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Wine-Dark Sea

My latest Prison Break recap is here. Only two episodes to go now! I'm equal parts excited and nervous about what's in store. Please don't mess it up, show! Please let Michael and Sara get their happy ending. Sucre too, cos he's a sweetheart and I love him.

I'm also drinking wine as I post this, which I feel is only appropriate given the episode title...

Episode 5.07 Wine-Dark Sea

Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb507-00011_zpskmf33eod.jpg

Mike Jr is a budding artist, apparently, and Dr Sara compliments on how good he's got. He's drawing a Greek hero cos he thinks the fact that they get hurt and die makes them great.

 photo pb507-00018_zpszbgkk9wx.jpg

Mike Jr is a weird kid.


Location: Phaeacia

 photo pb507-00021_zpsrhrrxtmi.jpg

Michael's still in a pretty bad way, but Ja's found a guy who can take him to Greece and a first world doctor.

Linc points out that as far as the first world is concerned, Michael is Kaniel Outis, terrorist extraordinaire, and that's a sure-fire way to get him arrested.

Whip wonders what kind of brother Linc is, if he's willing to let Michael die.

 photo pb507-00031_zps6swda6fl.jpg

Lincoln does not appreciate that at all.

Besides, there's another option.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb507-00042_zpsr0wi2fnz.jpg

Jacob is pouring wine and telling Sara all about his first day back at the university.

 photo pb507-00045_zpspinihlf5.jpg

Dr Sara smiles prettily and I'm so confused. I thought she was just pretending to believe him back at the police station. Is this all an act for his benefit?

Jacob takes his wine outside, but before Sara can join him the phone rings...

 photo pb507-00065_zpsptvrr5st.jpg

It's Linc, calling to tell her that her husband's alive but poisoned. Also suffering from severe blood loss.

Dr Sara says that he needs a transfusion, but because he's B negative it's going to be difficult to find. Or, you know, he could have O negative cos that's the universal donor.

She says he won't make it while they look, so it'll have to come to them.

 photo pb507-00078_zpsovirwhi3.jpg

Jacob's been eavesdropping from outside and asks Sara what's going on. She tells him that Michael's alive but poisoned and she needs to go to Crete. So, I guess she does trust Jacob again if she's telling him the truth? Why would you do that, Sara?

Jacob calls Michael her “ex” and it annoys me. “Ex” implies they split up. They didn't. Stop doing this, show.

He also says that Dr Sara doesn't owe Michael anything, but Sara says that she can't let her son's father die.

Jacob asks, what if he told her not to go?

 photo pb507-00087_zpselextecv.jpg

What you say?

Sara asks if he's actually telling her not to go and, after a pause, he says of course not. I kinda hoped he would so she could tell him to fuck off.


Location: Phaeacia

 photo pb507-00092_zpse1k21urw.jpg

The guys get Michael onto the boat. He says they shouldn't have called Sara but Linc tells him to hush, he's about to see the wife he hasn't seen in seven years.

 photo pb507-00099_zpstcrgznuy.jpg

Ja decides that he wants to stay in the promised land of Phaeacia cos he really, really likes its lack of walls.

 photo pb507-00119_zpsl5neznsp.jpg

Whip wants to know if it's true that Ja has Freddie Mercury's ashes. Who can know for sure?


Location: Smuggling Ship

 photo pb507-00128_zps2rzzx57m.jpg

Michael asks how long until they get to Greece. Twelve hours, apparently.

 photo pb507-00130_zpsvgzyupy8.jpg

Trouble is, he might not have twelve hours in him.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb507-00136_zpsowrsydh7.jpg

Dr Sara is packing for her trip and pauses to stare at her wedding ring for a bit. It's a rather ugly ring.


Location: Portland Airport

 photo pb507-00146_zpso7axcgot.jpg

Brunet Assassin says he was right and the State Department has been asking questions after their little NSA visit. Blonde Assassin isn't worried cos their cell doesn't officially exist.

They also mention their meeting with a State Department agent when they land. They talk about him like he's not part of their team though, so is it not Henry they're meeting?


Location: Heraklion Internation Airport, Crete, Greece

 photo pb507-00155_zpsxfqubjmm.jpg

Sara arrives and hops in a taxi.

 photo pb507-00157_zpsqeereqv9.jpg

And she receives this text from Jacob. Oh, fuck off Jacob.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00161_zpsy47hvp7h.jpg

Lincoln and Whip get Michael settled in this nice bedroom. Lincoln and the boat captain head off to find food, leaving Whip to look after Michael.

 photo pb507-00178_zpsw6ohlzaf.jpg

Whip pours his heart out to an unconscious Michael, telling him that he can't die. He says he feels like they've been brothers since they first met and it's only now that Linc has arrived that he feels like an outsider.

