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Time for Another Prison Break Recap

I loved this episode, and that's reflected in the fact that this recap is quite a bit longer than previous ones. Unfortunately it is so long that Livejournal won't let me post it. I had considered trimming it down, but you know what? I like it as it is so I'm just gonna split it into two.

Here's the first part...

Episode 5.04 The Prisoner's Dilemma (Part 1)

Location: Hospital, Sana'a, Yemen

 photo pb504-00006_zpsi7nm4h4j.jpg

Sheba's a bit worse for wear and Linc is being all sweet and concerned. Sheba says she's been trying to figure out how to get the passports that they failed to get last night, but Linc thinks she should be resting.

 photo pb504-00025_zpsn1ophkn3.jpg

C-Note turns up to whisk Lincoln away.

 photo pb504-00030_zpsgzykwdvx.jpg

And Sheba's family move in to say hello themselves. Nice of them to wait patiently for her to finish her conversation with the random foreigner they've never met.

 photo pb504-00044_zpsuumh8dhm.jpg

C-Note says that they need to think about leaving the country, before ISIL cuts off all routes to the airport and they all end up stuck there. He says that they can't risk everything for just one man. Linc agrees that they can't, but he certainly can.

 photo pb504-00050_zpswvbn42id.jpg

Sheba's father comes out to thank Linc for saving his daughter, and offers his help in return.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb504-00057_zpsqarrew4a.jpg

Michael, Ramal, Whip, and Ja are all in their own solitary cells listening to the bombing getting closer.

 photo pb504-00066_zpsjlquputo.jpg

Ramal is amusing himself by flicking things at the others, and saying that he's fine with whatever happens. Either Allah will save him or he'll die and end up in Paradise. Whereas Michael, he'll just die.

 photo pb504-00075_zpsittp06tg.jpg

The guards are watching the city and come to the conclusion that they don't have long.

 photo pb504-00081_zpsg87chdp3.jpg

Christian is watching the guards and realises that they're going to run.

He comes up with a plan to take Ramal hostage so that when ISIL arrive he'll have leverage.

 photo pb504-00091_zpsijuhhqhl.jpg

Back in Solitary, Michael has a Hail Mary. The plan, not the prayer. He tells Whip and Ja to look around their cells for an S carved into the wall, cos he left something there the last time he was in the box.

They look but can't find anything...

 photo pb504-00105_zps8mrxlche.jpg

Because it's in Ramal's cell.

He's not inclined to be helpful though, preferring to taunt Michael about his imminent demise.


Location: New York

 photo pb504-00116_zpsakkyyzvv.jpg

Everyone's favourite evil government employee heads out of the State Department building.

 photo pb504-00120_zpsghpy9fmv.jpg

Blissfully unaware that he's being watched from a nearby car. T-Bag picks up his phone to tell Sara that their friend Poseidon has surfaced.

Huh, jumping to the conclusion that Evil Paul's Poseidon? That seems rash.


Location: Sana'a, Yemen

 photo pb504-00129_zps55kaujwn.jpg

Lincoln and Sheba's dad are driving through streets filled with people suffering and dying. Sheba's dad laments about how ISIL are ripping the city apart, then explains that one of his old school friends is a federal judge and he called him about Linc's brother's case.

 photo pb504-00138_zpsrp4xqvmb.jpg

Said school friend/federal judge is packing up all signs of luxury in anticipation of the coming regime change.

 photo pb504-00146_zpszyg4y2dv.jpg

But he clearly hasn't given it up completely, as his price for helping Sheba's dad (who we find out is called Jamil) is his fancy car. I was going to call it his shiny car, but that car is the opposite of shiny.

Linc thanks Jamil for this, and Jamil says he hopes both of their families get out of Sana'a tonight.

 photo pb504-00153_zps9sjqevya.jpg

And here is the golden ticket. A full pardon from the Supreme Judicial Council. At least that's what he says it is and I have to trust him cos I can't read Arabic and I'm pretty sure Linc can't either.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb504-00155_zps3zustftq.jpg

Michael is staring at his eye tattoos again. He also appears to have two fish below the eye on his right hand. I wonder if swimming to safety is part of his plan.

 photo pb504-00157_zps7xi8lapp.jpg

Whip makes a few suggestions about how to escape but Michael shoots them all down cos he's the prison breaker, dammit.

 photo pb504-00164_zpstqp4runp.jpg

Michael says that there is a way out but he and Ramal have to work together. Ramal isn't interested though, preferring to taunt Michael some more. He says he might let Michael live, if only as a slave.

 photo pb504-00170_zpsbdpmrve2.jpg

This sets Michael off, and he shouts that he's been a slave for the last seven years and won't do it anymore.

Ramal says he'll miss Michael when he's dead, but only for a minute. And then everyone will forget him. Michael looks pained. Don't let him get to you, Michael! Linc and Sara would never forget you!


