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Another week, another recap. I must say I wasn't that impressed with this episode. It felt very much like a filler episode, which I don't think such a short series can afford to have. I just hope things pick up soon.

Episode 5.06 Phaeacia

Location: The Seriously Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb506-00002_zpsclslusmk.jpg

The guys are hiding out in this picturesquely-on-fire abandoned building, perfect for shooting a music video in, and having a chat about feeling the prison walls closing in even though they're no longer inside.

Whip has a dig at Ja for his pill addiction, so Ja taunts him about Michael not being the father figure he thought he was going to be. Sounds like trouble's a-brewing.

 photo pb506-00024_zpsgnnamhin.jpg

They've used up all their contingency plans, so it's improv time, which isn't ideal for Michael 'Always Has a Plan' Scofield.

Lincoln says that Sheba said Omar has a way out. Michael asks if they can trust him and Linc is all “Hell, no, but he's all we've got.”


Location: Whitney Heights

 photo pb506-00027_zpsbzu3js1q.jpg

Blonde Assassin is chilling in her cell, when a policeman comes along to tell her she made bail. Of course she did.

She heads outside and meets up with Brunet Assassin, hurt that Poseidon got him out before her.

 photo pb506-00040_zpsfkgrtc4o.jpg

They sit in their car and watch the video of Ramal being killed. Brunet Assassin wonders why Kaniel Outis would kill his ally, but Blonde Assassin says questions are for losers and it's their job to kill Outis so that's what they're gonna do.

Looks like the seeds of discord that Evil Paul had sewn are starting to take root.


Location: the Seriously Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb506-00048_zpseku7n2oq.jpg

The guys find Omar, who's getting ready to head off.

He says that he's heading to Phaeacia, 300 miles across the desert, where he has old smuggling friends and there's no ISIL to bother them.

The guys want in, but there's not enough room for them in Omar's car. But Omar has a convenient spare car in a nearby parking garage and they can go get that.

 photo pb506-00076_zpsqf9fb7ps.jpg

Michael tells Whip to stay with Omar while he and the others go to get the other vehicle. Omar wonders if Michael always orders Whip about like that, thus further watering Whip's own seeds of discord when it comes to him and Michael.

 photo pb506-00082_zpsmgo8tzk2.jpg

In the parking garage, the guys find Omar's second car and get ready to give it a push start cos Omar said the battery would probably be dead.

But, lo and behold, it starts perfectly!

Hmm, almost like Omar isn't to be trusted.

 photo pb506-00087_zps5al1hhgw.jpg

Yep, definitely not to be trusted.

 photo pb506-00094_zpskfzkjisb.jpg

This lot appear in the parking garage and the guys realise Omar set them up. But since he also supplied them with a handy getaway car, they're able to drive away and escape.

 photo pb506-00113_zpssdy8jw49.jpg

They make it back before Omar has had a chance to leave. Michael unties Whip, who punches Omar in the face a few times to make it clear just how little he appreciates being whacked round the back of the head.

 photo pb506-00124_zpso5oeokd9.jpg

But, Omar points out, they still need him cos Phaeacia is a hundred people in mud huts 300 miles away and there's no map to it.

So they make a deal; Omar leads them to Phaeacia and if he screws them again they let Whip finish what he started.

 photo pb506-00138_zpsrwbpz8xh.jpg

You scared yet, Omar?


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00144_zpshfw8dkej.jpg

Michael, Lincoln, and Ja are in one car while Whip and Omar are in another. That seems like a bad plan.

We get more hints of an upcoming Michael/Whip confrontation as Linc says that he gets the impression Whip feels Michael betrayed him somehow. Michael says he understands why Whip would feel like that. But we don't find out any more cos simply explaining things and not being cryptic is far too difficult for Michael.


Location: State Department

 photo pb506-00160_zps4yzr1ggg.jpg

It''s Poseidon! Or not. I don't know, but at the moment Henry is still my best guess.

He's taken over Evil Paul's job, it seems.

 photo pb506-00168_zps177hjmte.jpg

Henry's boss comes in and says that she needs Evil Paul's files from his investigation into 21-Void. Henry says that he's had a look but there's nothing there and he thinks they need to take a whole different look at this thing.

Of course you do, Henry.