Also, Michael still has to explain why Whip's his whip hand.


Location; Garden of Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb507-00189_zpseocetrpg.jpg

Mike Jr is outside, playing with his remote control helicopter when it flies into the bushes. Guess he's a better artist than he is a pilot.

 photo pb507-00195_zpsiqtjgwlt.jpg

He goes in after it...

 photo pb507-00197_zpsb9nkckod.jpg

And gets grabbed.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00199_zpsygchxutn.jpg

Michael is still in a bad way.

 photo pb507-00203_zpsy6lv2vmm.jpg

But never fear! Your wife is here!

 photo pb507-00210_zpsmgjzy9la.jpg

Sara strokes his face and he holds her hand and she tells him she's going to fix him up and then they can talk.

 photo pb507-00228_zps1yitdi0v.jpg

She gets the guys to bring her over a handy coat rack (who still has coat racks any more?) and a chair so she can set up for a transfusion.

 photo pb507-00235_zpsogxnqtff.jpg

A transfusion of her own blood cos she's O negative, the universal donor. Turns out it's the only other blood type she could have given him.

Seriously, Sara? It “turns out” that's the only other blood you could have given him? How did you get to be a doctor without knowing this really basic fact about blood types?

She says that maybe there's something to destiny. What, because you have the only other blood type Michael could accept? That makes no sense! You're a universal donor, you can give blood to anyone! And any O negative person could give blood to Michael. I'm O negative, does that mean that Michael and I are destined to be together?

Sorry, rant over. Sara can donate her blood to Michael and that means they're soulmates. Obviously.

 photo pb507-00249_zpsf9qw0871.jpg

Lincoln and Whip head out of the room to give the reunited spouses some time alone.

Whip says that he was wrong before and that a man would be lucky to have a brother who cares as much as Linc does. Also a wife like Sara. A family.

Linc says they've been through a lot and Whip's family now too.

 photo pb507-00258_zpstdpnlncb.jpg

Whip says he'll drink to that.

 photo pb507-00261_zpsyuccgjne.jpg

They discuss their current predicament over glasses of ouzo. Flying's out so they'll have to go by boat. But what boat would be willing to take a wanted terrorist as cargo?

Oh Linc, if only you had a friend who works on a freelance cargo ship run by a corrupt captain....


Location: Syracuse Regional Airport

 photo pb507-00276_zpsvnxafyfx.jpg

It is Henry that the Assassins are meeting up with. And apparently he is a genuine State Department agent. He wonders why the Assassins were at the NSA trying to kill Kaniel Outis after Outis did them all a favour by killing Abu Ramal?

 photo pb507-00282_zpshso2k91y.jpg

They move into a hanger, where Henry says that he checked with the CIA and found out that the NSA visit wasn't sanctioned, so what were they doing there and who do they really work for?

Huh, so Henry really isn't in on it.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00293_zpsqgocovzv.jpg

Dr Sara is staring lovingly at Michael and says that she never thought she'd see his face again. Michael says she wasn't supposed to.

He says he'll tell her everything, but first he wants to see a picture of his son.


Location: Syracuse Regional Airport

 photo pb507-00298_zpstlksbgac.jpg

The Assassins say that they totally weren't at the NSA yesterday, no idea what you're talking about.

 photo pb507-00299_zpswuqrulgn.jpg

Henry has photographic evidence that says otherwise.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00303_zpsi4uqkrih.jpg

Dr Sara shows Michael this picture of a cute dog. Oh, and his son.

They talk about how amazing Mike Jr is and that she's not calling him Junior cos she promised him she'd never do that.

 photo pb507-00307_zpsudqey7s9.jpg

Michael swipes across to a picture of Jacob and Sara and the mood suddenly shifts.


Location: Syracuse Regional Airport

 photo pb507-00314_zpsgl8p8xtb.jpg

Blonde Assassin shoots Henry in the head! I'm so sorry I was convinced you were evil, Henry.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00321_zps2hxdxmsy.jpg

Michael is having a very bad reaction to Sara's husband. And not just because he's married to his wife...


Location: Syracuse Regional Airport

 photo pb507-00324_zpseup1dzp4.jpg

But because it's him...

 photo pb507-00325_zpsiojez1rc.jpg

He's Poseidon.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00331_zps3i0vgot6.jpg

Dr Sara is upset cos she knew something was wrong and she caught him, but he covered it so well and was so honest and hurt that she bought it.

