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Eurovision was last night and while I generally think of it as one of the greatest nights of the year, I must say I was a bit disappointed this time. I can't believe that Portugal won with that snoozefest of a song when Romania had a yodel-rap duo! What is wrong with you, Europe?

Also, Ireland didn't give us any points and I think we might have to go to war over it. Australia are our new BFFs now.

In other news, I have another Prison Break recap for your reading pleasure. It's not as long as the previous recap cos I didn't love this episode as much, and I was rather upset by something that happens in it...

Episode 5.05 Contingency

Location: Payphone

 photo pb505-00009_zpsrnept3fv.jpg

Sara's calling her trusted hubby Jacob to ask if he needs anything while she's in town. I don't know why she's using a payphone though. Didn't she buy a new phone when she took her old one in for the guy to look at?

She looks around and what does she see?

 photo pb505-00011_zpspwlasrqv.jpg

Surprise T-Bag!

He's popped up to deliver the bad news...

 photo pb505-00018_zpsqwuy3zee.jpg

Trusted hubby's been consorting with known assassins.

Dr Sara asks him what exactly Jacob said, but T-Bag wasn't close enough to hear. He just heard Michael's and Sara's names.

They're not going to try and say that Jacob's actually a good guy, are they?

 photo pb505-00032_zpsgahcpsho.jpg

Dr Sara runs off to get her son.


Location: The Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb505-00042_zpsmb1qsxzr.jpg

Michael and co are busy avoiding ISIL and dodging artillery strikes. The locals don't really seem bothered by what's going on, but the sight of the ISIL tape on a nearby TV means that the escapees have to run again.

 photo pb505-00055_zpsstqqqi1e.jpg

Meanwhile, a large group of rebels have gathered for the funeral of their beloved leader.

 photo pb505-00056_zpskkv8gr5w.jpg

This guy addresses the crowd and promises a reward of ten million rial for the man or woman who turns the westerners over to them.

At current exchange rates, ten million rial equals £30,877.63 or US$39,934.20. That's pretty good, but doesn't sound as impressive as “ten million”.

 photo pb505-00070_zpslsvlxkfu.jpg

The message gets around quickly, and Sid soon lets the others know the value on their heads. Whip thinks it's a lot, going so far as to say “You'd give up your mother for cash like that.” Really, Whip? Is that all your mother's worth?

Ja says it's more than he paid for Freddie Mercury's ashes. I feel like they're all overestimating how much a Yemeni rial is actually worth.

 photo pb505-00087_zpsodb43suu.jpg

The guys hide in a nearby building to come up with their next move. Linc wants answers about what's going on, but Michael doesn't think there's time.

Michael suggests going north via train, but Linc points out that a lot has changed in four years and ISIL now control most of the area.

 photo pb505-00094_zpsgvlo5ez7.jpg

Whip wonders why Lincoln came all the way to Yemen looking for Michael as though he was lost. Linc isn't in the mood for this.

Lincoln says the airport is the only option, but Michael thinks that's too obvious. They need to go where ISIL will least suspect.

They remember that they have a phone, but unfortunately Ja used up all the battery listening to Queen when he was seventeen.

 photo pb505-00121_zpsyas6dphh.jpg

Michael continues to insist that his plan will work, but Linc loses patience and pulls him into a side room for a private chat. Mainly around the topic of How the Hell are You Alive?

Michael finally gives us an answer, saying that he had to fake his death to protect his family.

 photo pb505-00138_zpsk5uuqqs4.jpg

We flash back to a couple of weeks before Michael and Sara got married. Everyone is happy and nothing hurts, until Michael gets a phone call.

Present-day Michael explains that it was a man named Poseidon who told him that Evil Paul didn't have the authority to exonerate them and they'd all go away for a very long time unless Michael agreed to work for them.

 photo pb505-00157_zpsqmjo038f.jpg

Elsewhere in the building, Whip isn't very happy that Lincoln is getting answers and he isn't. Sid's more concerned by how close the rebels are getting.

 photo pb505-00188_zps6swwdgoq.jpg

Michael continues his explanation, saying that Poseidon is a psychopath, a policy wonk in the CIA who felt he could do better than his superiors. So he created a cell called 21-Void and needed Michael's help breaking people out of prison all over the world.