Location: A Rather Nice House

 photo pb504-00177_zpsrv3ro7yk.jpg

< Loyd Grossman Voice > Who lives in a house like this? < /Loyd Grossman Voice >

 photo pb504-00180_zps5fctp0n9.jpg

Evil Paul lives in a house like this! He's making a smoothie and talking to someone called Cindy about custody arrangements for their daughter and it's all very domestic.

 photo pb504-00188_zpssiaclzzh.jpg

The gun is a bit less domestic. Evil Paul heard a noise and has gone investigating, but finding nothing he puts the gun back in a drawer and returns to his smoothie making, hanging up on Cindy.

 photo pb504-00192_zpskppwffdi.jpg

That turns out to be a mistake...

 photo pb504-00195_zpsmnwbtbye.jpg

And T-Bag has the gun now.

Two things mystify T-Bag apparently. The first being that in this brave new world he's been released into, kale is now all the rage.

The second is that seven years ago, Evil Paul exonerated all the others except him.

I think you'll find the exoneration thing was your own fault, Teddy. I'll give you the kale though.

 photo pb504-00208_zps7rlhyh8a.jpg

Evil Paul has no qualms about not exonerating a murderous sexual predator. T-Bag says that's not who he is any more and the light is beckoning him.

He wants to know who's pulling the strings and says that Dr Sara thinks it's Evil Paul. Evil Paul thinks that makes her an idiot cos he was trying to help her.

It's weird, but I think I believe him. But if he didn't hack Dr Sara's phone, then who did...?

 photo pb504-00222_zps49jxsv01.jpg

Maybe this guy? He's the one who actually gave Sara the water glass, isn't he? Henry Kishida, I think.

His assistant tells him that he has two visitors down in the lobby.

 photo pb504-00226_zpszlw54sfo.jpg

Oh yeah, this guy's evil.

Henry and the Assassins head out together while the assistant looks on suspiciously. Maybe she's evil too? Maybe I'm getting paranoid? Maybe both?


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb504-00230_zpsgbonjmtd.jpg

The guard on the right, the one who beat Michael and had his watch stolen, is Mustapha. I haven't given him a name before, but I will now. Mustapha decides now is a good time to beat it.

 photo pb504-00239_zpshx4pwamr.jpg

Blissfully unaware of the troubles brewing within, Lincoln and Jamil strut towards the prison like they're on Yemen's Next Top Model.

 photo pb504-00242_zps5yx9fuli.jpg

Only to find people running out of it. Jamil realises that his old friend gave them the pardon knowing that it would be worthless.

Linc tells him to get C-Note and the others to the airport and save him two seats on the plane. He's going to get his brother.

 photo pb504-00260_zpsdeu6faly.jpg

Mustapha and his fabulous moustache are making their exit, and making sure that none of the prisoners follow him through the locked gates.

 photo pb504-00266_zps0ecsfeyj.jpg

He even locks the gates with one of the guards still on the other side. Harsh, Mustapha.

 photo pb504-00270_zpsfm9n6wig.jpg

Linc runs in and demands they unlock the gate. The guard tells him that he ran past the guy who has the key.

 photo pb504-00278_zpsp3isclh9.jpg

So Linc turns tail and runs back the way he came. All while avoiding random bomb explosions.

 photo pb504-00283_zpsrwhuzgeu.jpg

Whip is watching the goings on from his cell and thinks that the guards running away means they're going to be free. Michael disagrees and thinks things just got a lot worse. Way to be a Debbie Downer, Michael.

 photo pb504-00294_zps6yqdujwz.jpg

The prisoners are worried about ISIL getting in and killing them all. Christian says that they have a bargaining chip sitting in Solitary. They need to get Abu Ramal and negotiate passage out of the country.

 photo pb504-00296_zpsmlyoaei0.jpg

Sid thinks this is madness.

 photo pb504-00304_zpsop7vhs1x.jpg

Christian recognises Sid as Kaniel Outis's friend, and isn't very happy with him cos he blames Outis for his brother getting shot last night.

He riles up the crowd with his plan to break into solitary, abduct Ramal, and kill Michael.

 photo pb504-00312_zpset6g1pml.jpg

Michael points out that it doesn't sound very promising outside and wonders if Ramal has reconsidered his reluctance to help him.

Ramal tells him to go to Hell. Michael says they're already there, but question is does he want to get out?

The prisoners outside begin trying to smash through the door to the Solitary wing.

 photo pb504-00319_zpsf5ebo90b.jpg

And for all his bravado, Ramal actually looks scared and asks Michael what he wants him to do.


Location: The Streets of Sana'a

 photo pb504-00328_zpscxcug3tf.jpg

Lincoln's been following Mustapha all this time and hasn't made a move. And it looks like his time might have run out.

 photo pb504-00331_zpss4u4pccd.jpg

Mustapha is stopped by an ISIL patrol. He denies that he's a police officer and they demand to see his papers. He reaches for the gun at the small of his back...

 photo pb504-00342_zpscbbrmfqf.jpg

And it does not end well for him.

 photo pb504-00344_zpse1r9wbuf.jpg

But he still has the coveted keys.