Boss Lady says that there's a possibility an insider was involved.

 photo pb506-00171_zpsvavpete0.jpg

Henry is shocked. Shocked I say!

 photo pb506-00175_zpsfjggczjf.jpg

Boss Lady leaves and Henry picks up the phone...

 photo pb506-00179_zpsbgayxzqr.jpg

To call our friendly neighbourhood assassins. He wants a follow up on their earlier conversation about the situation in the Middle East and says they need to meet soon.

Blonde Assassin says the situation's developing and they'll give him a call as soon as they're back.

 photo pb506-00185_zpsyqarcnbg.jpg

Cos at the moment they're at the NSA in Maryland. We find out that Blonde Assassin used to be NSA herself before Poseidon recruited her.

 photo pb506-00194_zps3okbtmvp.jpg

They go in and talk to this lady, who calls Blonde Assassin “Emily”, and ask for her help tracking down Kaniel Outis.

NSA Lady says that they're not supposed to help the CIA kill people, but because she has the hots for Blonde Assassin she might be able to get them in as observers.


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00206_zps0bfvdqit.jpg

Whip wonders what kind of drugs or guns Omar is smuggling in those bags of his.

Neither, actually, it's fireworks. Cos the Phaeacians are shiny happy people who just want to smile, something Whip could stand to do a bit more of.

 photo pb506-00211_zpsvrdjbb5u.jpg

In the other car, Ja is contemplating the bottle of sweet, sweet drugs he's brought with him, but Michael wants him to keep his big brain clear for what's coming up.

 photo pb506-00219_zps2jpbmymo.jpg

The phone rings and Lincoln answers, thinking it's C-Note.

 photo pb506-00226_zpsqg1hcogu.jpg

But it's actually Sheba!

Sheba says that they're all fine and will be flying to the US later that night. She and Lincoln engage in some phone-flirting and agree to buy each other drinks when Linc gets back.

 photo pb506-00241_zpshy7v9czf.jpg

So smitten.


Location: NSA

 photo pb506-00243_zpsw2sw1li4.jpg

That flirting turns out to be dangerous, as the NSA get a hit that C-Note's phone has been used in Jordan.

They trace the location of the number called and dispatch a drone to check things out.

 photo pb506-00250_zpsghefaiov.jpg

The future is terrifying.

 photo pb506-00263_zpsncwwvdz4.jpg

The guys stop at a petrol station to fuel up for their 300 mile journey, and Michael heads inside to use the internet.

 photo pb506-00270_zpsgb11xr4c.jpg

The NSA are watching all this going on, and Brunet Assassin steps aside to make a call.


Location: The Seriously Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb506-00273_zps6u6wy5tw.jpg

This guy is going around cutting off hands, when he's interrupted by a phone call. It's Brunet Assassin, telling him that Ramal was an awesome guy and, hey, let me give you the exact location of the people who killed him.


Location: Petrol Station in the Desert

 photo pb506-00283_zpsrgtakofm.jpg

Michael logs on to his contacts list and calls up someone called Blue Hawaii.

A man answers but his webcam doesn't seem to be working, so we don't get to find out who he is. Michael's petrol-station-in-the-middle-of-nowhere webcam is apparently working perfectly though and the voice says he can see him.


Location: The Street Where Sid Was Murdered (*sob*)

 photo pb506-00290_zpsslfoo59j.jpg

Some of Icky's friends have arrived to cut him free.

 photo pb506-00297_zpsjscjn5co.jpg

They hear over the radio that Abu Ramal's killers are heading west on Highway 80, so they hop in their vehicles to head out there.

 photo pb506-00300_zpsdgfctsw5.jpg

Icky wants to join in, but once again the other boys don't want to play with him and he gets left behind.

 photo pb506-00307_zpsr4d3ktia.jpg

So he steals some poor guy's car and gives chase by himself.


Location: Petrol Station in the Desert on Highway 80

 photo pb506-00313_zpsz2kcscqo.jpg

Whip's not enjoying the heat. But Ja is enjoying the lack of walls.

 photo pb506-00324_zpsrxfvm6da.jpg

Omar thinks they would enjoy Phaeacia and its lack of technology, politics and modern nonsense. Whip doesn't think Ja and his cell phone addiction could hack it though.

 photo pb506-00330_zpsktwa56wk.jpg

Unfortunately their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of ISIL rebels in the distance.

