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Prison Break Death List

I've now seen episode 8 of Prison Break (and will be working on my recap over the next few days) and the season finale is being shown in America tonight, so I figure this is a good time to write down my thoughts about who I do and do not want to die...

Characters Whose Deaths Would Make Me Scream and Cry and Curse The Name of Prison Break Forevermore: Michael, Sara, Sucre.

Characters Whose Deaths Would Upset Me Cos I Like Them: Lincoln, Sheba, C-Note.

Characters Whose Deaths I Highly Doubt Will Happen Cos Even Prison Break Wouldn't Go That Far: Mike Jr.

Characters Whose Deaths Would Disappoint Me Cos They're Fun to Watch: T-Bag.

Characters Whose Deaths I Thought I Wouldn't Care About But I'm Starting To Feel For Them: Whip.

Characters Whose Deaths I Would Welcome: Blonde Assassin, Brunet Assassin.

Characters Whose Deaths Would Make Me Rejoice and Frankly If They Don't Die I'll Be Very Disappointed: Jacob.

Really, Jacob has to die. Think of all the paperwork Dr Sara's going to have to fill in in order to sort out her two marriages otherwise.
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