If Michael helped, then Lincoln and Sara would go free. But Michael wouldn't be allowed to contact them. Ever.

Lincoln wonders why Michael didn't come to him about it, but Michael says he didn't have a choice. He originally told Poseidon no, and that resulted in Sara being arrested and beaten, so he gave in.

He says that everything he did he did for family, so none of them would ever have to spend another day in a prison cell or on the run. Lincoln's all “Uh, what do you think we're doing now?”

 photo pb505-00200_zps5t1itik7.jpg

Sid barges in to let them know that their time is up cos the rebels have started searching the buildings.

Michael and Linc still don't agree on whether to go to the train station or airport.


Location: Sana'a Airport

 photo pb505-00204_zpsqqkkyczt.jpg

It's a bit busy at the airport.

 photo pb505-00216_zpsfnb6jsxq.jpg

Sheba and C-Note realise they're not going to be getting on their plane. Sheba suggests going to Omar for help cos he has connections on the western coast, but C-Note trusts Omar about as far as Mike Jr could throw him.

C-Note doesn't want to leave the airport, cos Lincoln and Michael will be coming there, but Sheba thinks it's too late.


Location: The Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb505-00219_zpsbntubemk.jpg

Icky wants to join in the hunt, but the other boys don't want to play with him. They do tell him about the auto shop where Michael and co went to after their escape, though.


Location: Sana'a Airport

 photo pb505-00224_zpsbq4xxajw.jpg

ISIL have arrived, which is never a good thing, and people start panicking even more. C-Note notices a pilot leaving via a side door and says they should follow him.

They do so, and follow the guy outside and to a car park where...

 photo pb505-00249_zpsuz1suxxo.jpg

The pilot is caught by some of the rebels. He makes a point of hiding his cross necklace, cos that's not going to go down well with these guys. C-Note is also seen, and the rebels demand to see their papers. Sheba runs out to say that the westerners are in the airport and she wants that sweet, sweet reward money.

A fight ensues and our heroes emerge victorious.

 photo pb505-00270_zpsm9zdtbzo.jpg

The pilot wonders why they helped him. C-Note says they need his help to fly out of there. And he's not talking about Yemenia Air...

 photo pb505-00275_zpsqtuuyezi.jpg

Does being a jumbo jet pilot qualify you to fly that kind of plane?


Location: Jacob's Parents' House

 photo pb505-00281_zpsioucbemn.jpg

Mike is spending quality time with his step-grandfather when Sara bursts in to whisk him away, much to the consternation of Jacob's parents.

She gets Mike to the car but, uh oh...

 photo pb505-00299_zps1px13shs.jpg

Jacob's home.

Dr Sara asks him if he makes a habit of consorting with killers and shows him the picture on her phone.

Jacob says that he was just worried about her, so he got her phone from the shop and took it to his friend in the Computer Sciences department who looked at it and tracked the Assassins down. Then he contacted them and set up a meeting to ask them nicely to leave his wife alone.

 photo pb505-00306_zpstgysn3le.jpg

Sara looks about as convinced by that as I feel.

She and Mike Jr drive off.


Location: Sana'a Train Station

 photo pb505-00335_zpshzjuxxas.jpg

Lincoln still thinks this is a bad idea, but Michael is confident in his plan. They just need to get on the cargo train, lay low for 300 miles and, bam, sweet freedom. Linc points out that they don't exactly look the part, but Michael says it's all about behaviour.

 photo pb505-00342_zpsvepyyje4.jpg

They grab some sacks and go to load themselves onto the cargo train.


Location: Auto Shop

 photo pb505-00347_zpsfxi5kfdo.jpg

Icky is examining Michael's map and realises that all the roads are blocked and they'll have to find a different way to the border. Like, say, by train.


Location: Heather's House

 photo pb505-00354_zpsuefdfvvd.jpg

Yep, it turns out that the lady we saw Dr Sara talking to at Mike's school is called Heather.

Dr Sara is wondering if her whole marriage to Jacob has been a lie. Heather thinks that him being shot and almost dying would argue against that.

 photo pb505-00375_zpsjlhykadr.jpg

She also says that Sara is tied up in knots because the love of her life may be alive. Can't argue with that.