They shout to Michael that they need to leave now.

 photo pb506-00338_zpssq2yzmei.jpg

Michael tells Blue Hawaii to take a screen capture of him and his weird eye tattoos. Seriously, what is with those things? Why are they so important?

 photo pb506-00342_zpsbdienz9s.jpg

Outside, Whip is discovering that Omar's gun only actually has one bullet in. Not anywhere near enough for the carloads of rebels speeding their way.

Whip wonders what kind of man carries a gun with only one bullet. Omar says a man who would kill himself before being captured by ISIL.

 photo pb506-00347_zpscdswc6md.jpg

ISIL are happy to oblige.

 photo pb506-00353_zpsluz4h5an.jpg

The NSA are still enjoying the live show.

 photo pb506-00354_zpsjjjbqoj2.jpg

And NSA Lady thinks it's an awfully big coincidence that the rebels managed to find the guys right after they started observing them with their drone.

 photo pb506-00357_zpsbmno9dxu.jpg

Linc wonders why the hell Whip isn't shooting back, but Whip explains that they've only got one bullet so they've got to make it count.

 photo pb506-00360_zpsscoealxr.jpg

He spies this handy petrol tanker...

 photo pb506-00367_zpsnk0wtoe2.jpg

And makes it count.

 photo pb506-00382_zps8amdswl9.jpg

Michael helps an injured Omar into one of the cars while the other three pile into the other.

They also leave ALL THE GUNS, which seems like a mistake considering they were complaining about not having enough literally thirty seconds ago.

 photo pb506-00385_zpsinkaxyd2.jpg

Icky is hot on their heels.

 photo pb506-00398_zpsof6dbvs4.jpg

But first he makes a stop off at the petrol station to grab one of the dead guy's guns cos he's not a complete idiot.


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00410_zpseqmje8v2.jpg

Highway 80 is behind them now and they're well and truly in the middle of nowhere.

 photo pb506-00414_zpsk4razpor.jpg

Michael stops and gets out of his car cos they have a problem. How are they going to get to Phaeacia without any roads?

Lincoln says that the roads are in Omar's head, along with the map.

Unfortunately that's the problem...

 photo pb506-00423_zpskffjqjil.jpg

Their map is dead.

 photo pb506-00425_zps7rmy2c0e.jpg

They take the time to bury Omar, which is considerate of them, and wonder what to do now. They can't go back, but how are they supposed to find a village of mud huts without a map?

 photo pb506-00437_zpscvdtzqu2.jpg

The impromptu funeral is interrupted by the arrival of Icky and his gun so they have to speed off once again.


Location: NSA

 photo pb506-00452_zpsnvgbrkvm.jpg

NSA Lady is very upset with her girlfriend for using her for some sort of black ops assassination. Looks like they won't be spending a lovely weekend in a Connecticut B&B after all.

 photo pb506-00460_zps2e5bdvda.jpg

Outside, Brunet Assassin wonders if NSA Lady might tattle on them.

 photo pb506-00461_zpsn8nbiscp.jpg

Blonde Assassin makes it clear that there will be absolutely no killing of her girlfriend.

 photo pb506-00467_zpscjvabv07.jpg

Brunet Assassin also wonders why Kaniel Outis, a man being chased by ISIL rebels, would spend so much time hanging around a petrol station. What was he doing in there?


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00479_zps2zegygwr.jpg

The sun is directly overhead so they can't use it to navigate any more, meaning they have to stop.

 photo pb506-00493_zpsr8qvhlmb.jpg

Michael has a look at Icky following them and realises it's the guy who killed Sid. He's stopped to refuel.

 photo pb506-00512_zpseqq7xqhb.jpg

Which he can afford to do, cos it's not like he's going to have any trouble working out where Michael and co have gone thanks to their handy tyre tracks in the sand.

 photo pb506-00513_zpsoagfrbyr.jpg

Michael comes up with a plan to transfer most of the petrol from one car to another and drive in separate directions so the car with the most petrol can get to Phaeacia while the other one leads Icky away and deals with him. I assume Michael has also informed Icky of this plan so that he chooses the correct series of tracks to follow.

 photo pb506-00532_zpscecgivql.jpg

Michael grabs some rocks and says that he has three red and one white. Everyone who gets a red rock gets in the jeep to Phaeacia and the one with the white rock deals with Icky.

And this is where Lincoln tells Michael that he'll hold the stones while Mike picks cos he's not an idiot and it's blindingly obvious that Michael only has red stones and is rigging this so that he'll be the one who stays behind. Right?

