde Assassin, despite being on the same side of the road, has also lost sight of him.

 photo pb508-00613_zpshc5tzzo3.jpg

Blonde Assassin heads down into a parking garage, but finds no one down there.

 photo pb508-00615_zpscspywkvg.jpg

She tries to contact Jacob to tell him she lost him, but can't get signal.

 photo pb508-00620_zps7z4ltuq7.jpg

She heads to Jacob's car to report back. Jacob is angry that she fell right into the trap and now Michael has a mark on him.

 photo pb508-00625_zps4juwn8h9.jpg

Michael's been viewing things from way on high and lets Linc know that Jacob's in the black sedan heading west.

 photo pb508-00634_zpsfqtb5awv.jpg

Jacob notices that he's being followed, so stops at a red light...

 photo pb508-00637_zpsktx9x3in.jpg

And pulls out his gun.

 photo pb508-00639_zpseu86d8hb.jpg

Sheba does a good job of playing the terrified innocent.

Jacob speeds off through the red light and Lincoln pops up into the passenger seat next to Sheba. He asks Sheba is she's ok, but she's more focused on now knowing what the guy who's destroying her country looks like.

 photo pb508-00655_zpsnpr4nnfn.jpg

The guys then find the car in an alley and check it out. There's blood and scratch-marks in the boot, which has Michael worried for the safety of his wife.

He asks if there was anyone in the back seat, but Sheba says the windows were blacked out. Really, Sheba? Cos if you scroll up this recap a couple of pics, I think you'll see perfectly clear back windows.

 photo pb508-00662_zpshdconycr.jpg

Michael has a look...

 photo pb508-00666_zpsjur5lwpl.jpg

And finds this picture. He gets very excited about it, decoding what all the elements mean, saying that Mike left him a message.

Lincoln plays the role of sensible brother for once and points out that Mike didn't even know he was coming.

Michael says that Sara must have told him and there's definitely something there.

 photo pb508-00679_zpsaxmbhi2d.jpg

His excitement is clearly clouding his judgement.

 photo pb508-00689_zpsy2hajqxd.jpg

As if they didn't already have enough to worry about, one of Luca's men drives past, so it's time for them to go.

 photo pb508-00693_zpswmvi7vdc.jpg

Michael is still investigating the drawing...

 photo pb508-00701_zpsjkf9bnq4.jpg

And realises that the body of water is shaped exactly like Long Lake. The x on the drawing would be on the east shore of the lake. He says that Mike's telling them where he is.

Linc thinks Michael's lost his mind.

 photo pb508-00711_zps3z7c1jjq.jpg

Lincoln tells Sheba to go back to Buffalo to look after her family and the refugees cos he doesn't want anything to happen to her.

 photo pb508-00716_zpsptxezuqv.jpg

A kiss goodbye, and the brothers drive off.


Location: Shores of Lake Michigan

 photo pb508-00736_zps5xyfx92g.jpg

Whip says he wants to rent a boat and I'm now wondering how much money these guys have and where they would have got it from? I know Lincoln had a lot when he went to Yemen, but I'd have thought they would have lost most of their stuff on the exploding ship.

 photo pb508-00738_zpsfhfdwkn2.jpg

T-Bag has also arrived and re-reads his mysterious letter, focusing on the sentence saying that he'll have to take a life.

 photo pb508-00746_zpshkj46xlm.jpg

He's apparently struggling with something, cos he makes an audio recording of himself saying that a hard bargain has been presented to him, and he's considering something that would be more like the old T-Bag. But if he does go through with it, it will be out of love, not hate.


Location: Lake Michigan

 photo pb508-00752_zpsakxuljbu.jpg

Whip has made it to the coordinates. He searches around and finds something in the water, carefully wrapped up and tied to the buoy.

 photo pb508-00760_zpsjnrx4www.jpg

He opens it up and finds...

 photo pb508-00761_zpsije1eeb2.jpg

Blood? Ew.

 photo pb508-00763_zpsmtqyfc92.jpg

Whip is equally disgusted.


Location: The Lake House

 photo pb508-00770_zpsvzkjwsd5.jpg

Mike's bored and wants to go home.

 photo pb508-00783_zpsgatm6xcp.jpg

Jacob says they'll go home soon. Mike asks if his mom is ok, and Jacob says she's fine. Just a little under the weather.

 photo pb508-00789_zpsosz2bpy5.jpg

Very under the weather, apparently.


Location: The Road to the Lake House

 photo pb508-00794_zpszw3s6tng.jpg

A neat bit of art direction, as we see the lines on the drawing become the road Michael and Lincoln are driving on.

 photo pb508-00796_zpseouwdtxb.jpg

They make it to the lake house and watch Jacob leave.

 photo pb508-00803_zpsak9bfd1y.jpg

And Michael prepares to go in and get his son.

This doesn't seem a little too easy to you, Michael?


Location: Shores of Lake Michigan

 photo pb508-00804_zpsveffkhwc.jpg

Whip returns from his little jaunt.

 photo pb508-00810_zpshngb2txz.jpg

And is joined by a creepy T-Bag, who asks him what kind of honorific is “Whip?”

Whip says that only one man calls him that.

 photo pb508-00816_zpstkes3ykt.jpg

T-Bag says that Nobody calls him that. The same Nobody who gave T-Bag his sweet robot hand.