Dr Sara says that she can't get through to Lincoln, but she saw the video and it's definitely Michael.

 photo pb505-00381_zps3a3vprtz.jpg

Heather is still pro-Jacob, arguing that he's the one who helped her start a new life and is a good man.

The phone rings and Jacob leaves a message asking Heather to get Sara to call him. Sara thinks this means he's tracking her, but Heather points out that it's only logical that she'd go to her best friend.

She suggests contacting her own friend in the Computer Science department to see if Jacob's story checks out.


Location: Sana'a Train Station

 photo pb505-00402_zpswuwp33lr.jpg

An ISIL rebel demands Linc hand over his boots. Sid replies that those are the only ones he has, but the guy doesn't care and why isn't Linc answering for himself?

Lincoln deals with this situation calmly and thoughtfully.

 photo pb505-00410_zpso82ervll.jpg

Just kidding. He resolves the problem the only way he knows how, with violence.

So now they have to make a run for it. They cross the tracks in front of an oncoming train and it looks like they're home free.

 photo pb505-00427_zpsdy8jskor.jpg

But Icky is there to catch their retreating figures on his phone.

 photo pb505-00432_zpscyotvvlk.jpg

He calls the other boys to tell them that he's the top dog now.


Location: Sana'a Airport

 photo pb505-00439_zpsn4vcwgdr.jpg

The gang get settled on the plane and the pilot informs us that they have enough fuel to get them out of Yemen.

C-Note wonders if the pilot is capable of flying an old bird like this, which I thought would have been a question he should have asked earlier, but the pilot says they'll find out.


Location: The Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb505-00449_zpsycqjhkbi.jpg

Michael is still set on his train escape and mentions another station 30 miles outside Sana'a. Lincoln doesn't think that doubling down on a bad bet is the smartest idea.

They move away from the others to have another brotherly chat. Linc is angry with Michael for not caring how his plans affect other people. Michael says he sees it but he can't focus on it cos he has to be the man with the plan and save everyone.

 photo pb505-00462_zpsxxknhen3.jpg

Whip has managed to hotwire a car, so now the question is where do they go?

Sid points out that they airport is five miles away compared to the hundreds that the border is. Michael says that might be the right choice, but he trusts his instincts and they say they can still make it out through the north.

Everyone pretty much agrees that Lincoln is right, but Michael's got them this far so they're going to stick with him.


Location: University of Ithaca

 photo pb505-00487_zpsmcm1sr3s.jpg

Heather and Sara have come to talk to Andrew, the guy Jacob said did the work on the phone for him. Sara introduces herself as Sara Scofield and I love that she kept Michael's name.

Dr Sara asks Andrew if her husband asked him to work on her phone. Andrew corroborates what Jacob said and that despite the Assassins attempts to hide their tracks, he was able to track them down.

 photo pb505-00497_zps5x6ioenq.jpg

Heather's phone rings. It's Jacob, so Dr Sara takes the call.

 photo pb505-00499_zpskecxuqsi.jpg

Jacob wants her to come to the Whitney Heights police station, pronto.


Location: The Unsafe Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb505-00519_zpsskieqn7i.jpg

Michael's driving while Whip gives him the third degree. Turns out that he didn't even know his real name was Michael.

Whip wonders what else he doesn't know. Michael tells him to forget the past and live in the moment, man. He also reminds Whip of all the times he's taken care of him and reiterates that he's his whip hand.

Whip is a bit sick of hearing that and says it's not good enough this time. Michael tells him there's a reason he's his whip hand, a reason that's going to change his life and there's a light at the end of the tunnel for him...

 photo pb505-00520_zpsv4nsd98k.jpg

But before we can hear any more of this intriguing conversation, a car comes and runs them off the road.

 photo pb505-00534_zpscdoqojgi.jpg

This time the guys run into an abandoned hospital, but the shelling has blocked the exit. They split up to try and find another way out.


Location: Whitney Heights Police Station

 photo pb505-00538_zps8wow9mp3.jpg

Jacob and this police officer are waiting for Sara and ask her to come with them.

 photo pb505-00547_zpsddk2nj72.jpg

This guy introduces himself as Detective Kennan and asks Dr Sara to identify the ones who broke into her home and shot her husband.

 photo pb505-00554_zps2mbpe0f6.jpg

This is the weirdest identity parade ever. Surely they'd have separate ones for each assassin?