Wrong. Apparently Linc doesn't know his brother at all.

 photo pb506-00534_zps9xq8fpdx.jpg

I'm also confused cos this looks like a white rock to me, but apparently it's red.

Linc says he's not leaving Michael out there to die, but Michael has no intention of dying. He also says that Linc has the harder job cos he's got to go and find Phaeacia.

 photo pb506-00542_zps9nmoelni.jpg

Michael tells him to leave tracks, so he can find him.

 photo pb506-00550_zpsrcqyueri.jpg

Lincoln, Whip, and Ja head off in their jeep and Michael cuts Icky off to encourage him to follow his car instead.

 photo pb506-00556_zpsashmcqdo.jpg

He also takes a look at the fourth red rock, just in case we hadn't already worked out that he'd rigged the whole thing.

 photo pb506-00565_zpsarq3160l.jpg

In the other car, they guys are having trouble working out where to go. Whip's not happy about leaving Michael and wonders why Lincoln is willing to do so.

Because brother knows best and, as Linc says, when Michael takes on the world, the world always loses.

 photo pb506-00576_zpswcvqdqdp.jpg

Take that, world.


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00590_zpsgojuiwzb.jpg

Ja demonstrates that big brain of his by getting Lincoln to stop the car. He gets out and realises what they need to do.

 photo pb506-00591_zps6s69yjw9.jpg

Follow the birds.

Gulls are only interested in the sea, so if they follow the birds they'll find Phaeacia.

 photo pb506-00607_zpslefkj969.jpg

Meanwhile, Icky is still on a Michael-hunt.

 photo pb506-00610_zpsbiw0mpos.jpg

He spies the car driving away.


Location: Phaeacia

 photo pb506-00611_zpsf1xvpat4.jpg

The others have reached the promised land of Phaeacia!

 photo pb506-00616_zpsm50nvajo.jpg

Some delighted children gather around the car, happily crying for Omar. Their faces fall when they realise he's not there.

 photo pb506-00620_zpsno0qt5mv.jpg

This guy wonders why they bring Omar car but no Omar?

 photo pb506-00622_zpsrpoiapwb.jpg

Linc tells him that Omar had to go somewhere safe cos of the war, but he told them to bring all these supplies for them.

And that he said they could arrange a boat for them.


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00634_zpsvpqdivud.jpg

Icky drives down and sneaks up on an empty car.

 photo pb506-00641_zps46lduxep.jpg

Leaving his own car helpfully unguarded. Michael climbs in but has trouble getting it to move. Icky turns and shoots at him and it turns out that these cars are apparently bulletproof.

 photo pb506-00644_zpsxrh9trxw.jpg

Michael grabs a screwdriver from the door.

 photo pb506-00647_zpszx1rdi3j.jpg

And we get this important shot, showing that while the windscreen and door were able to protect Michael from a hail of bullets, the car has indeed been damaged and some sort of fluid is leaking into this tray with an object in it.

 photo pb506-00649_zps51xszvbf.jpg

Michael and Icky fight.

 photo pb506-00661_zpsmmg3nhx7.jpg

And fight.

 photo pb506-00666_zpsjmgzmqz9.jpg

And fight some more.

 photo pb506-00681_zpsb3oqp848.jpg

And Icky ends up with a screwdriver in his eye. Ouch.

 photo pb506-00683_zps2armhp9r.jpg

He reaches out and grabs the object from the tray and, despite now being completely blind, manages to stab Michael with it.

 photo pb506-00685_zpslzy26rpk.jpg

That's gotta hurt.

 photo pb506-00694_zpsaxdv67lr.jpg

Michael drives away, leaving Icky to scream that they're both going to die out there.

I'd have thought that a screwdriver that long would have gone into his brain and killed him already, but what do I know?


Location: Portland, Maine

 photo pb506-00702_zpswnhgk69z.jpg

The Assassins have found out that the petrol station had internet access and managed to get a hold of Michael's screencap.

They've come to talk to the guy he sent it to, Blue Hawaii.

 photo pb506-00710_zpsil1n5acl.jpg

Blue Hawaii is doing very well for himself, it seems.

They knock on the door and we finally get to see who this mystery man is. My mind is going through all the names of characters it could be, cos it's obviously significant that we didn't get to see his face, right?

 photo pb506-00713_zpskdjn2yp4.jpg


 photo pb506-00719_zps0ebdtij3.jpg

The Assassins step inside and take a look around.

 photo pb506-00721_zpsaphyumd8.jpg

Yeah, that's about my reaction too.