Location: Evil Paul's House

 photo pb504-00348_zpsh3yx9kew.jpg

T-Bag is not a fan of kale smoothies. He wonders if they're an act of contrition to torture yourself with in order to to make up for your sins. Which allows Evil Paul to nicely segue into denying he has any sins.

T-Bag suggests the sin of being a Kale-drinking Regular Joe by day and CIA rogue named Poseidon by night.

 photo pb504-00355_zps3xgtlsxn.jpg

That name gets a reaction. T-Bag thinks this means they're on the right track, but Evil Paul denies it. He says that Poseidon is a CIA boogeyman, an operative so deep and untouchable you couldn't find him with a nuclear sub.

T-Bag wants to know what Poseidon wants with him and Michael.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb504-00369_zpsg9f6wwxj.jpg

Michael tells Ramal to remove the loose brick in his cell.

 photo pb504-00374_zps5c5bugdr.jpg

He does so, and finds string and a spoon. Apparently Michael made up the string from a bit of his uniform every day for four years. That's dedication. Especially as it doesn't look like they even have uniforms in this prison. The spoon is just something a guard overlooked.

He tells Ramal to pull down the water pipe above his head.

The others aren't very happy with the idea that they're getting Ramal out, but Michael says this is a two cell job and the reason he couldn't do it before was cos the guy in the cell across from him, Christian, wouldn't cooperate.

 photo pb504-00385_zps4w7eolj2.jpg

The Christian in question is currently beating the crap out of Sid. Poor Sid. Christian's going to kill him unless Kaniel Outis surrenders. I'm not quite sure how he's supposed to do that since they're currently locked in the Solitary cells.

Michael thinks that surrendering is a bad idea cos they only want Ramal so he and the other two are expendable.

 photo pb504-00393_zpshlpiccgb.jpg

Ramal gets the water pipe down and Michael tells him to “string the cord and pull it through.” I have no idea what that means, but Ramal apparently does cos he nods and gets to work.

Outside, Christian and his friends are throwing Sid at the door to the Solitary wing in an attempt to, what? Knock it down? I don't think that's going to work, Christian.

 photo pb504-00399_zpsnaek8byk.jpg

But the guard who was left behind earlier has found his way to the weapons locker and once again announces that killing in his prison is a big no-no.

 photo pb504-00400_zpsetvp2di7.jpg

Hearing what's going on outside, Ramal stops what he's doing. Michael tells him not to pin all his hopes on one guard. Seriously, Ramal. Do you really think that lone guy has any chance out there?

 photo pb504-00415_zpszdlsczjm.jpg

Christian tries to convince the guard to work with them, saying that ISIL will behead him once they get inside and his only chance is to join them in their 'use Ramal as a bargaining chip' plan. He gives him his word that if he joins them he'll live.

Christian asks the guard for the keys but he doesn't have them.

 photo pb504-00418_zpsysviz3u3.jpg

So Christian snaps his neck and spits on his corpse. Nice word you've got there, Christian.

Whip, who's been watching from his window, reports back to the others that Christian and his friends killed the guard, got his gun, and are coming for them.

 photo pb504-00429_zpsle4fejw8.jpg

Ramal has realised that he won't find any salvation from outside, so he follows Michael's instructions to thread his makeshift fishing pole through the gap in his door..

 photo pb504-00432_zpsa8vvotxw.jpg

And try to prise up the pinions on the hinges of Michael's door.

 photo pb504-00433_zpsru1fwnio.jpg

But then he decides that opening his own door is a far better plan. Michael tells him that that's not possible cos that side has new hinges with covered pinions. It has to be Michael's door.

Ramal is sceptical that Michael will actually free him and wonders why he should trust him more than Christian. Michael says because they just heard what Christian's word is worth and promises that if Ramal releases him then he'll use the key to unlock Ramal's cell. He'd give him a pinky swear if they weren't so far apart.

 photo pb504-00438_zpsyp2bwk0g.jpg

While this is going on, Christian is still trying to get into the Solitary wing. Since his plan of using Sid as a battering ram didn't work, he's upped his game to shooting the lock.

 photo pb504-00448_zps5eytaiyp.jpg

Ramal goes back to undoing the pinions on Michael's cell.

 photo pb504-00455_zps7fytt5mt.jpg

Enabling Michael to show off his muscles and remove the door.

 photo pb504-00459_zpssb64ywpe.jpg

Michael goes to grab the keys and seems to hesitate a moment. Possibly wondering whether to keep his word to Ramal, possibly cos he doesn't know which key is which cos why would he?

 photo pb504-00464_zps78k4azcu.jpg

He unlocks Ja and Whip and Whip tells him to leave Ramal. But Michael is a man of his word. He tells Ramal that they need safe passage out of the country.

 photo pb504-00466_zpsl8wfufkv.jpg

Ramal is a a bit put out that he's still negotiating, but gives him his word.

 photo pb504-00474_zpszi06djqb.jpg

And Big Bad Ramal joins the escape.

 photo pb504-00478_zpspfpa7fho.jpg

The foursome run off just in time, as Christian and his friends have breached the outer door. Christian isn't happy to find nothing but empty cells.


Part II
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