The names 'Kaniel Outis' and 'Michael Scofield' get Whip's attention. But not as much as 'Dave Martin'.

 photo pb508-00836_zpsqmuq5npr.jpg

Whip wants answers.

Seems that T-Bag banged a waitress in West Virginia in 1991 but had to skedaddle sharpish due to being a wanted criminal and never heard from her again.

And twenty years later, when Scofield was looking for a partner, Whip reminded him of a certain someone. So he did a little research and found out that his ability to thrive and rise to the top was innate. Something he got from his father. From T-Bag.

 photo pb508-00848_zpswlomecbj.jpg

Now that's a revelation.


Location: The Lake House

 photo pb508-00857_zpscu8qq1cm.jpg

Michael looks in the window and is a bit overwhelmed at seeing his son properly for the first time.

 photo pb508-00867_zpsg983yzdn.jpg

Linc's worried cos he sees a car in the distance and thinks it could be Jacob coming back.

 photo pb508-00870_zpsyyafaf6r.jpg

Michael sees Mike go into the bedroom and realises from his reaction that something's wrong with Sara.

 photo pb508-00873_zpscnhdfcbm.jpg

Linc gets back in the car, but the other vehicle passes by and he lets Michael know that it's ok, it's not Jacob.

 photo pb508-00885_zpssour0duk.jpg

Unfortunately it's someone equally dangerous at the moment – Luca.

 photo pb508-00888_zpsdl0zg6tp.jpg

Who shoots into the car at Lincoln before speeding off.

 photo pb508-00892_zpszhsksvm7.jpg

Is this the end for Lincoln Burrows? I'm going to go with no.

 photo pb508-00893_zpsl7jqyns5.jpg

Michael enters the house and cautiously approaches his son.

 photo pb508-00905_zpsb4ermoj1.jpg

He asks Mike if he knows who he is, and it really is such a loaded and amazing moment.

He tells him that he got his map.

 photo pb508-00907_zps0yfnnybk.jpg

Mike says he didn't draw a map.

 photo pb508-00909_zpszjgvcxv5.jpg

And we see Jacob doing it, just in case we hadn't been able to work that out.

 photo pb508-00913_zpsjpqje9w1.jpg

Michael asks if there's someone in there with Mike's mom. Mike says it's not... they need to run.

 photo pb508-00914_zpsjd5rp3al.jpg

And we see that Blonde Assassin has been patiently sitting in that chair all this time! Now that's dedication.

 photo pb508-00916_zpsbjfow0r6.jpg

She raises her gun to shoot our favourite Michaels.

 photo pb508-00917_zps7ypypjkr.jpg

Is this the end for Michael and Mike?

 photo pb508-00918_zpsf4pebuna.jpg

(I'm just including this screencap to show how far away they are from the door.)

 photo pb508-00920_zpshxbwa0ni.jpg

Welp. Looks like someone's dead. Either that or they threw a tomato at the window.


My Thoughts:

Ok, obviously Michael and Mike aren't dead. My first thought was that Blonde Assassin gets shot by Lincoln, but I'm not sure he's in any condition to be shooting anyone after that encounter with Luca. My next thought is that Brunet Assassin shoots her. We've seen that he's questioning what they're doing and is apparently a good guy (or at least as good a guy as an assassin can be) cos he thinks they're doing CIA work. He's obviously doubting Jacob and it wouldn't surprise me if he followed them to the lake house.

Speaking of Brunet Assassin, I'm hoping that he does find out it was Jacob who killed Gaines after all. Maybe he'll join up with Michael and co against Jacob once that happens.

No Sara in this episode, which I don't like. I don't know if they were trying to keep up the suspense by not showing us where exactly she was at any point, or if they just didn't want to pay Sarah Wayne Callies for this episode, but I wish we'd actually seen what happened between her and Jacob after she put the gun down.

I'm starting to wonder if Michael knew that Jacob drew the map. Everything in the episode indicates he didn't, that he was genuinely caught up in the excitement of his son being a puzzle-loving genius like him, but when I was doing this recap I noticed the maps on the desk and I wonder if Jacob used one as reference and Michael picked up on that.

Back in the recap of episode 3 I said I bet Jacob threw away the origami swans that Michael sent Sara. I feel so proud right now! But I'm also wondering how Michael knew enough about Sara to know her new address, but not enough to know who she was married to.

My theory about the screencap is that Michael somehow routed it to the computer system at Jacob's super secret lair and will now be able to use the eye tattoos to fool the facial recognition software into letting him in. I have no idea how that would work, but Michael's a lot smarter than me. I'm sure he could find a way. And it would fit with what he said about it being what's “behind the eyes” that counts.

What exactly is going on with that container of blood in Lake Michigan? Is it proof that T-Bag and Whip are related? Is it to do with the thing that Michael needs T-Bag to do? Is it to do with Harlan Gaines and Michael's blood-stained hands after that event?

How exactly did Michael work out that Whip and T-Bag were related? He saw that they were similar and decided that must mean they're father and son? And even if he did suspect that, which I still think is hugely unlikely, how did he go about finding it out for sure? I doubt that the waitress put T-Bag on the birth certificate.

Wy isn't Mike Jr traumatised? He and Heather got back to her house to find a strange man with a gun waiting for them. And presumably the man did something bad to Heather cos otherwise I can't imagine she'd have let Mike go with him. So why is Mike just colouring away like nothing's wrong?

I'm still super excited for the next episode. I just hope it lives up to my expectations! And that all the characters I love get happy endings.
Tags: prison break

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