Really, Sara? You really bought that he tracked down a couple of assassins to have a chat with them?

 photo pb507-00334_zpsvseaewni.jpg

She asks who he really is and Michael tells her about 21-Void and that he blackmailed Michael to work for him by threatening jail time for Sara and Lincoln.

 photo pb507-00344_zpsaeqceqbi.jpg

Sara's rather disgusted by the fact that he used her and married her. Michael says that if he'd known he was her husband he swears... but Sara cuts him off to tell him it's not on him. I want to know what he was going to say. He'd what? Have come back earlier? Have killed Posiedon where he stood?

Sara wonders why he came back now.

Michael says that four years ago, Poseidon betrayed him. And now he knows why – so he could have Sara.

How exactly did he betray him, you ask?

 photo pb507-00348_zpshrdnahbk.jpg

By setting up a meeting.

Apparently, the meeting was supposed to be about Michael's next assignment, but Poseidon brought Harlan Gaines, deputy director of the CIA, along too. Gaines was investigating the traitor behind 21-Void, tipping Michael off that what he was doing wasn't actually CIA approved.

 photo pb507-00351_zps61myd26a.jpg

I'm forever laughing at Jacob's face as we see that he was the one to shoot Gaines.

He then told Michael to move the body...

 photo pb507-00356_zpswtmiqbwi.jpg

Resulting in these incriminating images that Evil Paul showed Sara back in episode two.

 photo pb507-00359_zpssiwemimp.jpg

Michael says that he knew he was being set up, that Poseidon was tightening his control over him. But now that he knew Poseidon had gone rogue and was operating outside the CIA, he started his plan to get back to Sara.

 photo pb507-00363_zps9prwuswd.jpg

His bloody hands are apparently very important to this plan...

 photo pb507-00364_zpsdvwze4hd.jpg

Sara points out that some other man has Michael's face and past now, but Michael says there is a plan to make this right. Nice callback there.

 photo pb507-00366_zpsyyxpllkv.jpg

And it's taken her long enough, but Sara finally remembers that Big Bad Poseidon is alone with their son right at this moment.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00372_zps2vryklnz.jpg

Lincoln remembers that he has a friend with a boat and gives Sucre a call, asking if he can bum a lift home from Crete.

 photo pb507-00377_zpsda4zb7ju.jpg

Sucre says he'd love to help, but they're on the other side of the world near Morocco.

Linc points out the flaw in Sucre's geography, namely that Morocco is actually pretty close to Crete. Sucre says what he meant to say is that it's not his ship. Why don't you want to help your friends, Sucre? You were so eager to fly to Yemen with Lincoln a few episodes ago.

Lincoln asks how much it would cost to hitch a ride, but Sucre says his only option is to rent the whole ship for 50k.

 photo pb507-00389_zps5bykjvb0.jpg

Sara and Michael have joined Whip at the table and they hear Lincoln telling Sucre that they don't have 50k.

 photo pb507-00394_zpsg5zuhuq0.jpg

Sara says they do now. Her grandmother's ring is an heirloom that's worth at least that.

It would be really awkward if it turned out to be a piece of costume jewellery...

Also, Dr Sara, what the hell are you doing walking around wearing a $50,000 ring?! Are you crazy?!

 photo pb507-00400_zps7p3phyge.jpg

Linc tells Sucre they've got the money. Sucre looks slightly confused.


Location: Finikas, Greece

 photo pb507-00408_zpskfyubz79.jpg

Michael and Sara have gone outside to say their goodbyes. Michael says that Jacob won't hurt Mike as long as he doesn't suspect Sara knows who he really is, but if she removes his mask he'll lash out.

He says she needs to play the game until she has a chance to get away with Mike and disappear. He'll find her when he returns to the States.

 photo pb507-00413_zps14bb94ut.jpg

They flirt a bit then hug goodbye. Sara says she'll play the game, but if Jacob hurts Mike she'll kill him.

She walks away...

 photo pb507-00424_zps67m05sii.jpg

But returns for a proper goodbye kiss. And a request that he come back to them.

 photo pb507-00432_zpsklxf6bho.jpg

She drives off and Michael watches her go with this look on his face. I hope that's his 'I love her so much and will do everything in my power to get back to her' look and not his 'I'm planning something that could have terrible results for both of us' look.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb507-00437_zpsyta9xo2x.jpg

Jacob is on the phone to Brunet Assassin, saying that Sara left Crete alone so Outis must be following later. He instructs him to plaster his face on all maritime and air channels focusing on vessels leaving Crete in the next 48 hours.

 photo pb507-00439_zpsbl0bxgss.jpg

Mike comes in to ask if that was his mother on the phone. Wait, so he wasn't abducted from the back garden earlier in this episode? What was all that about then? I'm confused.