Sara immediately identifies three and four and turns to give Jacob a look.


Location: Abandoned Hospital

 photo pb505-00565_zpsfdr7vlrq.jpg

Michael says there has to be a way out, but Lincoln wants to set up an ambush and fight. Michael says that fighting is Linc''s default setting, which is true.

 photo pb505-00571_zps0sdqcxgr.jpg

Whip and Sid are looking for things to fight with. Sid picks up some handcuffs and Whip tells him it's not going to be that kind of party.

 photo pb505-00578_zpsmgmrtkcs.jpg

Ja has decided to drown his sorrows in rubbing alcohol. The others tell him it'll make him go blind. But he says it's only 95% alcohol so he'll only go 95% blind. Logic.

 photo pb505-00581_zps7i0vmkrv.jpg

He's also apparently found a phone charger and is once again enjoying We Are the Champions.

 photo pb505-00596_zpsv77tidrb.jpg

Whip's busying himself carving a weapon.

 photo pb505-00602_zpscjxpkkue.jpg

And Sid's losing hope. He tells the story of his first lover, a friend's father, and that when they were discovered the man was taken into the desert and buried alive, and they brought his eyes back to Sid.

Sid wants Whip to kill him cos he doesn't want to suffer what ISIL will do to him. No, Sid! I love you, you can't die!

Whip tells him not to give up cos ISIL are the ones in the wrong, not him.

 photo pb505-00628_zps0lb2f7of.jpg

Ja's had enough of just sitting around. He starts singing We Are the Champions and wanders out with his rubbing alcohol and gas tank.

 photo pb505-00634_zpsbvaecki6.jpg

Downstairs, Michael is feeling introspective. He says that he should have asked for help when Poseidon first approached him. He thought taking it all on himself would mean only he ended up getting hurt, but it's only made it worse for everyone.

He says that he became a ghost...

 photo pb505-00645_zpsmwpqncsg.jpg

And we get a flashback to Dr Sara and Mike Jr looking at a pretty parrot. Presumably in Costa Rica.

 photo pb505-00650_zpsh3jhw0qj.jpg

They walk off and we see Michael following them. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

 photo pb505-00654_zpsld65z6c2.jpg

Michael then gets into a staring contest with the back of an owl's head. This is clearly significant, although I'm not sure how. Is it cos it looks like the owl has eyes in the back of its head? Do they relate to the eye tattoos on Michael's hands?

 photo pb505-00663_zpswkqfv0by.jpg

Michael says that he made a lot of imperfect choices, but they were all made for love. Linc tells him that smart as he is, he can't carry the load alone and needs to share the burden. That's what family's for.


Location: Whitney Heights Police Station

 photo pb505-00667_zpsnecejlrk.jpg

Jacob is still protesting his innocence. He says that he was just worried about his wife, so he contacted the killers and offered them money to leave her alone.

 photo pb505-00682_zpsu9lpbglp.jpg

He put a tracker in the money, contacted the police before the meet, and nailed them. Because two professional assassins are that easy to catch?

 photo pb505-00692_zpsx2urfmg4.jpg

Dr Sara gives him a hug, but is clearly not convinced. I'm also wondering if she put the tracker on him, but I'm not sure how she'd follow it if she did.


Location: Abandoned Hospital

 photo pb505-00702_zpssxzqgjwv.jpg

Michael and Lincoln are off to face almost certain doom. They don't have much hope in the chances of their metal pipes against the rebels' AK-47s.

 photo pb505-00715_zpsqeq31jow.jpg

But before the baddies can come round the corner and gun them down, everyone is distracted by singing. It's Ja, who is still giving us his best Queen rendition while splashing rubbing alcohol around the place.

 photo pb505-00720_zpsege5zxgo.jpg

He lures the rebels to his location, where they shoot at what appears to be a man.

 photo pb505-00722_zpsqpysdnpq.jpg

But turns out to be a gas canister.