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00725_zpsgx0wcube.jpg

Michael is driving along in Icky's car but isn't having any luck finding Lincoln's tracks.

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, it turns out that being shot up is pretty bad for a car after all.

 photo pb506-00735_zpsoiqqphfz.jpg

So now he has to walk.


Location: Phaeacia

 photo pb506-00743_zpshugvalbp.jpg

Ja is having fun being the Father Christmas of fireworks for the children of Phaeacia.

 photo pb506-00745_zpslaci4mxc.jpg

He seems quite taken with the whole place, in fact, enjoying how far removed it is from the rest of the world.

 photo pb506-00752_zps0oxwvaht.jpg

Lincoln isn't able to enjoy the place though, too busy worrying about his brother out in the desert. The sun's going down and if he hasn't found them by nightfall he never will.

 photo pb506-00759_zpsyycdbr0c.jpg

But all is not lost! Ja and his big brain have an idea.


Location: The Desert

 photo pb506-00768_zps1ssko1nr.jpg

Michael takes time out of his wandering to pose for an album cover.

 photo pb506-00774_zpsv1wxvqa6.jpg

But then stumbles and falls and it looks like all could be lost as he starts to lose consciousness.

 photo pb506-00777_zps4ckbjvs1.jpg

He calls out Sara's name as important events from previous seasons flash before his eyes.

 photo pb506-00780_zps5iczyzkb.jpg

Including this, which comes from the end of season four when they all got together to visit Michael's grave. Does this mean Michael was watching that too?

 photo pb506-00797_zpskvegaixn.jpg

Is this the end for our beloved Michael?

 photo pb506-00800_zpsokjfhpff.jpg

No! Because we have some fabulous fireworks to guide the way.

 photo pb506-00812_zpscazzjgug.jpg

After lighting a few more fireworks, Lincoln resorts to shouting Michael's name.

 photo pb506-00827_zpsofaxqso7.jpg

And his brother comes stumbling into town.

 photo pb506-00844_zpsq1fnatdz.jpg

But he's really not in a good way. He says that Icky poisoned him with antifreeze (see, I told you the stuff leaking into that tray was important) and he needs a doctor right now.

Unfortunately the only doctor is back in Sana'a, which they've just travelled 300 miles to get away from...


My thoughts:

It'll be ok, Michael. Your wife is a doctor and she'll make everything better. I hope. We've only got three episodes left and we still haven't had a Michael/Sara reunion, which upsets me.

Now they're by the sea, hopefully it's time for Sucre to show up on the USS Chekov's Gun and rescue them all. I miss Sucre.

I'm still not sure who Poseidon is. Henry didn't seem that authoritative on the phone which makes me doubt my belief that it's him. But maybe he's doing that thing where the Big Bad pretends to be one of his own underlings, and everyone thinks that Henry is working for Poseidon the same way they are and don't realise it's actually him.

But maybe it's not him. They've built up Poseidon so much that I feel like the reveal should be shocking and it being Henry wouldn't really be shocking. But I'm not sure who else it could possibly be. Whip's dad? I mean we know Whip is important somehow. I don't think it would work for him to be Poseidon himself, but he could be connected to him.

Ja maybe? But that would only be shocking in the sense that it would come out of nowhere, which isn't good writing.

But maybe I'm wrong and it's not going to be a shock reveal. I mean, I thought that Blue Hawaii was going to be a shock reveal and he just turned out to be a random Elvis wannabe.

I'm hoping that the lack of C-Note in the Sheba scene is just due to actor unavailability and not a hint that something bad has happened.

So many hints at a Michael/Whip confrontation. I wonder what will happen between them?

How lucky is it that in that huge desert with nothing to guide him, Michael managed to wander in the right direction and end up close enough to Phaeacia that he could stumble in even as badly injured as he was?
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  • Slow Going

    The decluttering is coming along slowly. I know slow progress is better than no progress, but I still feel bad about how much I end up keeping. I…

  • Canterbury Christmas

    My Christmassy weekend started with us going to Canterbury. It's been years since I've been there, I think the last time I visited was not long after…

  • Is It Bed Time Yet?

    I'm tired. So very tired. And to add insult to injury we didn't even win the quiz! It was so close though. We came joint third with 36 points, behind…