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Hot Damn

It's FRIDAY! And I have made it through the week without succumbing to the heat! I really don't approve of how hot it's been lately. It's only May and we're already into the high 20s. What's going to happen when we actually get to summer? Are we all going to melt?

It really doesn't help that the staff room at work has a huge skylight, so the sun shines directly down on you when you're trying to relax and enjoy your lunch. I had a look at the thermometer in there when I left earlier. It was at 36°C.

But the week is done and I have the weekend to rest and relax. I'm hoping to continue clearing stuff out of the house though, cos we've kinda stalled with that.

We also really need to get a move on with ordering a new fridge-freezer. The small ones we've been getting by with have been ok for a while, but with summer charging in like this we're definitely going to need to replace our full size one sooner rather than later.
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