The gas canister and rubbing alcohol ignite.

 photo pb505-00725_zpssq8jpxyp.jpg

Resulting in some Crispy Rebels.

 photo pb505-00732_zpsxomym3wt.jpg

Michael and co make their way out and Michael has finally decided to listen to someone else for once. They're heading for the airport.

 photo pb505-00738_zpsoo4h69bq.jpg

C-Note calls Lincoln, and Linc passes him over to Michael. They have a cute conversation and arrange to meet at hanger two in twenty minutes.

 photo pb505-00743_zpscmxzkqi4.jpg

Although they might not have twenty minutes, judging by all the new trucks arriving on the runway.

 photo pb505-00752_zpsj2htur4w.jpg

Another complication appears in the form of Icky, who has tracked them down.

 photo pb505-00753_zpsf1yyz96x.jpg

And shoots Sid! Noo! You can't kill Sid!

Icky says that he heard their phone call and is about to phone his friends to tell them to go to the airport.

 photo pb505-00766_zpsrpzwrxqh.jpg

Sid attacks him before he can make the call though, and handcuffs the two of them together. This gives me hope that Sid isn't too badly injured if he's able to do this.

 photo pb505-00769_zpsdzjtqfff.jpg

But my hopes are dashed when Icky stabs Sid in the struggle.

The standard TV-technique of bringing a person back from the brink of death by shouting “Stay with us!” fails in this case and Sid dies. Dammit.

 photo pb505-00782_zpsg4xt3ntp.jpg

Icky laughs, so Michael punches him in the face a few times. Ja pulls him off and says not to waste his time on him.

They leave Icky alive, still handcuffed to Sid's body, and he shouts that they will all die.

I thought I hated Icky before, but that's nothing compared to how I feel about him now.


Location: Sana'a Airport

 photo pb505-00789_zpsr2nbsjb2.jpg

The guys see even more trucks turn up and the pilot says they have to go now, before there's not enough runway left to take off.

Sheba is torn between her loyalty to Lincoln after he saved her life, and the fact that they have a planeload of kids who need to get to safety.

C-Note says they wait five minutes, and if Michael and co haven't arrived by then they take off.

 photo pb505-00807_zpsb6b0fin9.jpg

The pilot has other ideas though and starts up the engine. C-Note tells him to shut it down cos they're not leaving his friends, but the pilot says they're out of time. The others can still make it to safety, but they can't unless they leave right now.

 photo pb505-00821_zpswvafagbb.jpg

Lincoln calls C-Note to tell him to go, cos otherwise the kids are dead, and they'll work something out.

 photo pb505-00827_zpsgu8incur.jpg

The guys watch the plane take off over their heads and C-Note tells Lincoln how sorry he is. Sheba grabs the phone and tells Linc to find Omar, but the rest of what she says is lost in static.

 photo pb505-00834_zps4aegjthn.jpg

The guys hang around at the fence for a stupidly long time, considering the line of cars driving straight at them firing their guns.

 photo pb505-00840_zps2d0f4uac.jpg

But eventually they get some sense and it's time to run.


My Thoughts

I still don't trust Jacob. His explanation was far too convenient and I don't believe that the Assassins would get caught so easily. They're professionals, they're not going to be nabbed by a local police department thanks to a tracker set by a layman.

Also, if his story was genuine, how stupid do you have to be to go meet up with the person who broke into your house and shot you?

And if the whole point of the meeting was to ask them to leave Sara alone, why was Michael mentioned?

I am wondering if Sara put the tracker on Jacob. She still had it in her hand when she hugged him and I'm sure she would want a way to track him, but if she doesn't have the technology to follow the tracker then how is it going to help her?

I'm very upset that they killed Sid. Out of all the new characters, he was the one I most wanted to survive. This also means that they've lost their translator. I wonder if that'll be important later on. I imagine that Michael, Whip and Ja might well have picked up a bit of Arabic during their time in Ogygia, but nowhere near enough.

Evil Paul not being allowed to exonerate them is bullshit. How did it get as far as it did without someone pointing out that it wasn't valid?

And what happened with Michael's brain tumour? If he was lying about it coming back then what was with the nosebleeds?

I'm suspicious of Heather. She seemed too eager to encourage Dr Sara to go back to Jacob.

But, I am loving how Jacob is obviously second best. This whole time it's been made clear that Michael is Sara's true love. And even if Jacob doesn't turn out to be evil, I don't see how Sara could stay with him if Michael was still alive.

I was right about Whip's identity being important. I wonder what Michael meant about a reason that's going to change his life?
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