Jacob smiles creepily and says yes, Mommy's on her way home.


Location: USS Chekov's Gun

 photo pb507-00449_zpss3jmofxf.jpg

Sucre is overjoyed to see his best friend alive and well again.

 photo pb507-00450_zpsfn4193op.jpg

And the feeling is clearly mutual.

 photo pb507-00452_zpsakfjp58x.jpg

But I think Whip is feeling a bit left out again.

 photo pb507-00467_zpswgqrkmbv.jpg

Sucre takes them up to meet the captain, after warning them that he's a corrupt bastard with all kinds of contraband and guns in the hold.

Captain wants the 50k.

 photo pb507-00473_zps05zhtyz7.jpg

And is not impressed with the offer of a ring.

Michael convinces him by listing off the ring's fine qualities, namely that “it's a sapphire, six carats, flawless, surrounded by 2.5 carats of bezeled diamonds” with a street value of $125k. Does Michael have a side job as a jewellery appraiser?

The captain says that if it's fake, Michael's going in the sea.

 photo pb507-00477_zpsqbrrnr6t.jpg

Michael wonders why Sucre's on a boat when he hates the water, but turns out that the job market narrows considerably when you're an ex-con.

Besides, the ship provides opportunities for his side business...

 photo pb507-00482_zpszkben7du.jpg

Something he's very excited about...

 photo pb507-00487_zpsyqwo3uih.jpg

 photo pb507-00488_zpsziia2eod.jpg


 photo pb507-00489_zpsco16htzz.jpg

The others are not quite so impressed.

Sucre is rather offended when they call them sex dolls. These are high-quality lifelike inflatables, thank you very much.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb507-00500_zps3bbtbwxl.jpg

Jacob welcomes Dr Sara home from her trip.

 photo pb507-00504_zpsb4cq5j6i.jpg

And proceeds to try and eat her face in what I can only assume is an attempt at a possessive show of dominance.

 photo pb507-00507_zpsttwopdvv.jpg

Mask firmly on Sara asks about Mike. Jacob says he's sleeping and how's Michael? Sara says that she stabilised him but he's changed and isn't the man she knew so the guys dropped her at the airport and she came home.

 photo pb507-00517_zpsaqoi1ils.jpg

She goes up to Mike's room and panics when she sees he's not there. Jacob says that he's at a sleepover at a friend's house. So surely the answer to Sara's question should have been that he's at a friend's house. God, Jacob, it's like you're trying to arouse suspicion.

 photo pb507-00525_zps28i7kfpe.jpg

He notices her missing ring and asks what happened to it. Sara says that she took it off for safekeeping and lost it. I still don't understand why you would wear such a valuable ring out and about anyway?!?!?


Location: USS Chekov's Gun

 photo pb507-00531_zpsxin7kvlj.jpg

The captain is having a drink when a message comes over the fax machine.

 photo pb507-00534_zpsdorkau0c.jpg

Oh dear. But would a corrupt smuggler really care about that?


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb507-00537_zpsp6rvozko.jpg

Apparently yes, because Jacob gets a call from the Assassins to let him know that Kaniel Outis has been located on a cargo ship in the Mediterranean. A Navy combat craft is moving to engage and a SEAL team has been deployed to seek and destroy Kaniel Outis.


Location: USS Chekov's Gun

 photo pb507-00560_zpsoawh2m8p.jpg

The guys are sitting around a table playing cards, drinking beers and teasing Lincoln about his secret girlfriend. It's all very relaxed and happy, so of course the moment is interrupted by a clang at the door.

Michael goes to investigate...

 photo pb507-00566_zpsvq8m5qp8.jpg

And finds the door locked from the outside.

Sucre is shocked that Michael really is a wanted terrorist. He thought it was just an analogy.

 photo pb507-00569_zpsh4ta9wtl.jpg

A helicopter appears overhead and announces that the ship is now under the control of the US Navy and demands all crew head to the top deck with their hands up cos they're about to be boarded.

 photo pb507-00571_zpsawemuahw.jpg

The guys look for a way out. It's a long way to jump down.

Sucre says he has an idea but it's gonna hurt. They're not going to use his sex dolls inflatables to escape are they?


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb507-00584_zpsapnr0kdv.jpg

Dr Sara goes into the bathroom and turns on the tap to hide her conversation. She calls up Heather and asks her to go pick up Mike from his sleepover and take him back to her house with her.

 photo pb507-00585_zpsswo2eqis.jpg

Heather does not say “Fuck off, it's the middle of the night.” Heather says “Yeah, I'll leave right now.” She's either evil or the best friend ever.


Location: USS Chekov's Gun

 photo pb507-00590_zpsubep7oaa.jpg

The SEALS are on the move.

 photo pb507-00592_zpsnzoqbmc6.jpg

They find Sucre tied up in the cabin.

He tells them that them guys went out the window and insists that he's an innocent member of the crew who has no part in this.

The SEALS check his name against the crew roster. It checks out, so they take him to the bridge.

 photo pb507-00606_zps3xmrwzaz.jpg

And the guys emerge from their hiding place.

 photo pb507-00610_zpswouw6it4.jpg

Up on the bridge, Sucre says that he doesn't know anyone named Kaniel Outis. That the guy in question is named Scofield, and he hadn't seen him in years before he called up needing a ride. I love that this is all completely true.

 photo pb507-00613_zpspfrv6ub8.jpg

The guys are down on the engine deck, having trouble getting through a door. It's not helped by the tear gas the SEALs are throwing about the place.

 photo pb507-00620_zpskoafshx3.jpg

The captain is watching on the monitors and complains that if the tear gas hits the ventilation it's going to ruin his cargo.

He turns on Sucre and calls him a loser, blaming him for binging this scum aboard his ship. Hey, you be nice to my Sucre you mean corrupt captain.

Sucre says that maybe the captain should tell the nice SEAL how he accepted payment for the guys' passage, suggesting that maybe they're are the captain's friends rather than his.

 photo pb507-00627_zpspjbcjrk6.jpg

Sucre also says he heard them say something about container 17, the one with the captain's super secret weapons cargo. As the SEAL guarding them radios the others to let them know the guys could be arming themselves, Sucre suggests to the captain that he might end up on the terrorist watch list too.

 photo pb507-00637_zpsnruv3umu.jpg

The captain hits Sucre and accuses him of planning this, calling him a good-for-nothing Mexican. I'm pretty sure Sucre is Puerto Rican, actually.

 photo pb507-00639_zpsoby8lzb3.jpg

Unhappy papi.

Also, while all this has been going on, Sucre has been slowly working his way out of the cloth tying his hands together. He finally gets himself free...

 photo pb507-00644_zpsnixepvxa.jpg

And punches the captain.

 photo pb507-00645_zpsu3smoqqv.jpg

“I'm Puerto Rican.”

You go, Sucre!

 photo pb507-00650_zpsdyohkox7.jpg

Down in the bowels of the ship, the guys make it through a door into another area, this one not filled with tear gas. Sucre joins them down there and says that he did it and there's no going back now.

We also see one of the SEALs realising that the ship is changing course.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York House

 photo pb507-00660_zpsulxdvu5m.jpg

Dr Sara's sneaking around, reaching for a picture on the wall...

 photo pb507-00665_zps06ukuith.jpg

But is interrupted by Jacob. He asks her if she remembers their honeymoon, where she told him that she carried shame for what she did in Fox River and sometimes even wished she'd never heard the name Michael Scofield. That she admitted lying to him but came clean and put it all behind her.

 photo pb507-00670_zpscnk7tgsi.jpg

Uhh sure.

 photo pb507-00671_zpsb12dwju5.jpg

Jacob says he forgave her for the lies, accepted her past and loved her and Mike. Why isn't that enough? Are... are you serious right now, Jacob?

 photo pb507-00678_zps7ge9dyso.jpg

After Jacob walks off, Heather phones Sara to let her know she's got Mike. She says it in a really weird and sinister way and I'm suspicious of her again.

 photo pb507-00682_zps31g6jll7.jpg

Dr Sara isn't suspicious though, and, secure in the knowledge that her son is safe, she retrieves the gun hidden behind the painting.


Location: USS Chekov's Gun

 photo pb507-00690_zps6slk1wei.jpg

The SEALS discover that the ship is heading towards Algeria and the navigation system's been trashed. By the time they fix it they'll be out of international waters.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb507-00697_zpsjz6hcdbe.jpg

Blonde Assassin calls Jacob to let him know that the SEALS failed to kill Outis and have chosen to leave rather than cause a diplomatic incident by staying to finish the job in Algerian waters.

Jacob says they have to escalate their move and he'll handle it from there.

He calls someone else, who he calls “Sir” and makes a request.


Location: USS Chekov's Gun

 photo pb507-00705_zps4s9yisr5.jpg

The guys realise that the helicopters are leaving. And that's not a good thing.

 photo pb507-00710_zpshkjw36u3.jpg

They make a run for it...

 photo pb507-00713_zpsxtc7oaek.jpg

As a missile comes speeding their way.

 photo pb507-00716_zpsdgl3ykeu.jpg

They throw a dinghy over the side and leap over to join it, just before the whole ship goes boom. Realistically there's no way they could have survived that, but since I highly doubt Prison Break is going to kill off four main characters, including the two leads, I'm sure some magic will have saved them.


Location: Dr Sara's Lovely New York Home

 photo pb507-00722_zpsmy5cplgd.jpg

Dr Sara has decided to throw the plan out the window. Rather than leaving quietly and getting as far away as possible, she wants answers.

She wants to know what this all was. Jacob says it's their life and it's not over. He also says that Mike was never in danger cos Jacob loves him like a son.

Sara asks what he's done, but he says it's what she's done and that all of this could be avoided.

 photo pb507-00734_zpsagm2qvmt.jpg

We see Mike Jr and Heather heading into her house.

Jacob's voice over tells us that Michael's dead and it's all on Sara cos it was her trip to Greece that led them straight to him.

He also says that her plan with Heather didn't work...

 photo pb507-00740_zpslugdjowm.jpg

Cos look who was in Heather's house, waiting for her to get back.

 photo pb507-00742_zpsfav2fur9.jpg

Heather seems very protective over Mike, so I guess she's not a baddie after all.

 photo pb507-00745_zpsyn8j0gp5.jpg

Sara demands to know where her son is.

Jacob tells her that he has him, and while he doesn't want to threaten him, he will unless she puts the gun down.

 photo pb507-00751_zpsaoxgneeg.jpg

So she does.


My Thoughts

So, Jacob is Poseidon after all. I had thought it probably wouldn't be him cos it was too obvious, but I'm pretty happy about it. He's a lot more interesting as a bad guy. I'm not sure how I feel about this idea that he genuinely loves Sara though. Is that true or another lie? And if it is true, it's a bit weird.

I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the Michael/Sara reunion. I was hoping for a bit more. Hopefully we'll get that when they're reunited again. Possibly after she's killed Jacob now that he's moved on to threatening Mike.

Speaking of Mike, what was all that about him being grabbed in the garden? Was it all a dream? We did see Michael wake up as if from a nightmare right after it, but at that point he didn't know what Mike looked like. If it was a dream then they did a terrible job of conveying that. But if he was grabbed and returned, why didn't he say something about it? Unless it was someone warning him about Jacob and telling him not to trust him...

Does Jacob really love Sara? Did he intend to get close to her to use her as leverage against Michael but ended up falling in love with her himself? That seems to be what Michael was saying. So was it Sara saying that she sometimes wished she'd never heard the name Michael Scofield the thing that led to Jacob turning him into Kaniel Outis and abandoning him? Did he think he was doing her a favour?

Also, fuck you writers. Sara would never say that. Yes, it wasn't a great time in her life, but she loves Michael. And I can't imagine her ever regretting something that led to her son.

Who does Jacob answer to? Is someone else in charge of all of this? He obviously has a superior, someone powerful enough to be able to order a missile to destroy a cargo ship. Is Poseidon not the Big Bad after all?

And whoops, I was totally wrong about Henry. I was convinced he was evil, but turns out he was just a hard-working State Department agent. Presumably all those times we saw him meeting with the Assassins were above-board meetings between two government agencies, at least as far as he was concerned.

But what about the glass and getting Sara's fingerprint? Was that all a misdirection and it wasn't the glass that got her fingerprint to unlock her phone? Obviously Jacob would have had access to her prints anyway and wouldn't have needed the glass. But then he'd have had access to her prints anyway and would have been able to hack her phone at any time. Why would he do it then and so obviously?

Why would the ship's captain report Michael to the navy? What did he gain out of it? He's far too corrupt to have done it out of a sense of justice.

I feel for Whip. I get the impression that maybe he and Michael bonded cos they were both alone and it became them against the world. And now it turns out that actually Michael has a brother, a wife, and a best friend who all love him very much. And what does Whip have?
Tags: drinking, prison break

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